Ashley Tisdale & Carter Jenkins Save The Planet

Ashley Tisdale & Carter Jenkins Save The Planet

Ashley Boettcher laughs it up with alien Sparks (voiced by Josh Peck) in this new still from Aliens in the Attic.

In the upcoming comedy, starring Ashley Tisdale, Carter Jenkins and Austin Butler, a group of kids must protect their Maine vacation home from invading aliens. Aliens hits theaters Friday, July 31.

Check out the new clip below where Bethany (Tisdale) and her cousins have to convince Tom (Jenkins) to save the planet!

10+ stills inside…

“Aliens in The Attic” Clip #2

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Photos: Kirsty Griffin/Twentieth Century Fox
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  • marcela

    fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirst!! xD s2s2

  • marissa

    can’t wait for this movie :)

  • rachel

    this movie’s gonna fail….they totally got the idea from “E.T.” a

  • alicia


  • totallytizzy

    cant wait for the movie!!!!! and ash looks soo beautiful
    i love her sooo sooo much she rocks!!!! :D

    and haters f*u*c*k u!!!!!! STFU!!!!!
    cant wait to see ur f*u*c*k*i*n*g faces when this movie hits the box office
    and one more thing u guys sooo jealous of ash and her success that ur making up lame exuses to bash her like… this movie is a copy of ET well,,, go to hell this movie has nothing to do with ET just because itr has aliens doent mean its a rip off


  • the fame

    @rachel: LOL so true

  • ugh

    have you noticed that everytime shes frowning in the movie her face looks like its melting?
    OMG!!Does that means theres a better looking one under the horse mask?

  • http://jk jasmine

    ok i love ashley im like her biggest fan but really this movie looks gay.

  • kk

    Better than Ugly V
    i love u Ashley

  • Ericcca

    I nkow this has absolutely nothing to do with this but on the Top Celeb list does it mean the most popular Celebrity?
    cause Vanessa is now number 1 Zac fell to number 3 and Ashley fell from 3 to 7

    and on JJ Vanessa and Zac are featured on the Top Celeb list with Angie and Brad and Jen Anniston

    so what does the top celeb list mean? I know its a stupid question but i really want to know

    PS The movie looks cute so haters shut up!

  • LG

    I try to give it a chance, but it seems to unoriginal.

  • ivy

    this film so pretty ! I can’t wait !!

  • dany

    this film so pretty ! I can’t wait ! I love ash !

  • ivy

    i can’t wait for this movie !! this is soooo funny !!

  • ZJ

    the movie looks funny and Ashley is a great actress as well as Roben Hoffman.
    So these are the main reason why I’ll watch this movie.
    And haters can’t do anything to stop ppl from watching the movie.

  • ZJ

    @ugh: you have some serious issues my friend.. go see a doctor :)

  • awurbii


    I am quite sure that the list is progressive. It is ranked from the top celeb and downwards based on the amount of comments and buzz they generate on this site.

    Yes, Vanessa and Zac are top celebs on JJ and JJJr and Ashley has dropped down to number 7. If you haven ‘t realized, compared to Vanessa and Zac, Ashley comments are much smaller on most
    occasions but that does fluctuate.

    All the top celeb means is that they are most popular celebs on the site. That’s pretty much all there is it to it. :D

    I have to agree that this movie doesn’t seem very original but the movie will fail, I am not quite so sure. You should never underestimate the power of children which this movie is clearly aimed at. They love movies like this and usually own the box office and Ashley is a credit to the film. We won’t know until it comes out.


    You might want to calm down there. When you post replies like that it doesn’t make you any better than the hater.

  • sweetbutterflies

    @awurbii: I totally agree with you on your prediction how the movie will do. It’s a kid movie AND Ashley Tisdale is a pretty big name. And you’re right, we can’t know until it comes out. Honestly, I’m not so excited for this movie myself, but maybe I will watch it, because it’s Ashley :D and it looks cute.

    @Ericcca: The top celeb list is a list with the celebrities that are most popular on this site. As you can see, Angelina and Brad pretty much dominate Just Jared, while Just Jared Jr is pretty much Vanessa, Miley and Zac’s territory. Though I don’t think you should think too much of this list. The list is only for this site, so based on the list, you can’t say that for example Ashley has lost popularity.

  • ugh


    I think im pefectly fine
    thanks for the concern

  • vee!

    i lov u ash!

  • ZJ

    So today I watched the movie at a private screening here. The movie is quite good, actually better than what it looks like in the trailers…
    It will do pretty much good in my opinion because kids will love it. If you are looking for a “oscar-winning” type of movie, this isn’t the right one. But it’s just for kids to have fun with their families while they’re watching it. It has some really good scenes, but some others are kind of ridiculous.

    Anyways, you should give the movie a chance. It’s not boring at all. You will definetly have something, or a moment you’ll enjoy in the movie :)

  • ZJ

    P.S: the top celebs here are only taken by the number of comments. So that’s nothing… It’s just the top celebs on JJJ.
    But come on, Vanessa isn’t more famous than Zac. And Selena isn’t more famous than Ashley! And Miley is wayy more famous than Vanessa!

  • jonasfreak

    this movie seems funny to watch!!!! :D
    can’t wait <33


    Ashley is a gr8 actress! so I will be watching all her movies!! :D lol

  • just sayin


    omg shut up
    u comment like 4 times to prove one point
    im an ashley fan but god u r annoying n i try to skip ur comments but u post like evry 2 minutes make a point and move on

>>>>>>> staging1