Taylor Swift & Selena Gomez: Yellow Rose Besties!

Taylor Swift & Selena Gomez: Yellow Rose Besties!

Did you guess that Nashville princess Taylor Swift sent BFF Selena Gomez those fabulous yellow roses for her birthday? If you did, you were right!

Taylor, who is currently on tour, called up the Mouse House and made sure it was okay to send the flowers to the studio before calling in the order for a huge flower arrangement!

A Disney Channel spokesperson told People mag that, “It was so big, two men had to carry it to the car!”

Selena celebrated her 17th birthday on the set of Wizards yesterday (July 22) but didn’t leave her fans out — check out her thank you vid!

UPDATE: These yellow flowers were from a producer, not Taylor. Taylor did send Selena a bouquet of flowers but these aren’t it.

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  • zanessaforever

    so sweet

  • lisa

    that was so sweet of her to do. i like taylor swift i just bought her cd and love it

  • tiff

    very sweet<3

  • akfjlie

    aww so cute
    the roses are pretty

  • Jessica

    random thought alert: is it just me or does Joe Jonas and his dressing up as most animals (today it is a moose in Philly) seem very similar to the episode of Hannah Montana’s “He could be the one” where she had her band dress in animal outfits (so she would not be attracted to Jessie). She said hey the tour will be like a circus and it will be a hannah mantanimal show. Love Joe and hopes he keeps doing that….he said he loves watching HM so maybe he got the idea.

  • thais


  • http://justjaredjr zanessavanessa22


  • Carly.


    shut up.

  • thais

    jared, taylor should be at the top celebs list (:

  • kourtney


    uur soo right omg

  • Flyaway

    Jared, how come Taylor Swift is not on the “Top Celebs” list?? that’s just crazy! after everything Taylor accomplished? Come on, Jared. Seriously?

    Why don’t you replace Robert ‘ugly’ Pattinson with Taylor Swift? That would be MUCH better!

  • leah

    Taylor probably sent her the best flowers!:D Someone else sent her the flowers pictured though and the other one she posted! I love Saylor’s friendship. Best friendship in my opinion!

  • kelly

    awww adorable
    love both of them <3
    Demi haven’t even make a video
    wishing her happy birthday , like selena did
    ugh , she became …. idk

  • Jessica

    Joe was smart to dump Taylor. Camilla is so pretty and so are Jordinz backup singers. I’m just sayin.

  • Katie

    @leah: Taylor sent Selena the flowers in the picture, she even called Disney to make sure it was okay to leave yellow roses in her dressing room because Sel said she wanted them (: That’s why the flowers are soo big!

  • diana

    i think they are the top celebs because they are the most searched for.

    but anywhoo, taylor it very sweet to do that. (:

  • unknown

    kiss my ass!!!! hahahahahahaha all of u go to hell selena gomez sucks ass!!!!!!!! LMAO!!!! LOL!!! LMFAO!!!!

  • muffinstealer

    That’s nice. I don’t think it’s for publicityyyy;;;;;usually it iss…..but idont think so

  • rachel

    wow i will love to have taylor as a friend she is so sweet, and super friendly!! hope i have a friend like her


    Omg i love them so much…… these two beautiful girls are the reason that i love so much just jared because they rock every day i love them so much tay youre the best i love you with all my heart you girls are the best thankyou just jared

  • c


    im just sayin to stop talking about taylor!!!

    fuckkk haters!!!

  • http://www.celebuz.com rozza

    aww taylor Swift is so sweet what a great friend she is to selena they becoming really great friends

  • wtf

    personally i like taylor/selena better than demi/selena. demi is too annoying nowadays. blech miley can have her.

  • molly


  • ~dieba~

    @molly: Me too :D

  • selenawesome

    she’s a great friend for selena. unlike demi she forgets her

  • http://jjj colourful_wind95

    taylor is such a great friend.she did an awesome thing for selena..:)

  • dany

    awww i love saylor’s freindship, they are so cute (L)
    taylor was sooo sweet sent to selena the roses (L)
    i think taylor swift should be in top celebs, too.

  • http://www.isupportdemi.com DemiFan

    Jessica, aren’t u a Miley hater and then you watch her show? What the H-E double TOOTH PICKS ?! UR a HYPO

  • Jade

    how can fans give stars gifts??

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com/2009/07/24/demi-lovato-miley-has-so-much-faith-in-me/#comments shannz

    @selenawesome: i rite she 2 busy with her other BFF’s which is getting larger and larger each day o well ppl change and drift apart then life goes on and i guess they r ok with it r @ less selena has accept it

  • =)=)=)


  • miss zanessa

    awwwe that´s so SWEET ^^

  • leah
  • Lulu

    Sel fans are so sweet!!!

  • Melissa

    Aweh, how sweet of Taylor
    And I’m sure Selena loved them.

  • bella

    they just recycle disney shows cuz new tweens keep tuning in and new kids keep getting born

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