Keana Texeira Zips It Up

Keana Texeira Zips It Up

Keana Texeira looks bold in black as she attends the premiere of Orphan at LA’s Mann Village Theater on Tuesday evening (July 21).

The 14-year-old actress stars as Luna in the upcoming movie, Soulstice: The Luna Diaries. You can check out a teaser trailer at

Most recently, Keana attended the Ponyo premiere at the LA Film Festival.

TELL JJJ: What do you think of Keana’s Zip-Up Dress?

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Photos: RK/WENN, Juan Rico/Fame Pictures
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  • krixtina

    hmm … too much

  • brett

    where was her mother?? She’s too young for that kind of outfit…

  • bria

    Who is this girl?
    And she’s 14 wearing THAT dress? I’m 14, and If I got caught wearing that dress out, i’d be DEAD. Seriously.
    And that dress looks like a shirt.

  • victoria

    calm down she’ll be 15 in september geeze
    && the dress isn’t that bad

  • emmy

    I don’t get it, was she in a big movie or something? Why does JJJ keep putting pictures of her up? I’ve never heard of her before.

  • victoria

    because she’s from G- Girlz

    anyways that dress doesn’t compliment Keana
    because she has no boobs at all

  • gjghjmhg

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww DON’T TALK ABOUT THIS UGLY GIRL

  • korrah

    Looks like a hooker in that outfit.

  • hey me

    Yo just jared please stop posting things about this girl.Man she looks like a slut with that outfit and if you look at a close up she has big boobs.When shes like 17 shell be wering a huge bra !Not to mention shell have spinal probnlems!I dont lkike ho she sings its too squeaky.
    And what kind of mother lts hr daughter get out of the house in that crap !
    Man Im 14and i know how to dress appropriate and chic!

  • Marly

    She’s is 14 but dresses like some one of 18. Why do al those young girls dresses like a slut? And why do their parents aprove that?
    O, and she looks ugly.

  • kirsten

    FIRST OF ALL….WHO THE HECK IS THIS???? i thought these were for famous celebrities. i dont recognize her at all. anyway she looks REALLY OLD FOR HER AGE!!! SHE LOOKS 20;’S!!!!! NOT GOOD!!! aND yeah she doesn thave very good style…her hair is BIG, i dont like it…..g-girls? whats that!!! ugly pop music!!! i bet!

  • kay

    hunny, you’re 14; tone it down.

  • M

    14? and in that dress? gosh chick tone it down. Her aprents shouldn’t have let her go out in it.

    Secondly, Who is she? JJ puts pics of her on it, and I haven’t a clue who she is. Can she not be on it, until she actually gets famous.

  • mora

    well first of all she looks like shes about to poop whats up with the pause. and shes 14 why is she dressing like a hooker

  • Kelsi

    its not even much about her age, this outfit wouldnt look appropriate on ANYONE. its too tacky

  • Kelsi

    i ment inappropriate oopss

  • pearl :3

    i’ve never heard of keana texeira, and her dress is not a very good idea for a movie pre. she should have worn something a little more classy and chic… not trashy and scanky

  • keana fans

    Keana looks amazing!!! :)

    Oh and her mother sent in these pictures! Her mommy is her publist so her mom knows about this stuff. Each parent is different

  • keana fans


    Stop being a hater. And Keana is not dating Jake T Austin she is single. Thank you very much. And whoever Jake dates is his business and if you were really his fan even if she was his girlfriend you wouldn’t bash her like that because he would of loved her and you as a fan would want him to happy.


    Seriously. the boy band WOW likes her? OMG SHES 14 AND WEARING THAT JESUS CHRIST!

  • runnergirl

    I’ve heard WOW. Keana is more talented, although WOW is not bad.

  • Ira

    She is gorgeous!