Taylor Lautner & Sara Hicks: Chiropractor Couple

Taylor Lautner & Sara Hicks: Chiropractor Couple

Twilight star Taylor Lautner takes his lovely lady friend Sara Hicks to the chiropractor’s office in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon (July 22).

The couple, who picked up lunch at Chipotle, was accompanied by Taylor‘s younger sister, Makena Lautner.

Back in May, Makena was spotted hanging out with Selena Gomez in Vancouver, Canada while Taylor was shooting New Moon and Sel was filming Ramona & Beezus. Makena is one lucky girl!

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  • riana


  • ?

    she kinda looks like she’s from african american descent. but that’s just me…

  • riana

    he looks so much better when hes skinner

  • Milkshakeee

    :( poor sel .she deserves a good guy in her life but makena and Taylor r cccuutte:Dwish taylena was 2gether

  • taylabeth


  • liz

    are they together again?

  • Jeng

    why do they always look so damn unhappy together?

  • danielle

    Wow, she’s HOT.

    I love the idea of him staying with his hometown-highschool sweetheart. It kind of shows he’s not phased by the whole Hollywood thing. Plus, come on, you can’t deny she’s gorgeous. I need those shorts!

  • huh?

    if his family is caucasian, why are they so tan?

  • case

    why is he being so annoying. stop shoving down our throats, taylor. we get it!

  • hsajdhsjhdsasaaa

    his girlfriends legs r soo skinny she is soo skinny thats sort of a good thing i guess !!!!! shes soooo pretty

  • Ashley

    i don’t like him…i don’t know why but i just don’t like him…
    and if it’s his girlfrined, so then why they look so unhappy together?

  • michelle

    i think i’ll prefer him with selen gomez! lol

  • http://www.celebuz.com rozza

    yup there so back together selena can someone better

  • lola

    wow….they look so bored with each other here! LOL…anyway i dont find her pretty!

  • Mary

    I am happy for him. He is so much better with her, they know each other better and she is better than Disney princess.

  • istar

    lol… don’t they look unhappy? but then again, they might just be annoyed with the paps.

  • christine

    this makes me so happy :)
    she’s gorgeous.

  • meeeeeeeeee…….

    taylor and makena are brother and sister rnt they?
    why is milkshake sayin they shud be together

    selly n tay go better

  • bailey

    they were the cuties couple a year ago….:) and if they get back together they will be the cuties couple again hhaha

    even tho i have loved taylor since 2006 before twilight…he should be with sara

  • http://www.TLautner-.piczo.com Mimiie*

    I don’t like her… and I’m not saying it because he was once going out with her. But there’s something about her that is bothering me.. -_-.
    And no I don’t think they should date again.

  • dany

    well, i think saylor (selena + taylor) together were so cute, they smiled everytime. With his on-off girlfriend they look unhappy and he looks like annoying…plus i don’ t think she’s pretty…
    But makena and taylor are so cute awww

  • http://twitter.com/lizzziee liz

    no. sara hick’s is the lucky girl.
    she got to go out with taylor!
    doesn’t get better than that.
    I really hope they aren’t getting back together.
    & I don’t want taylor with selena either. I love selena, but they are a good couple.

  • Vicki

    What an ugly bitch! Only wants him cause he has money.

  • Vicki

    And holy fuck she looks 12 years old!

  • muffinstealer

    They make a better couple than Selena Gomez does with him,…..but i’d still think that he’d look good with Victoria Justice or Alyson Stoner

  • SElenafan






  • Carolineee

    Why does it always have to be that when he’s spotted with someone attractive like selena gomez and yes even his ex-girlfriend people have to assume they are together. It doesnt mean anything to mean unless I see some actual hand holding or a kiss. Can’t he go out and hang out with his friends? I don’t know the whole deal but you cant just to conclusions. I also agree Hicks looks unhappy but it might be because she’s unused to papparazzi being everywhere.

  • the fame

    at least she is better than selena,
    loveyou taylor

  • chelsea

    @Mary: wtf??
    ARTICLES! Ever heard of them?

