Selena Gomez: Best Birthday Ever!!!

Selena Gomez: Best Birthday Ever!!!

A teary-eyed Selena Gomez shows off all of the wonderful gifts she received for her birthday including a big bag of Twizzlers.

The now-17-year-old Disney starlet said, “I’m crying because I just finished my show and all my fans bought me so many gifts. It just made me realize how blessed I am. My favorite [gift], because everybody knows that I miss home, is an ‘I Love Texas’ apron. Because I love to cook!”

Happy birthday, Sel!

Selena Gomez: Best Birthday Ever!!!
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  • muffinstealer


  • michelle

    Happy Birthday Selena! She seems like such a sweet, deserving person!

  • muffinstealer

    Happy Birthdayyyy;;;xoxoxo

  • maichi


  • Chelsea

    She is so sweet!!! <3

  • kia

    Happy 17th birthday,Selena!!!

  • Lindsey

    aww, she so deserves it, all that crap people were saying about her being a fake when she obviously isn’t bc she’s crying from her fans being so supportive, LUV YOU SELENA<333

  • diana

    aww, she is so sweet!
    i wish her a very happy birthday.
    she is so genuine, she definitely deserves it. (:

  • miley&demibiggestfan

    happy birthday selena!!!!!!!

  • Laura

    she is sooooo cute .

    seLena U R awesome :D

  • Jojo

    She’s such a sweet heart. Happy b-day Selly

  • Meagan

    I’ve just realized how genuine and appreciative this girl is. I respect her so much now. She really is different from the other snobby girls of Hollywood. I’ve NEVER seen a famous teen girl with this kind of heart in my life. She really is one of a kind.

  • dany

    awww she’s so sweet, she deserve all the gifts fans sent to her <3

  • kc

    Ok if I EVER called her fake, I take it back I take it back I TAKE IT BACK. I actually cried watching this video because the way she is so thankful for everything she is getting makes me she who she really is. and that is a truly well-grounded and level-headed wise young girl. She truly deserves all the success she’s had and all the success to come.

    Happy birthday Selena!

  • eMMA

    awww….. sel dont be sad on your birthday!!!! you deserve everything the fans gave you!!!

  • muffinstealer

    Yeshhhh i don`t reallly like her but even i have to admit she down to earth && veery level-headed…&& if any disney star continuess to act thru-out their lives && stay clean /i`m confident it’d be herr

  • jayajoejonas

    I don’t like her but she is stunning!

  • tara

    Happy Birthday Selena! Ur an amazing person and i love u!
    :) :)

  • tara

    Any one who thinks she is a brat..come on, u for sure take it back now. She took time out of her life to make this video, to thank her fans.
    i love her so much!
    GO SEL!

  • Melinda

    awwww….. every1 cries all the time! i will also get emotional! happy birthdday! may all ur b-day wishes come true :D

  • kris

    Happy birthday sweet girl! I love you Selena. I wish you the best in life!

  • Adam

    Aww, that is so sweet. Happy birthday Selena! I love you so much!

  • kamilah

    ahh she is so adorable. how can people say she is fake. those people are truly the haters. its obvious that she is a humble girl who doesnt take what she has for granted. she honestly loves her fans and is completely a genuine person. she hasnt let her fame get to her head and she stays grounded. thats why shes my favorite actor from disney.


  • Serena

    Happy Birthday Selly!!! Love her so much! :) ♥

  • mochi

    Aww!!!… Shes the most honest, genuine, kind-hearted starlet yet! She deserves everything shes receiving. Happy Birthday Selena! and may god bless you always! <3

  • thais

    i hate her so much but i have to adimit that she is a great actress..
    but horrible singer

  • sabrina

    awww!!!! selena is so sweet! for her to make a video and adress it to her fans is so generous… HAPPY BIRTHDAY SELENA!!!!!

  • http://jjj colourful_wind95

    she’s really adorable and diserves absolutely everything she has got so far and will get in the future! :) happy birthday selena!

  • Jasmine

    aww!! love her! happy bday!

  • istar

    she is sooo sweet!!

