Ashley Tisdale Takes Mall Of America

Ashley Tisdale Takes Mall Of America

Check out this exclusive new pic of Ashley Tisdale performing the Mall of America in Minneapolis, Minnesota taken moments ago on Thursday (July 23).

The 24-year-old “Hot Mess” singer performed songs off her new album, Guilty Pleasure, which hits stores this Tuesday, July 28. Fans were even seen singing along to “It’s Alright, It’s Ok!”

Ashley will also introduce a few advance screenings with her Aliens in the Attic co-star Robert Hoffman.

Also pictured is a rehearsal pic of Ashley doing a sound check.

UPDATE: Added pictures of Ashley and Robert signing posters for Aliens!

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  • chantal

    AHHH!!! I wanted to go soooo badly.. BLAH! I LOVE HER SO MUCH!
    I live in Chicago! and we were going to drive 8 hours but its too late now :( nooooo!!!!!!!!!

  • sophie

    didnt know she could play guitar

  • kourtney

    luv her
    she”s everywhere

  • kourtney

    and she plays guitar

  • kourtney

    so does vanessa

  • Cheyanne

    COOL !
    i wish i was there

  • gerty

    love her :D
    her new album is great. shes getting better and better.

  • muffinstealer

    So Ashley Tisdale ios actually serious about singing….

  • MIKE

    woow, love u ashley <3

  • Marcelo

    Which songs she performed, does somebody know?

  • Hotmess

    love it!

  • Alva

    Europe have it :D And it`s AWESOME!

  • Anna

    I AM SO PISSED!! im going there TOMORROW!
    eeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhh, and i was there a week ago.

  • the fame

    she looks like john lennon in the pic with the sunglasses lol

  • Solange

    There were soooooooo many people! She was super and extremely amazing, gorgeous and sweet to her fans!



  • Samantha

    If she goes to any other malls I hope she comes to my mall!!!!

  • http://jjj colourful_wind95

    she looks great and i am sure the show was great. she looks awesome :)…

  • Pam

    She really want to be a rocker, doesn’t she? Too bad all her effort is obviously contrive. She should study Demi Lovato more. Better yet, study someone who is actually her she, like Kathy Perry or Lady Gaga. Actually, it’s better if she try to align herself with those her age, she’ll come off more natural

  • lucia

    she rocks !!!
    love her

  • brenda

    I heard that in another countrys ashley tisdale’s new album is NOW in stores

  • kourtney


    ur talking gibblish

  • Missvan

    She imitate Vanessa’s style,Vanessa learn play on gitar before Ashley,so now Ashley learn play on gitar to.she imitate Vanessa Hudgens and Taylor Swift.and everyone came to see her only because her nonstopping publication on her twitter.she always said to her fans on twitter:”Keep voting” or “Come to see me on show” or stuff like that.she only cares about herself.

  • Daniel

    @brenda yes it is i already have it and its GREAT :D

  • Missvan

    @Pam: Demi is great singer.

  • kourtney


    yeaa i notice that 2

  • taylor

    @Missvan: How is her telling people to come see her show bad? She’s just reminding them so they have the opportunity to see her play and meet her, there’s nothing wrong with that.
    And please, she’s not copying anybody. Vanessa wasn’t the first person to ever learn to play guitar.

  • the fame

    @Missvan: agreed

  • muffinstealer

    Seriously, in like, 2 years, no one will even remember who Ashley Tisdale was. Her career won’t last. Unless she moves to acting, she’s basically done. I don’t think she’s that good of a singer.

  • muffinstealer

    Seriously, in like, 2 years, no one will even remember who Ashley Tisdale was. Her career won’t last. Unless she moves to acting, she’s basically done. I don’t think she’s that good of a singer.

  • awurbii


    I am going to have to stick up for taylor. She is right. Ashley is not copying anyone. Don’t get me wrong, I am a Vanessa fan but I do not apprecite it when people try to twist a situation to try and make somebody look bad for no reason at all. I am not a fan of her twittering or any of her promotion but there isn’t anything wrong with it. I do have problem with asking people for votes but I won’t go into that.

    All I am saying is that Ashley is not copying anybody. She should be able to do a performance without people trying to twist the situation.

  • Pam

    Don’t you guys get it? She didn’t really played the guitar. That was from soundcheck, so yeah she’s just posing. LOL kids these days

  • jen

    i was there! and got to meet her! got some great pics as well! super nice!

