Twilight Cast Attacks Comic-Con Comvention

Twilight Cast Attacks Comic-Con Comvention

New Moon star Kristen Stewart looks up to the sky while being sandwiched in between costars Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner at the special press conference at the Comic-Con convention on Thursday morning (July 23) in San Diego Calif.

“I liked New Moon in terms of how much I can push myself in the series,” said Kristen. Rob agreed, saying “[My character] Edward is such a hyped character… and he is so humbled [in New Moon]… He is too much in love with something and deliberately starts breaking [the relationship], which I think is relatable.”

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Credit: Richie Buxo; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
Posted to: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner
  • RobstenLIVES!!

    Robsten together at last!!

  • Adrianna

    i dont like kristens hair she shouldve gotten a wig for her role instead of cutting it

  • gabi

    I really don’t like Kristen’s hair. I know that it’s for the role but still.:/
    Robert and Taylor are looking good.
    I wish we could Ashley, Kellan or Peter. They are always making things funny.

  • rockabilly

    more pics here — >

  • molly

    kristen is absolutely disgusting.

  • bOU

    i agree with u. She should try at least to look good.

  • kourtney

    u see how her body iss moved toward rob alittle
    and theres a big space between her and taylor body lanuage
    tells she..and rob r..u knoe
    maa thoguths only
    + wat is she wearing

  • Katerina

    Kristen looks creepy. Haha… someone’s stoned. She could have at least not tied her shirt like that. I’m starting to like her less and less….

  • selam

    i live in san diego but comic con are for losser

  • muffinstealer

    Wow. Poor Kristen. That hair cut is butch

  • jg

    she is a druggie
    she looks stoned 24/7

  • gabby

    i find it ironic that a pothead like kristen stewart is wearing a minor threat shirt

  • J

    Kristen is definitely in Joan Jett mode don’t you think

  • sara

    kristen….. she looks disgusting. her hair. make up. outfit. everything.
    i don’t even care if her and rob are dating or not. i just can’t believe she goes to actual public events looking like that. ugh.

  • snickerdootle

    Why did she act strung out on drugs at the MTV awards? She was just too strange at the awards. Don’t really like her much now. Snotty attitude. She needs rehab.

  • katie

    whoo! Robsten at last!!! shes leaning closer to him. =) they’re so cute! <3

  • the fame


  • tiff

    geeze you guys are harsh. she just got off a set like a couple of hours ago. shes deff. still in Joan Jett mode. i love kstew.

  • brett

    I don’t think much of her, lucky gal, I’ll give her that much

  • gabi

    i’m with you molly, disgusting uhl :PP

  • jade

    wow thats one haircut..
    but hahaha kourtney i know! shes leaning towards rob in every photo, whether left or right!

  • Jasmine

    love love love KStew! Adore these three. If you see the video of this photo up, Rob grabs Kstews waste and pulls her in, very cute

  • Alexis

    I am so sorry,but i cant come to like kristen(dont say that i am a rob lover b/c i am not) I just feel like she do not do bella any justice. I wished that they had picked someone else to do bella, i really do. I feel like some of the cast members in twilight need to go

  • daniela

    wow talk about the need for sleep! kristen definately needs to rest. she obviously just came off set but she shouldve changes clothes……………..

  • Alexis

    Also why do taylor look so mean? Or mad? i mean seriously, crack a smile for the fans sake or something. he just looks so mean lately, just like in those candids. Or is this just me?

  • naylah

    I agree!!! A lot of young actresses would love to be there!!! and Kristen looks like she’s forced to do God! she’s an awful actress, she cant act!! in the whole movie she’s shaking like she does in interviews!!!!
    And Nikki reed, I like her honestly she looks sweet, but lets face it, she doesnt look like Rosalie at ALL!!!! Shes pretty but she’s not one of the most beautiful women in the world!! I think she’s in this project because she ‘s very close with Catherine Hardwicke.

  • lola

    it looks like they did n,t want to go there no smiling nothing
    dont like kristen she have no tast (in close) she cant act she looks always like this way and she is not sexy / beautiful is she like 80 years old?

  • http://jjj colourful_wind95

    i don’t like kristen very much here. may be it’s just her scary look sometimes…dk

  • rachel

    why does kristen stewart look like such a creeep!

  • rachel

    wow. some of you are being kinda harsh. she probably just left the set and didn’t feel like. so what who cares! tht’s just the type of person she is. i love kristen stewart and twilight!!!

  • Mariana

    I don’t like her as an actress…

  • annie

    She looks like she doesn’t give a sh*t.
    She needs to know when not to dress casual and when to pretty herself up.

  • cassie

    omg the twilight cast are full crap
    kristen is fruckingg drug acting who looks high like half of the time
    robert is sooo ugly

    i mean telling mags that ur dad said that u cant date but still manage to go on a lunch date with ur ex gf on SELENA’S bday = what jackass move!

  • kary

    kristen rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stephanie

    They look like 3 people who were there because it said they had to in their contract… which is in fact the only reason why they were there…

  • vanessa

    I agree kristen looks like a creep.
    and she looks stoned EVERYTIMEE!!
    She scares me

  • Helen

    ugh I knew i should have tried harder to get my mom to move to California lol

    I love them

  • http://JUSTJAREDJUNIORS megan


  • yvett


    where can we i see that video

  • Shannon

    ommmggggg best thing of my entire life!!!! they are seriously so modest and funny and I was laughing the whole time and the two New Moon scenes they showed were AAAMMMAAZZZINNGGGG! I cant wait for it to come out!!! So worth the 28 hours in line!

    When asked about the Quilette people he said
    “I was talking to one of the boys and was asking him what he liked to do and he said he liked to go to the beach and play football and I asked him what he did at the beach and he said he checked out girls. I think we have a lot in common.” (realized what he said and they all start laughing) “Scratch that out, pretend I didn’t say that.”

    It was sooooo cute

  • alex

    thats probably coz taylor looks like he’s being pushed over to the side. check out every pic with the huge gap bet. him and kStwrt, all snuggling towards RPatz…

  • jordan

    she is such abeautiful girl but this joan jett role has just ruined her appearance.
    Her hair looks like some fluffy dog or something sitting on her head.

  • http://justjaredjr simnel

    she looks soooooooooo ugly

  • rozza

    they look bored as hell and in the video footage they looked really bored kristen i couldnt understand her at all taylor and robert were ok
    but didnt look like they wanted to be there

  • Nathalee

    GAG kristen is gross.

  • Nathalee


    agreed. xP

  • Nathalee


    omg you totally just took the words out of my mouth. lol C:

  • caroline

    LOL, I love how Taylor looks the perfect picture of great role model guy straight A’s and the other two look so perfectly drug-addicted. Compared to Taylor, they might as well be injecting heroin every hour! It looks so darn funny.

  • http://- blair

    Kristen is a good role model,and it’s really beautiful from her that she cut her hair for the role just say one more actress who would do that! Besides it doesn’t matter what’s on the outside…and I still love her and more than before because she’s such a good person!Give her a break,stupid haters.

  • Yasemin

    I think Kristens look isn´t so beautiful, but she shows that she´s a real actress, who can act all her roles perfectly.