Jennifer Tisdale is Pregnant!!!

Jennifer Tisdale is Pregnant!!!

Jennifer Tisdale and her fiance Shane are planning their upcoming nuptials but sources tells that the happy couple are also starting a family together.

“They couldn’t be happier,” a source close to the couple reveals. “They’re ecstatic and planning to get married later this month.”

Jennifer, the 27-year-old sister of Ashley Tisdale, just tweeted this beautiful quote: “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” Yesterday she tweeted that she’s moving into a bigger apartment to fit everyone: “Getting ready to pack up my apartment :) So excited about getting a bigger place w/ my loves!”

Jennifer had announced her engagement to Shane via Twitter earlier this month.

Congrats to the happy couple and Auntie-to-be Ashley Tisdale!!!

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  • #1 Jonas Brother Fan!

    OMG!!!! Congrats Jennifer!!! :D
    I wish her the best!!!!
    1st! :D

  • martina

    congratssss jennifer
    and congrats at the aunt ashley, love youu :)

  • chelsea

    Haha, Shotgun wedding.

  • delsey

    THATS CRAZY! is that why they’re getting married?

  • kim

    she looks like ashley in that pic.

  • alex

    i thought it said Ahsley Tisdale preganant for a moment

  • #1mileycyrusfan4ever

    congrats =) so happy 4 u =)
    vote 4 miley 4 tca

  • ooi

    first page at least :D
    congratulations :)

  • Kat

    Awsome! Really happy for them, gunna be ace parents, and I think Ashley wud love having a child around, Really Happy for them I just pray they dont call the child Sunday Roast!

  • serena

    lol jared how you blur out the faces of jacob and caroline

    ‘gratz jen!

    wittle baby aw yay!

  • Nathalee

    OMG! PHEWWWWW i thought it was ashley who was pregnant!!

  • istar

    LOL. i agree with kami.

  • pam

    hopefully, she’s not getting married because she got knocked-up… never a good reason to tie a knot

  • kelsey jo(:

    haha wow. my sis is prego too! and her and her baby daddy are movin into a bigger place too(:

    congrats to jen and shane.,
    and aunt ashley(:

  • Roxana

    congrats to Jen!!!! i wonder how far long is she….do you guys know what religion is the Tisdale family??christian, jewish,catholic?? i dont think they are getting married cuz she is pregnant, she would’ve said that long time ago before she got engaged…i dont know im still happy for them. i wonder when is Ashley getting married? or who will be next? does Jen know the sex of the baby yet???

  • Maddison

    40 bucks says their getting married because shes pregnant

    but im still happy for them, Jenn is gorgeous!

  • kara

    if you pay any attention to her twitter you will realize how much she loves her dog so i would have to say her “loves” are shane and her dog….not a baby. i don’t think you should post something like this until there is confirmation straight from jennifer because it’s crappy to have a false story and if it is true telling the world you’re pregnant is such a huge moment and you just ruined it for her

  • taylor

    @ugh: it took you five minutes to read all that? how sad…

  • gold baybay


    Maybe she means including all the comments. Think before you type…

  • George

    @gold baybay: what??? 5 minutes to read everything (including the comments) wow that’s slow… and really sad.
    btw congrats to jen and ashley looks gorgeous

  • taylor

    I can’t believe people are acting this way. Plenty of people have a baby before they get married. She’s 27 and they’ve been together for almost 3 years, that’s hardly slutty.

  • Ashleytisdaleluvr

    Congrats! :)

  • nikki murillo :)

    I thought Jennifer was Ash’s younger sister. Congrats to her! <3

  • Victoria

    Why are you congradulating Assley? She’s not the one thats pregnant its her sister, congradulate her not her fug mug sister.

  • michelle

    I thought is said Ashley Tisdale, not jennifer.
    But congrats.

  • dreamer

    ppl please stop saying congrats bcuz its not like jen or ash or anyone they kno will read this

  • ashleytfan

    They are jewish but don’t really celebrate that religion @ number 15.

    Congrats Jen! And Ashley for being an auntie to be :)

  • ZJ

    omg!! congrats!!! :D:D
    Jenny must be really happy :D and ash too

    lol i can’t beleive Ashley will be an aunt.. it’ll be weird “hi aunt ashley! :)” haha


  • nina

    Congrats, Jen (:
    And congrats Ash ;D I’m sure she’ll be a great aunti ♥
    Vote for Ash at TCA

  • masquerading

    yayy! i’m so happy for them :D
    and jenny’s child is really lucky to have Ashley Tisdale as his/her aunt! haha

  • ashley989

    OMG Jennifer Tisdale!!

  • kk

    omg thank God its not Ashley :) Congrats Jen
    haters are immature dumbies

  • kari

    OMG. its so cutee!!!! Congrats Jennifer!!!

  • nikki murillo :)

    @Victoria: I was congratulating Jennifer.

  • cutiiebird

    i definetly though it said ashley haha but it said jeniffer but by the way congrants

  • miss zanessa

    aww congrats to all the tisdale family!!
    auntie ashley
    ohh that´s sounds cute ^^

  • Ashley Tisdale #1 fan!

    Congrats jennifer! I’m sooo happy for you!!!!

  • Amber

    She is not pregnant. Her fiance already had a little girl before they were together.

  • Amber

    & her name is kaibee.

  • Amy

    @Amber, Kaibee is her DOG! Check her twitter if you don’t believe me!

  • Amy

    Jen’s dog Kaibee –

>>>>>>> staging1