Whitney Port: Win $1,000 Shopping Spree!

Whitney Port: Win $1,000 Shopping Spree!

Whitney Port wants to give YOUR wardrobe a back-to-school makeover!

One lucky winner will receive a $1000 shopping spree to JCPenney and Whitney will even be your personal stylist for the trip! As a bonus, the winner will get to star in a back-to-school fashion video alongside The City star. Fifteen winners will also receive a $75 gift card from JCP Teen!

HOW TO ENTER: Leave a comment here with a valid email address (will not be published) and tell us why you should win the $1000 shopping spree with Whitney. Those chosen to move on to the second round will be required to submit a video. This contest ends on Sunday, July 26 @ 11:59PM EST. Enter as many times as you want! Full contest rules here. Good luck!

UPDATE: Commenting for this contest has closed! The semi-finalists to move onto the next round will be contacted shortly. Thanks for entering!

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Britney @ 3:47 pm on 07/22/2009

I think I should win this contest because right now, money is tough with the economy and having some new back-to-school clothes would be great + Whitney as a stylist along the way? That’s even better :D She’s so stylish. Thanks for offering this contest.

Britney @ 3:48 pm on 07/22/2009

Also, I would like the chance to give the clothes that don’t fit me as well to charity if I have some new clothes.

muffinstealer @ 3:52 pm on 07/22/2009

Yepppzz w/e not very interested in what this B-list actress doess

i wanna win follow my twitter!!! http://www.twitter.com/Chantelm15

come on ppl!! follow!!! i wanna win so bad!!!

Kaylin @ 3:57 pm on 07/22/2009


emily:) @ 4:00 pm on 07/22/2009

this would be an AMAZING prize for me because i am going to be a freshman in college and money is going to be so tight..not much room for spending.
and even more important..IM A FASHION MAJOR:]
i would sooo appriciate the money and the chance to meet Whitney, she is a girl i aspire to be like!

thanks Jared and Whitney!!!!

DINA @ 4:09 pm on 07/22/2009

This would be such an amazing oppertunaty. This summer for my birthday I had a choice, either a lot of new school cloths or a guitar for my birthday so I decided that I would take that instead because I really want to learn to play. First of all have the chance to meet Whitney would be so amazing. I had watched the Hills from the begining and not just because of Lauren, I started following it because of Whitney, and she is such an inspiration. It would be so amazing to meet her. The shopping spree is a plus definatly because firstly i really need new cloths for school, and having Whitney shop with me would be so cool, she is a style icon (for me) and having her help me choose what to buy would be so cool!

Liza @ 4:10 pm on 07/22/2009

This will give me a chance to change, and have a new style when coming back to school with the help of Whitney Port. Where I can have a positive attitude about my senior year about to start. When starting a new year, a help like this will take a big load of my “parent’s shoulders”. Thanks for the huge opportunity you have provide.

sarah @ 4:10 pm on 07/22/2009


Kassidy @ 4:11 pm on 07/22/2009

I think i should win the shopping spree because i am a fashion fanatic. I just got rid of a lot of my clothes and all I have are my old ones from years ago. My dad works two jobs but he isn’t paid highly. My mom only gets work during the school year. I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters and parents who are still together. Because of my larger than average family the people in my family aren’t given an allowance like other teens my age.

When i’m older i want to major in fashion and design. So as you can tell as i said before i’m very into fashion.

It would be amazing to have a personal stylist alongside with a major shopping spree!

The school year is coming very fast this is a great idea for a contest =D

Thanks JustJaredJr =)

I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

MIchelle @ 4:13 pm on 07/22/2009

Show stopper! That’s my nickname because my friends say that I start new trends and people always turn their heads to look at what I’m wearing. I really deserve this back to school shopping spree because I am very into fashion and can make the most out of limited pieces of clothing! The economy is very tough, and people are forced to make the most out of the clothes they have. I am known to mix, match, and layer very few pieces clothing to make it look like more. Also, fashion is one of the top priorities in my life. I love wearing clothes that make me feel different, and good about myself, even if other people thinks my outfits don’t work. I just love being me and unique from everyone else in the world. Lastly, I love JC penny, and the newest lines of clothing they have are so rare and uncommon, which is great! In a world full of copycats, I plan to be the lone star and set my own fashion trends. Whitney Port is so inspiring and her fashion is so beautiful and alluring. She is also is a great role model for young teens in the Fashion World! One day I hope to aspire to be like Whitney and set my own path.

Written by Michelle

Jessica @ 4:16 pm on 07/22/2009

Hi! This shopping spree would be so amazing to win. I absolutely love fashion, so much, and clothes are one of my favorite things. I think it would be an honor to be able to shop with Whitney, she is so sweet, and so fashionable. It would be great to get advice on style, and fashion tips. This shopping spree would be honestly amazing to win!

maichi @ 4:18 pm on 07/22/2009

I don’t really care.