  • tlautnerlover

    nooo taylor ditch that sara girl
    i liked u better with selena

  • leah

    I still like Taylor, but damn ok we get it. The whole outting on the b-day was a bit messed up not gonna lie like at school when you see your ex with a girlfriend, but 10 times worser because this is made public. Gosh all the celeb boys I’ve liked from Joe to now Taylor end up being dissapointing..

  • Breanna

    They’ve been going out since he was a freshiee, before Twilight..so for you saying its for his money stfu.
    She was Mitchel Musso’s backup dancer and has plenty of money on her own.

  • Miley nicole

    I dont like her she is way to skinny,
    She looks like a brat,
    I thought he liked Selena,
    Cause i have all these magizines that say he does like Sel,
    And if they go out, Why do they look so unhappy,
    He always looked happier in those pics w/ Sel!!!
    Oh ya, did i metion she was ugly???

  • hailee

    I think selena and taylor were never together, I kne=ow her and they were never broken up that I knew of

  • muffinstealer

    w/e He’s better off with her than Selena

  • http://aim emily

    he has one sexxyy car=D
    and he is one sexc man =D

  • therese

    I kinda like the fact that he met this girl way back before he was even famous. Cause that means that she’s not after money, or fame or whatever. It kind of makes it easier to know that she’s sincere.

  • megan

    didnt she wear ttht outfit to chipotle ewwww

  • Eunice

    I don’t think Sara Hicks is all that pretty
    Her hair is too long for her long face.
    She kind of has bug eyes too.
    As for Selena Gomez, she has a big head and a small face.
    Also Selena has a weird hairline
    BUT I really do prefer SELENA then Sara.
    But thats what I think.

    Taylor Lautner is just MAD SEXY.
    He looks SO much hotter with his body like that
    He was too scrawny before
    but now. OMG DROOOL*

  • Raven

    @Eunice: ….true…..and she is rele skinny…..OMG…didn’t taylor dump that…good she rele doesn’t get it eh….she doesn’t realize that taylor need her as a back up….and that taylor is stupid…. she doesn’t realize that she is using him…i’m sorry but he is a tool

  • Raven

    @therese: actually he did met after he was famous…they met when taylor finished sharkboy and lavagirl and he entered….valencia high school when he was 14…taylor filmed sharkboy and lavagirl when he was 13…

  • fgadsfasd

    out together on selena’s birthdyy ! :D.
    sara has a great sense of style.

    and by the way,
    when ppl hangout, they dnt always have to be laughin or smiling.

  • gina

    they look sooo unhappy together. but to me she looks alittle bit older than him. even though she’s not……..even though I didn’t really support Taylena, I want them to be together than him and Sara. When he was with Selena, he looked soo happy. Here he doesn’t

  • http://www.celebuz.com rozza

    i hear cause she’s graduated shes going with him to vancouver so
    we will be seeing alot of the two of them as long as hes happy thats all that counts even though i think hes a bit of a tool

  • candycrazy

    oooh. Taylena is so much better. but oh well, Taylor and sara have been goin out for a long time. so let’s give them respect. i want Selena and Sara to fight. kidding. :))

  • susu

    no one is saying that they are dating….Yes this article,, but probably this site had also said that Taylor were dating Selena,, wich isn’t true

  • susu

    btw stop saying that taylor is mean only beacause he’s dating sarah on selena’s b-day,,,, she is the one who said that she was DEFENTLY single and that taylor only a FRIEND is !!

  • candycrazy

    i think he looked happier with Selena even with the papz around. my opinion. Selena said Taylor made her the ‘happiest she’s ever been’. i find that sweet.

  • Mech.

    I wanna say a couple of things but I don’t want to be mean or nothing…
    1º: Honestly, i think Sarah it’s a reaaaally bad person, cause she had posted SO MANY videos of her & Taylor without his permisson! Some of them are like… hot… and maybe she didn’t realize that that could possibly be yellow press for him, and ruin his career, maybe? ok, that could happen.

    2º: she’s not her girlfriend, REALLY, SHE’S NOT. they’re friends/cousins or something… and i saw and all picture of them, and someone put some photoshop effects on it, and … here u are! a picture of them kissing. God Lord! they’re cousins, could u stop it?