  • case

    @thais: aww thais you’re actually giving her a nice compliment?? i’m proud haha. happy birthday sweetheart!

  • victoriasan


  • muffinstealer

    That`s me i guess..she can act…….&& i find her genuinely kind /&& down to earht;;;but i find her really fake when she tries to singgg..likee eachh recording of her singing sounds differentt && it’ss just like she’s trying to be something she’s not

  • michelle

    @muffinstealer: Disney tends to get the stars to do more than one thing. If they can act, they’ll sing. If they can sing, they’ll act. I sing every day just for the joy of it. If I decide to sing for the public to hear, I sure wouldn’t want people to tear me down because I wasn’t good enough. I’m glad you see Selena for more than her singing though. She’s a wonderful person as you can see and a terrific actress. If singing is just not her department, she’ll decide that. Selena is only striving to achieve, just like all of us every day. She, like many others, were blessed to be brought into the spotlight and that is the only difference between her and us.

  • muffinstealer


    Well yess; Disney makes evryone sing at least once…and when one is successful like Mitchel Musso, they release an album…but it’s kindaa irittating when i hear talk of her new album && stuff;;;i like her show /&& i wish [instead] of singing, she’s focus more on her acting career && realize how great she really is, && her impact on preteen girls..u know? I mean from what i’ve heard she’s a real sweetheart && not fake at allll…People tend to hate her cos they say she’s trying to ‘bump’ the competition….but then again she’s not really the one that starts the whole ‘Selena’s the new Miley” headliness..

  • jessy

    aww she seems like a sweet person!! hope she has a great birthday :)

  • anna

    aww happy seventeenth birthday selena!

    i hope you will have a good one! :)

  • taylorrocks

    i love u selena gomez..shez sooo sweet..!1
    happy birthday..!!

  • ilovemileycyrus!

    sweet! MUFFINSTEALER & MICHELLE : i think both of u have a point
    but she is not doing 1 thing 2 sing shes dancing 2! so i think she wants 2 make 3 not 2 if u understand what im sayin but i wish she would stop singing and stick 2 acting and maybe dancing cuz i dont know some say she wasnt dancing at the movie she made but mostly
    i will not say anything cuz i didnt watch it but well…i dont know! but im not tryin 2 be rude or something cuz im not or saying something bad about her! and please dont bring miley into this please! just this once
    o0o & vote 4 miley selena demi and jb 4 tca please!

  • yessica

    Aww hermosa^^^


  • hsajdhsjhdsasaaa

    happy b-day beatiful

  • JADE S.

    Awww..happy b-day to Selena!

  • Heather

    Oh my gosh that was so sweet, genuine and just… <3 I adore Selena. She seems like such a beautiful person inside as well as out.

  • Jon

    @muffinstealer: Mitchel Musso was successful?…/: Is there another word we can use here?

  • ilovemileycyrus!

    sweet! happy birthday selena! see just bc we love miley it doesnt mean we have 2 hate selena! why cant miley fans love selena and why cant selena fans love miley and why cant demi fans love selena !!
    (if u dont hate any of theose girls then im not talking about u ).the truth is there gonna be friends nomater what we say..and people just bc if some1 says something bad about selena and the is miley or demi fan
    dont say “your just a stupd miley-demi fan” and if somebody say something bad about miley-demi fan dont say “your just a stupid selena fan” cuz it realy doesnt make u the better 1! love miley love selena and love demi there all sweet nice pretty girls like it or not! so stop hating miley stop hating selena and stop hating demi cuz there all the same and there all just like us LIKE PEOPLE!! so what do u say peace? cuz this hatin is starting 2 make u haters stupid and the fans 4 fighting back!! so what do u say peace or not ?

  • Rochelle

    Awww! Happy Birthday Selena!
    Her video made me teary

  • lucia

    she is so sweet!!!
    i love her

  • emily

    AWWW I cant believe she cried =( i love her =)

  • emily


  • miss zanessa

    awwww sel you´re so sweet and thankful
    that´s why we <3 you
    but you don´t have 2 cry is your b-day
    hehe unless they´re happy tears LOL
    anyway hope you have a blast
    and happy b-day again!!!!!

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