No one deserves it. They have money. If you’re poor and a genuinely sweet person, you deserve it.

I NEED A SHOPPING SPREE!!!!! For 1, I don’t have any good shoes or any good clothes for school this year! Neither does my cousin. And #2 with the way the economy and the government is these days, My parent’s paychecks are being cut and they can hardly afford to pay for my school let alone my school clothes. It would be awesome to win this. But if I don’t…….thats okay! Best of luck to everyone! :D

Sari @ 4:24 pm on 07/22/2009

please please please! I’ve never won one of these but always wanted too! I need a shopping spree for college!

liz @ 4:26 pm on 07/22/2009

I’m Liz and I need a total fashion makeover. Why? I just turned 18 and all my friends said I dress like a high school freshmen. I use to be more stylish until I gained 30lbs. After that I lost all my self-confidence and started wearing my ex-boyfriends t-shirt and basketball shorts everyday. What’s worse….I have no sense of style anymore. I need a total makeover!

Liza @ 4:33 pm on 07/22/2009

This will give me a chance for a fresh start for my senior year, and a positive attitude. Also giving a huge help to my parents, taking a load of my “parent’s shoulders” with money issues. Thanks for the opportunity that you have provide.

Charlene @ 4:33 pm on 07/22/2009

I should win the shopping spree with Whitney because I really need some new back to school fashions that are cute, comfortable, casual, and stylish, yet don’t break the bank. By showing me what JC Penny has to offer, Whitney can help me make future decisions as to what I can afford when looking for more fashions. I think Whitney’s style is amazing and she always looks so put together, yet girly, and fun! I would love to implement her style in my daily wardrobe, but it’s hard with my current financial situation. I’m heading off to college and tuition is a killer! It would be really helpful for me to get the shopping spree to help out my parents and help me get some new back to school looks. I’ve worn a uniform pretty much my entire life so having some style advice would be such a big help now that I get to wear free dress everyday! I’m going to be moving to the completely opposite coast (from west to east) for school so finding some great winter outfits would be such a great help because I have none of those! Thank you just jared for putting out such a great contest that can potentially help girls like me get fashion forward styles for less with a celeb in the fashion business herself! Winning this would be a dream!

Liza @ 4:39 pm on 07/22/2009


anna @ 4:40 pm on 07/22/2009

i want it

Janel @ 4:44 pm on 07/22/2009

I think I should be chosen for the baxk to school shopping spree because my mom got layed off a few months ago and it’s been really hard trying to find a new job. Also I’ve been wearing an ugly uniform to school all my life and I’m finally starting high school in september so I could really use a new wardrobe.

Nora klomhaus @ 4:50 pm on 07/22/2009

I’m going to be a sophomore in college this coming August. When I started college last year I have let my style go. I am stuck in jeans and flip flops all the time. When I’m not wearing jeans I’m in oversized T-shirts and some kind of gym shorts. With how the economy is my parents can barley afford my sister and I going to college let alone buy us new clothes for school. If they do buy us clothes its going to be just the basics. Winning this contest will not only help me with my style and confidence it would help out my parents as well.

steph kay @ 4:51 pm on 07/22/2009

Although I cant say if I deserve to win this contest, I know that I really need it.
Obviously, this year the economy has drained countless families of their incomes and has left many without luxuries. My family is no different.
I am the first person in my family-even extended- to go away to University. I attend an extremely expensive private school that grants and countless scholarships are paying for. My education is a severe setback, to say the least. But it’s worth it, and I have my parents’ blessings.
One of the biggest reasons that my family can no longer afford to get as many luxuries as before is because my father recently died of heart problems. Though that was only almost three months ago, it quickly took its course on our finances. My mother only has a part time job and is struggling to keep that. We had to move in with family, and my sister and I haven’t been able to get work, either. My sister is attending a state school that we are struggling to pay for as well. Although I’m able to get by on some money my family gave me, it’s purely for educational purposes.
Again, I cant say that I deserve this shopping spree. I’ll survive without it. However, it would be a great opportunity to have some luxury and get my necessities without any guilt.

JAnell @ 4:52 pm on 07/22/2009

Hi, im janell, and i believe i should win this shopping spree, not only for myself, but for my two sisters, because we’re all around deserving girls. Our parents have gone through so many financial struggles these past couple of years, and so we haven’t really asked our parents for much. We are however still thankful, and supportive for the things our parents gave provided for us, but i think its time to do something for ourselves for a change. My older sister Jessica is going to be a senior in High school, and she is the most hardworking girl that i know. My little sister is going to be an 8th grader and she is the one who keeps us most grounded and always laughing. And im the middle child, im going to be a sophmore in high school, and i definitley do the best to support my family. me and my sisters really would be honored to win this prize, and especially to meet Whitney port(: She seems like a down to earth girl. Thank you just jared and Whitney.(:

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