Joe Jonas Loves Jordin Sparks' Back-up Singers

Joe Jonas Loves Jordin Sparks' Back-up Singers

Joe Jonas and Jordin Sparks‘ back-up singers Leah Labelle and Rachael Lampa stroll around NYC’s SoHo district on Wednesday afternoon (July 22).

Earlier in the day, the 19-year-old Jonas brother was spotted lunching with the same girls. The trio chowed down on Cuban-Mexican food at Cafe Habana in Nolita — maybe a congratulatory lunch for Rachael, who recently got engaged!

Jordin is currently on tour with the JoBros. On Friday, July 24, they’ll be performing at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia.

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Credit: Lenny Abbot/Daniel; Photos: INFdaily
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  • cc27

    JOE HOTTIE!! :)

    whats happened to camila now? i havent seen them hanging alot :l

  • cc27

    oohhh! and idk why.. but he is reminding me of shia labeouf! lmao..
    the way joe dressed there, is the same exact way shia dresses most times lmao :)

  • Mariana

    joe is cheating on me D:

  • AJ

    Cool that he has a day off! He’s such a ladies man <3

  • qwerty


    They’re still together they were hanging last week.
    JOE IS SOOO HOT. I love him soo much.

  • DemiFan

    The curly look is not working for him. I missed my straight haired Joey!

  • muffinstealer

    He strikes me as a virgin man-h0. Sorry. He’s always with different girls. He broke Taylor Swift’s heart, && went to Camille Belle for all he knows she’s probbaaly cheatinggg on him with R-Patz. && then here he is again. With a different girl. Surprise, surprise. No disrespect to anyone, it’s my opinion,please dont bash me for it.

  • Kyles

    Maybe they are over, yeah!!!

  • Sonia

    Joe is such a hottie!!

    I love him

  • Kyles

    Yeah, I do too, it’s just weird?!

  • Kyles

    Couldn’t agree more! :)

  • liz

    i never really liked joe.
    still dont.

  • Kyles

    What is he looking at? UH OH!! IS he checking her out?

  • Yvonne

    How come the paps dont follow Kevin? All his pics are from the fans. that sucks

  • Courtney

    I love Joe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Nina

    they are performing at wachovia in philly tomorrow night too (im going) haha…

  • Jen

    ladies man… He’s a hottie and who honestly cares about his gf she’s a famewhore.

  • swe3t23

    camila and joe are over

    nick is probably visiting someone special

  • Lauren


    that stinks 4 u

    I love him because he hot,super nice,funny,and not a jerk

  • lisa

    is this leah labelle from american idol?

  • andrea!

    joe is super HOT!!
    i love all of him, is perfect


  • Lauren


    he went golfing with Mandy

  • katie

    not saying girls and guys cant be friends but it seems like other than his band, all joes got are girl friends. not that im saying i dont love him. cuz i do. but come on. with millions of fans already screaming at him, how many girls does he need in his life? not too mention hes had more girlfriends than nick and kevin combined. mandy, aj, amelia, emma robert’s friend (dont know her name), taylor, camilla, plus im convinced he dated jojo for at least a little while. seven girlfriends in the past five years. guy’s not that great with commitment.
    im sorry. i love him to death. i really do. but so far hes starting to prove to me that he might be the type of guy who doesnt like sticking with one girl for more than a few months.

    also, im starting to get used to the curls. but with his hair that short, it just looks better straight. when its longer and curly, its cute. now it just doesnt suit him.

  • qwerty


    actually Kevin’s had a lot of girlfriends.
    He dated Katie, Sarah Everhart, Zoe Myers, some other girl and Danielle Deleasa.

  • qwerty


    Yup Leah Labelle from American Idol.

  • love me

    Joe and Camilla are still together.

  • Lauren


    and he is not a jerk he is a sweet down to earth guy

  • Skylar

    Umm…excuse me? He didn’t break Taylor Swift’s heart, he broke up with her, if she can’t handle that, maybe she shouldn’t be dating. Everytime someone breaks up with someone it doesn’t mean they ‘broke their heart’.
    For the most part Taylor lied about almost everything she said about Joe.

  • genesis

    Pull it together people! Lol FOLLOW me on twitter!

  • Liz

    @DemiFan: Wow, SO disagree!! He looks so beautiful,natural!

  • Karina

    but, why ?? he’s so cute like this.. aushauhsuha’

    I love his curly hair .. uhsauhsua

    You are perfect the way you are. I love and will always love you more than everything, no matter where or how you are !

    Love you too deathh, really. life would suck without you ! Loooove you !

  • genesis

    pull it together ppl! Lol

  • Liz

    Shhh, Joe-defenders…let the dumb people think he is a jerk and not the sweetheart he is. MORE JOE FOR US! ;)

  • Kyles

    I am the same way though, I have way more friends that are boys then girls and I only think of my boy friends as friends and nothing more than that. So I guess I am a jerk!

  • sarah

    O my god, they are on TOUR together! And im pretty sure he didnt date all of those girls! WTH? let him go out with a few friends damnit! sheesh. And I love his hair now. At least he doesnt look like a girl anymore.

  • jo

    rachael lampa sound so familiar, i’ve heard her name somewhere

  • Kyles

    Thank you, I think the exact same thing and I think she kind of deserved, people may hate me fo saying this but all Taylor Swift really does is gets in a relationship with a boy then they break up. Then she writes a sob story about them and talks about how much of a jerk they were! I mean come on. Name some songs for me that aren’t about boys!!!!!! Really she needs to find a life outside of boys!! Sorry for anyone who hates me but, man that felt good!

  • Kyles

    Yes, couldn’t agree more!

  • Kyles

    Yes thank you…. I hate when people ask that!!! Are you two dating no, can’t two people be friends!!! MAN, what has the world come to!!

  • Georgia

    joe’s pimpin’ ;)

  • tiffloveshannah

    @cc27: i think she broke up with him.. if u see him in the last 3 interviews he did he was all bummed out and angry

  • Nikki


    Oh come on Joe has been dating Camilla for 9/10 months..that is a commitment. and don’t say they broke up cuz there is a pic of those two getting yogurt in Lousiana last week

    Joe is looking hottt, he is soooo cute

    love Joe jonas

  • elena

    OMG! Rachel! I love her…I have a few of her c.d.s from when she was a solo artist!!! Why is he randomly hanging out with Jordin’s back up singers??? haha

  • Joeismyeverything


    Are you kidding me?? The curly hair is SO MUCH BETTER than his straight hair. Now he looks like a 19 year old guy…Joe has been getting hotter and hotter every damn day


  • Crazyfor JB

    Love the new joe.. He looks so happy though

  • jb loverr


    Well they are on tour together and have been having sill string fights with all the bands

    Joe, why are you so adorably hot?!!!!!

  • Poplockanddrop


    I hate Taylor so much…She just whines and whines and blames other people for her faults

    I am just glad that Joe found a girl that makes him happy. I have never seen him this happy before. especially on the tour, he is always smiling and dresses up in different costumes during sound checks….so hilarious

    aww i love joe….he is so fit…everything about him is wow

  • gjghjmhg


  • the fame

    womanizer lol.. he looks good

  • kristin

    SHUT UP??!?!?!?!?!?!??!

    RACHEAL LAMPA??!?!?!!

    OMG im like tottaly shocked!!!