Official New Moon Site Launches!

Official New Moon Site Launches!

Check out the brand-new New Moon Official Website!

Trio Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson grace the new site that comes complete with video trailers, film clips, TV spots, downloads, a mobile section, and a community section with links to fan sites.

The site also has an official store that sells DVDs, music, t-shirts, and more. New Moon is set to hit theaters THIS November 2009.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the official New Moon website — YAY or NAY?

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    yey, first *-*

  • Alyssa

    OMG I checked out the website and it is amazing! I want November 20 to come fast! can’t wait! :D

  • NewMoonPeopleRule!

    OMG i am freaking out!!

  • Emily

    yay it looks great! cant wait for new moon to come out in november! :)

  • =)=)=)

    its kinda getting old 4 me just saying dont kill me

  • dyana


  • liezl ocampo

    4th commentor i love twilight

  • mwabee

    yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! =)

  • ♥team~jake♥

    its freaken awsum!
    i love how they made it!
    you can go to LaPush
    or the Cullen house
    its awsum!

  • Emily

    Definitely YAY! So awesome, I love how amazing the site is!
    So fun to be on it :D

  • Constanza

    Yaaay !! :DD,Wooow!

  • EAC

    yaaayyy :)
    love the site.

  • muffinstealer

    Coolio/……I`lll half to check it out. I’m a twilight fan. I`ve read the books over && over && i lined up opening night to see Twilight && am expectiong to do the same for New Moon;;;but new moon ishh my afve cos edward leaves TEAM JACOB

  • nikkki

    nay, sorry but twiight is just old now, it is stupid now

  • shyone

    yay of course the site is so cool because you get a tour of the Cullen’s house and la push then you get wallpapers of each character and still pics of the movie

  • liz

    i love love love love lvoe
    the new site !
    it’s purrfectt(:

  • maichi


  • Skylar


  • iluvrobpattz

    its awesome! u get to visit la push and the cullens house. i luv it!

  • jackie


  • Gabriella

    “Jaspers” face wow

  • keepasecret

    A Big FLIPPIN YAY. This just got me more pumped. Plus those wallpapers are just beautiful.

  • nk

    how do u enter the cullens house and the reservation where is the link??

  • jesssssss

    so awesome! BUT BUT BUT …. what i really cant wait for (besides the movie itself lol) is all the other cool features like the film clips and tv spots and the twillight world thing …. thats gonna be really awesome :D

  • ariane

    awesome….it looks grat!!! ;)

  • katie

    Jacob <3

  • anna1992anna


  • diANA

    EVERYONE LET’S GO VOTING FOR ROB, KRISTEN AND TWILIGHT IN TCA . they deverse to win everything they are nominated for and of course i hope this time he kisses her on stage, if they win the best kiss again : )

  • Marly

    Love the site!!!

  • awurbii

    I have high hopes for New Moon and I am keeping my fingers crossed that it ends up to be a good movie. I have read the entire Twilight series and I thought it was great. But I wasn’t very happy with the movie. Most of the hype had nothing to do with the quality of the film or the performance of the actors, but the stabilized fan base that the book series had already gained.

    Since there is a new director this time around the movie should be slightly different. Hopefully better.

  • jakes gurl

    omg nov. 20 is my bday and when i found out that it was on the say day as New Moon came out the same day i screamed so loud go Twilight and go Jacob!!!!!!!! i luv the trailer cant wait *scream*

  • http://officialnewmoonsite lucy

    OMG !!! it is sooooo awesome , fantastic and edward and jacob are sooooooo hot i love them both and so is bella. awesome to

  • frankmerrill9239

    A totally unexpected stumble. Lucky one too ;) Shall bookmark this blog and add it to my list.

  • http://www.newmoonupdates.Co.CC/ omarcampos6354

    Cool. Will be adding your site to my Rss reader to keep updated with any of your new posts

  • dalerogers1217

    Lol was randomly checking out blog directories when i clicked my way into this space. Nice looking blog you got here. Have a nice day :P

  • reeddillard8265

    Ur templates fit in nicely with the overall feel of ur blog.

  • http://www.newmoonupdates.Co.CC/ nicolasacosta535

    Another new gem of a blog i discovered. Really like ur blog. Bookmarked it for future visits :)

  • emilvazquez1413

    Another new gem of a blog i discovered. Really like ur blog. Bookmarked it for future visits :)

  • jimmiedouglas198

    What a useful blog! The exact stuff i needed to find!

  • sweet sammy

    the website is soooo cool!

    i cant wait 4 new moon to come out im soo excited!

    seeing rob pattz nd kellan lutz! Mmmm…….. yummy……

    not forgettin therest of the hot cullen famo!!! lol!

  • nur

    I LoVe YoUuUuUuU !!!!!! BeLLaaaa !!!!!!! :):p

  • alice

    i like twiligh and new moon and edward is cute and the muvie is viurifo soooooo buy

  • http://comcast jayde ocner

    My boss is going to fire me unless you bring back Taylor Launter as Jacob Black. He is getting many complaints and he is going to fire the nearest executive. And that’s me!!You guys suck for making a new Jacob Black. He’s totally hot and the new guy has no abs! Eclipse will suck without Taylor. No one will want to see Eclipce or Breaking Dawn if he’s not it in it!! You guys better bring him back to Breaking Dawn or there will consequences. I will sue you if there is no Taylor Lautner. Goodbye.

    From, Jayde Ocner

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