Selena Gomez Covers Pilot's Magic

Selena Gomez Covers Pilot's Magic


Selena Gomez belts out the lyrics of Pilot‘s “Oh Oh It’s Magic,” the first single off of the Wizards of Waverly Place Soundtrack.

The EP, due out in stores on Tuesday, August 4, features Selena plus pals Meaghan Martin, 78violet (formerly known as Aly & AJ) and Drew Seeley singing some other “magical” tunes.

Be sure to pre-order your copy from Amazon!

Selena Gomez – “Magic”
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Photos: Bob DAmico/Disney Channel
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  • missxme

    that’s the worst song i ever heard in my life

  • tiff

    FIRST<3 love her.
    very nice remake.

  • Chelsea

    I really like her voice! I can’t wait for her album!!!

  • mora

    shes really not a good singer shes an actress why is Disney trying so hard to make her a singer we all now it even herself and Disney that her voice sucks ass

  • lalle

    omg!!!!!!!! she just sucks!!!!!!!!!!! : )

  • kourtney


  • DemiFan

    Happy Early Birthday Sel!

    Everyone go get Demi’s album!

    >Sel’s version is SO CUTE!

  • jayde

    her voice is so computerized. she should sing a song she will be good at.

  • Emma

    Happy Birthday Selena!!! well early for that matter

  • Jasmine

    love it and love her!

  • Brti


    Lady gaga is computerized in poker face. I mean it depends on the song’s beat. It depends on what type of song it is. And hell everyone voice is computerize. I mean why is everyone making a big deal out of selena’s. You can obviously hear her true voice in it. But everyone have their voice computerized in a song. That is why they sound so different live

  • charlotte

    she’s gt a realli nyce voice, so dno y ppl r hating on her

  • krixtina

    i lovee it and happy birthday sel;D

  • lexie

    its not her song. she just covered it, so by saying that, you just dissed Pilot. This song was out probably before you were born, unless your in your 30′s.
    anyways, i like her voice. its not that best voice, but its nice. she knows singing isnt her element, but she is doing this for her fans.

  • jayde


    I know some songs requiring that you sound computerized like justin timberlake’s sexy back. but i feel with this song, it wasn’t necessary. it sounds better natural. it seemed they computerized her voice so she sing the song.

    also editing is different from having a computerized voice. with editing they take bits and pieces of what sounds good and put it together so it sounds perfect. that’s why it sound different live. its not perfect.

  • Jared

    Oh yeah and Lil Wayne’s Lollipop is not computerized and Lady Gaga’s Pokerface wasn’t computerized? What do you expect from a world with blossoming technology. Plus, I’m sure she can sing. She was on Barney. Don’t tell me they computerize “I Love You” too…

    Good job Selena. I actually like this cover.

  • TV

    I like this cover more than Miley’s cover of “Girl’s Just Wanna Have Fun.” But I love both girls.

  • Emily

    I like this cover. It’s good. She’s talented. (: She’s great at singing and acting. And even agood dancer.

    Happy early birthday to her, and I can’t wait to see this movie + for her CD to come out.

  • kevin

    horibble. she just has to ruin every cover she can get her hands on. like honestly. the girl can act… but releasing a debut album and a soundtrack and all? the girl can not song.its to computerized. all her songs have been. and her voice just isnt good enough to debut a record. bad idea. and with the whole lady gaga thing, are you serious? lady gaga did get computerized but when she has sung acoustic songs of pokerface and etc her voice is still good and strong. selena can not do any acoustic or even computerized songs. she stinks. but whatever, and dont try complaing with me guys. cause its the truth :) and its also my personal opinion so fu*k off :)

  • Jenni

    Am getting the CD its gonna be great

    Happy Early Birthday Sel!

  • http://justjaredjr simnel

    coooooooool VOTE FOR SELENA AT THE TCA

  • syrena

    u guys r just jealous u cant sing like her, do u have anything better 2 do than just bag on people u don’t no

  • Greg

    Taste vary but I like her voice. The song choice was a good one for her and the movie. I would love to buy her CD.

  • miss zanessa

    HAPPY early B-DAY SEL!!!!
    you´re awwwwwwwwwsome
    hugs & kisses from mexico :)

  • Flyaway

    Selena does sound “computerized” in this song, but that’s only because this is a Techno/Pop song. They added those synthesized effects to make the song sound more Electro and edgy. Why do you think Lady Gaga does it? or Britney Spears? They love making techno music and adding these weird effects to their voices and they’re not the only ones, many singers are doing this and YOU KNOW THAT, so stop singling Selena out. Just because they computerized her voice doesn’t necessarily mean she can’t sing. They do that so that it goes well with a certain music genre.

