Moises Arias To Guest on Wizards!

Moises Arias To Guest on Wizards!

Moises Arias snaps a picture with pals Amber and Alex on the Wizards of Waverly Place set on Tuesday afternoon (July 21) in Los Angeles.

JJJ reader Alex writes to us, “My friends and I went to the Wizards of Waverly Place taping. Moises Ariastweeted earlier that he was going to be there, so we thought he was just visiting but turns out that he actually was a guest star in the episode! He was hilarious! He and Jake [T. Austin] are so funny together, you can see that they are best friends in real life.

Madison Pettis and Christian Fortune (JJJ Note: Christian was in The Perfect Game with Moises and Jake) where there as well. It’s like a big family over there! Everyone was nice and took picture, Moises even tweeted us and said that it was nice to meet us.

David Henrie was awesome and Selena [Gomez] started crying when David said a few words about her. Then everyone sang Happy Birthday.”

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  • gjghjmhg

    Yay i love him and jake t austin!!! =D

  • ♥Tiff♥

    wow suprised no comments anyways, I LOVE JAKE T AUSTIN HE IS MINE SO BACK OFF BITCHESS!!!!!!!

  • lola

    didnt know who alec was lol thats jane twin srry havent read the book in some time. aww hope she had the best birthday. weird wonder how they met *cough* taylor *cough* lol jk. dang wish i could of been there

  • Leanna

    ive been wanting tickets to Wizards but im not sure how to get them.
    anyone know how?

    you can email me at:

  • Angelie

    Aww, that’s sweet. Hope she had the best birthday with her family, fans and friends.

  • Tracey

    here is a website that sells them
    i wanna go to a taping so bad also. cant wait for the episode that has moises in it. love the show!

  • hiii every body

    i don’t know how you get them but david henrie was giving them away to poeple that win his contest he said that he would be giving tickets away to people on his twitter you can try going on his page and finding out.

  • anna

    david and selena! i love them!

  • rozza

    ah thats werid why is a cast member from new moon cameron brighton even there unless she hung out with him when she was with taylor in Vancouver lol aww david henrie is such a sweet heart

  • JanCaz

    AwWw.. David’s soO sweEt!!
    David and Selena 4ever!! <3

  • leah

    I think if I was there I would’ve cried too! That’s cool Cameron was there for her birthday! Was Christian the guy in Jake’s new youtube video? I think David Henrie is obssesed with his little brother haha!

  • anGelA

    Awww…The speech that David Henrie said must be really touching!
    David and Selena!!<3

  • hannah

    awww thats so sweet of the girls, cameron and david does anyone have video of what david said post plz

  • Jennifer

    i was there too!! the last scene they filmed was hilarious!!

  • hannah

    @Jennifer: hey thats cool could u tell me what david said or do u have video

  • QT

    hey jennifer if ur there then do you know what david said about selena?

  • Flyaway

    What did David say to Selena???! :(

  • wtf

    someone needs to tell us what david said!!!! please please please

  • caroline

    Alex –Girl that wrote to JJ–

    Are you reading this? You read JJJ, so . . .

    why don’t you pop on in here and tell us what David said?? And if you can’t just say so, lol. I mean, we’re fans and we want to know! Spill please!!!

  • caroline

    @Jennifer: What I said to Alex goes for you, too ;) *puppy dog face*

  • Amber Lily

    Hey everyone just so you know that is me (Amber Lily) and my BFF Alex in the pics with Moises, Jake, David and Selena (we made that card for Selena too). I’m the one in the hat. We had a lot of fun on the set and its so cool that JJJ ran the story. Follow me on twitter for the original pics and msg me if u want info! Ttyl =)
    ~~Amber Lily~~
    <3 <3 <3

  • DCFreako

    david looks adorable!! xD
    aw i wonder what he said about SG… seriously its weird that that person was right there att the taping yet she didnt/couldnt say what dave said aboutselena…:-P

  • alyssa

    please more WOW –


    how sweet selena’s rocks

  • selfannumero1

    omg can someone who went to the taping tell us what he said about selena?????!?!!? im sure some of us are dying to know right now lol.but seriously does it have to be so secretive?

  • Amber Lily

    @caroline: I don’t know I think he said whatever it was in the dressing room we didn’t hear him say anything to her.

  • Jennifer

    i honestly have no clue when she’s talking about david saying stuff about selena. that must of been before or way after the taping because i know he didn’t say anything during the show.
    and moises’ character (daren/roy, I think) is pretty funny and plays max’s conscience

  • Kailee

    To bad I have a boy friendI lov u moises ur sooo.


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