  • biggest fan of shley

    She is soooo good first started likeing her when i was 10 still love her now gonna get her album the the songs masquerade, how do you love someone,erase and rewind all her songs just say.
    she is amazing carryon all your life Ashley your brill thanx

  • Emily

    People are pathetic. I like Ashley Tisdale. Her singing voice isn’t perfect, but then again, whos is? Demi’s voice is good, really good. But sometimes, when she sings live, she sounds like another person. Vanessa’s voice is good, not great, similar to Ashley’s. Not in sound, but in quality. Like I said, nobody’s voice is perfect.

    Seriously, though. if you’re complaining about Ashley’s tweets, that’s incredibly stupid. Her tweets are here to inform everybody of what she’s doing in her life. She’s connecting with her fans. EVERYBODY who tweets (who is a celeb) does that. Taylor Swift, Demi, Miley, Selena, Britney.. As for the whole voting thing, perhaps she’s informing her dedicated fans that she’s nominated for something.

    Please, her new album sounds great. I honestly can’t wait to get it. She IS talented (just not perfect). She’s very pretty, and she looks good. She’s a great rolemodel. She doesn’t drink or smoke or party hard or do drugs. Can’t everybody just accept her for that? ‘Cause honestly, if you look at some other celebrities, they are definitely not as good rolemodels.

  • Missvan

    @taylor: Yeah,and what about Ashley’s style on shows?and on general?her style became to be exactly like Vanessa!And about the twitter?don’t be innocent.Ashley has a interest to win on TCA so she ask her fans million times vote for her on twitter.and that’s interesting that she learned play on gitar few weeks after Vanessa learned.but whatever.Ashley’s fans think that she is sanctity,and if you want continue think that,so fine.

  • Missvan

    @Emily: the only things that ashley say on twitter is:”Im hungry…”,”going with my awesome band…”,”landing on___”.
    She asked her fans vote for her a lot of time,and NOT ONE TIME and that’s make me think that the only reason she opened her twitter is for publish herself and her new rock cd.she asked her fans:”vote my new song on Itunes” and the fans,that must of them are like 7-18 do what she said because who can say not to his big idole?
    I’m get out of here.

  • =)=)=)

    i didnt vote 4 her and i dont think i’ll change my mind sorry !

  • =)=)=)

    and i dont like whats she has on in pic.#1 what is that ?

  • kate

    Oh please. All stars do that. Vanessa hardly learned to play the guitar, she only learned because of bandslam, which was filmed over a year ago. So don’t say that Ashley’s copying whoever. And Vanessa did not invent that style. The clothes that both ashley and Vanessa wear are TRENDY, if you take a look around, most of the teenage girls wear that nowadays. And the twitter posts, miley, demi, and everyone asked their fans to vote for them for TCA! So chill out, you’re so defensive.

  • sammi

    i was there ! i have videos on my youtube :]

  • taylor

    @Missvan: She asked them to vote twice, and that was just when she telling people how happy she was that she was nominated. She doesn’t go on there every day telling people to vote for her. She uses her twitter for promotion, so of course she’s going to tell people to buy her songs. I don’t think she’s sanctity, I just don’t see anything wrong with what she’s doing.

  • daNIELLE

    i met her in the elvator she was super cool i got her autograph and pic

  • Missvan

    @taylor: So even you said it!she opened her twitter for PROMOTING!for promote herself!there are many ways of promotion,but she cheak on the easy way-twitter on Internet.and she said she’s happy cuz her nominee.sure she is.what do u want she say?that she’s upset?she trys promote herself!that’s all!.I’ve never heard about person so….I prefer not to said because after all I respect Ashley’s fans,althought you don’t get what’s going on.

  • taylor

    @Missvan: I know she uses it for promotion, I never tried to deny that. I don’t see anything wrong with it though. Most stars only have twitter to promote what they’re doing. Why is it such a problem that Ashley does it?

  • mileysupporta4evaxx


  • shannon


  • Marcelo


    Oh yes, only Vanessa play guitar in the world, you are absolutely right. Now I ask you: how are you sure that Vanessa learn to play guitar BEFORE Ashley?

  • Solange

    I don’t care even if Vanessa learned how to play guitar before Ashley. So what? Vanessa is not the only one in this world knows how to play guitar. In fact, can i say Vanessa copied Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato. BUSTED! Vanessa’s fans are making the image of Vanessa worse and worse. Fortunately, she still has fans, loser fans while her 15 seconds of fame is soooo over!

  • Daniel

    Ok first she didnt learn to play the guitar she’s just POSING ok and even if she wasnt posing she’s not copying vanessa -.- she just wanted to learn and playing the guitar is not a thing that vanessa started ok so shut up and get a life haters u_u

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