    Selena just wants to record her own album, she wants to express her feelings and personal things through her music and wants her fans to know her better after her album comes out, obviously you can’t do that as an actress because you’re playing a different character!

    and she’s not even a bad singer. you people are aways underestimating her voice to the extreme. Her voice is definetly not as bad you guys make it out to be.

  • syrena

    o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o it’s magic, never believe it’s not so!

  • BillyGoat:)

    @Flyaway: I totally agree with everything you said. People are just blowing it out of proportions becuase they can’t get a record deal like her. I’m definitely buying both the soundtrack and the album. I wasn’t a fan before but she’s pretty good. I guess I’m a fan now.

  • Jon

    @missxme: Uh don’t diss the song. It’s a CLASSIC by Pilot. idiot. Anyways, I actually think she pulled this cover off. I really thought she was gonna ruin it but she did pretty well.

  • marie

    it doesn’t sound that bad!

    haters wtf, gtfo.

  • Aiden

    thats a awesome remake cant wait till the album comes out =)

  • cindy

    i love selena gomez

  • Lou

    oh… no.
    oh my goodness
    i don’t know why.

  • Bea

    I like it, she’s so great, and haters please stop it! If you dont like it don’t comment but if you don’t have anything god to say, say nothing. I love her, she’s so cute and she knows she’s lucky, I think they change her voice, I’m sure of that, every voice is changes on studios, but if you look for videos on youtube of her singing live, like the one where whe sings rockstar you all will see she is a great singer.

  • Tyler Bryant

    That was a great song. It’s lyrics are very good for the show’s soundtrack. She is very pretty and talented. I bet her album will be great. She sings beautifully.

  • camila


  • bambi

    1 word to describe her song: TERRIBLE

  • kpmd

    sorry, why does she need to sing? i mean, she’s not terrible, but she is a wonderful actress and this takes away her credibility. she sounded better on her duet with demi, but still. leave the singing on disney to the singers, demi and miley.

    this isn’t bad really, it’s just not that good. she really should stick to acting, she’s great at that.

  • Lisa

    the more people diss this song, the more her fans are gonna back her up. and the song isnt bad, its one of those songs that grows on you. i love selena, she’s actually one of a few actresses who are very grounded and i think she should be able to do whatever makes her happy! L

  • GoslingTwilightlover

    You know all the people defending her are right, alot of artists voices are “computerized”. But to me, they use it way to much on her. It sounds pretty fake. It’s ok to use it a little but you can’t over do it.

  • dom

    The reason people are blowing Selenas’ songs out of proportion, other than it being computerized is because she’s on Disney. If you’re on Disney, people expect you to be the greatest singer, actor (actress in her case), and dancer on the surface of this planet.

    However, I for one like her music. If you’ve heard her singing on her youtube videos, they’re (in my opinion) quite nice. I admit, not the best, they’re still good. Her voice may not be strong compared to others, but she has a voice that could be stretched to a much needed unique. All she needs is a little bit more practice, if you’ve been listening closely to her singing she has gotten better. I was listening to the preview of her song on the Wizards of Waverly Place sound track – Disappear: It was remarkable compared to previous songs.

    This song was alright.

  • kia

    Happy 17th birthday Selena!!! Well a early one!

  • kia

    Happy early 17th birthday,Selena!

  • kia

    Happy early 17th birthday Selena!

  • chelsea

    SHE CAN SING. so stop saying that she can’t, so what if it is computerized? almost all singers voice are computerized.


  • Natasha

    It’s disappointing on how Disney stars can’t make their own songs. They’re always doing remakes. Where’s the originality?

  • A.m./p.m.

    @Natasha: It’s for her TV show’s soundtrack. Her debut album will be full of songs written by her.

  • smithas



    definately amazing

  • Melissa

    It’s a nice cover.

    Give her a break you guys.
    She never said she’s amazing, she’s doing this for fun.
    And she is definitely not the worst singer around.
    She actually has an interesting sound in her voice and I’m sure after some practice, she could grow a lot musically. She has potential.

  • fran

    @missxme: wow you’re a bum. i love this song =)))) and selena gomez

>>>>>>> staging1