Alexa Vega & Austin Butler: Rockits Soar!

Alexa Vega & Austin Butler: Rockits Soar!

Costars Alexa Vega and Austin Butler premiered their new ABC Family series, Ruby & The Rockits, last night and saw ratings soar!

The duo plus Cassidy brothers David and Patrick debuted as the network’s No. 2 comedy series debut on record with 1.6 million viewers.

During the premiere episode on Tuesday, David finds out he has a daughter, Ruby (Vega) and with the help of David’s brother, Patrick, he’s determined to raise her in a loving family environment.

TELL JJJ: Did you watch Ruby & The Rockits last night? Did you like it?

Alexa Vega – “Lost in Your Own Life”
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  • noemie

    :D First

  • sarah

    I watched it just for the hell of it, it’s stupid though. She doesn’t even have that of a good voice.

  • LG

    No, but it seems funny.

  • nic

    Yeah, I liked it. They both did a good job! :)

  • Katerina

    It looks funny! And I love Alexa Vega :D

  • http://justjared phoebe

    austins character (forgot his name) is rubys (alexa) cousin. in the show he has a crush on her… yes a cousin on cousin crush. XD honostly it sounds gross- but call me crazy its actually kinda cute. haha. idk wats gonna happen but the way they play the characters its not like a cousin on cousin crush. sounds wierd even when i type it… lol. i felt like the show rushed a bit tho… 30 mins isnt long enough. but its really funny. :) i wonder whats gonna happen between ruby and her cousin whos name i cant seen to remember…. :P maybe he’ll turn out to be adoptied or something…. honostly i think theyre cute together. 2 bad theyre cuzins….

  • juicycouturelvr55

    Yes!!! I saw it and it was really good. (:

  • ally

    It was cute:) haha

  • saudia

    it wasn’t that great.. I saw it online and there were a couple funny bits but really not that great.

  • Greg

    I liked it and it has great potential. It is nice to see David doing something other than the Partridge Family. I really like Alexa’s singing. The mom on the show is also funny.

  • Mandyluv

    loved it its fun and its not tring to be a serious show or anything it was cute

  • Helen

    I didnt really like it
    I didnt get it at all one minute she was meeting her dad then the next the whle family had already met and were al lovey

    i might still watch it though
    but the first epsode kinda suked it was SORTA funny i guess…

  • Helen

    ill probably watch it because it comes on right after 10 things I hate about you and im still on my high from watching Ethan Peck…or just cause im lazy lol

  • muffinstealer

    I`m not reallyyy into thiss stufff;; i mean this type of t.v. showw

  • liz

    i didn’t watch it, i don’t plan to
    but i like this song (:

  • Katelyn

    It was WAY too Cheesy. Alexa can’t sing. If you listen to the show it sounds completely different than that on the show. The writing wasnt bad, but the whole thing was cheesy and fake. One minute i dont know you, the next you are family, but Im still a fan of yours even though you are my dad.. come on!

  • stratford07

    @phoebe: His character’s name is Jordan. Jordan Gallagher. I only watched it since I missed the first showing of “10 Things”. It seems alright. It’s not my all time favorite (although the kid in it is hilarious) but it’s a nice little family-friendly sitcom.

  • gabby

    i’d watch it because i’d be watching ten things (mmm ethan peck) but if it were at a different time, i don’t think i would turn the channel to catch it

  • Cindyrellax33

    It was okay, but not as great as 10 Things I Hate About You.

  • #1Selenagomezfan

    she has a good voice but the show is corny!

  • meg

    I saw it, ehh… it was okay and the girl isn’t too great of a singer, she’s not bad, but she’s not great either, I’m pretty sure they could have found someone better. However, I think the future episodes will be better. The first episode is always rough. It’s no Secret Life, Make It of Breakit, or 10 Things I hate about you… but it’s still pretty good.

  • Ashley

    he’s hot

  • josephine m

    i like the little crush he has on his cousin lol is that crazy ,but i have a feeling she might turn out not to be david daughter agter they start to get closer

  • Mz.Identified

    It was okay,But hopefully the upcoming
    episodes will be better! She sings so good though

  • maria pia

    no i didn’t see the episde but i like Austin Butler!! is sooo HOT!!

  • joan

    She has to turn out not to be his daughter….because First Cousin crushes…are a big no-no … lol
    And yes its Cheesy…what do you expect with David ( I had a lot of serious plastic surgery) Cassidy!!

    my daughter likes the blond kid..from Zoey so I wish them luck I will be stuck watching it…

  • VegaFan21

    Alexa is on the radio this Sunday (7/26). She’s the DJ for three hours on a radio show called KiWi. Here’s the info…

    THIS SUNDAY 7am PT/10am ET
    THIS SUNDAY 5pm PT/8pm ET
    THIS SUNDAY 8pm PT/11pm ET

    I thought you might want to check it out!

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