Zac Efron & Amanda Crew: Love Interests!

Zac Efron & Amanda Crew: Love Interests!

Zac Efron steps out in a pair of Cr8ative Recreation kicks as he gets friendly with fellow castmates during an evening stroll around the dock in Vancouver, Canada on Wednesday (July 22).

The 21-year-old actor, who is currently filming The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud, was seen chatting with Amanda Crew, who plays his love interest in the new movie.

Zac and his new pals took a boat ride across the bay to a restaurant for a special dinner. More pictures at JJ!!!

Last week, Mr. Efron was seen wearing a wet suit and taking several boat rides to prepare for his new flick.

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Credit: Beetham/Chiang ; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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diana @ 11:56 am on 07/23/2009

hello hottie. (;

Risa @ 11:57 am on 07/23/2009

He’s so hot!

doll1223445 @ 11:58 am on 07/23/2009


Lauren @ 11:59 am on 07/23/2009

wow, hot! :D

Sarah @ 12:00 pm on 07/23/2009

Zac looks just great! :D

zacefronishot @ 12:01 pm on 07/23/2009

sexy beast!! vote for zanessa at tca!!! <33 love ya zac!!

michelle @ 12:01 pm on 07/23/2009

i miss zanessa!

VOTE FOR ZAC @ 12:03 pm on 07/23/2009


Zac Efron's #1 fan @ 12:05 pm on 07/23/2009

Zac looks great.

Gabriela Aroca @ 12:05 pm on 07/23/2009


jo @ 12:08 pm on 07/23/2009

finally. lookin good zac!

VOte for zanessa ! @ 12:09 pm on 07/23/2009


NiNi @ 12:09 pm on 07/23/2009

mister sexy :] damn he looks really hot

ryanefron @ 12:13 pm on 07/23/2009

aw he looks so good. i love him.

Marie @ 12:16 pm on 07/23/2009

Zac is going to be great in this movie. Can’t wait to see Zac in his First Sex Sence.

maichi @ 12:19 pm on 07/23/2009

I can’t wait for Zac’s new movies.
But, I’m itching to watch Vanessa’s projects as well!

My god, Vanessa’s too lucky. Zac is so hott. :)

- @ 12:20 pm on 07/23/2009

he’s gonna have a sex scene?
heee is soooo hot , keeep voting guys!

loveLY @ 12:20 pm on 07/23/2009


I can’t wait to see him and Amanda on set together doing whatever they are doing. So excited for D&L!

zanessaforever @ 12:20 pm on 07/23/2009

i hope people wont start making things about them too.
its like Vanessa and Alex went out for lunch, there going out for dinner :)
but just hope zanessa are still together, but there most probably are most probably just to get to know each other better :D

Sofia @ 12:21 pm on 07/23/2009

Amanda is confirmed!;D
i’m soooooo happy, definally she’s the best choice for Tess!:D

maichi @ 12:21 pm on 07/23/2009

I know I sound selfish but I don’t want him in any other sex scene that isn’t with Vanessa.


ZJBADVCMST @ 12:21 pm on 07/23/2009

@Marie: What???
i srsly love u zac,ur allllllllllllllll my life <3

maichi @ 12:21 pm on 07/23/2009


maichi @ 12:22 pm on 07/23/2009


maichi @ 12:28 pm on 07/23/2009

I want Zanessa posts…


maichi @ 12:28 pm on 07/23/2009

Oh my goodness. :(

I keep making typos.


i love vanessa @ 12:28 pm on 07/23/2009

wow, hes so amazing !!
Cant wait for this movie,
love him <3

gracemarie @ 12:29 pm on 07/23/2009


First of all there is no guarentee the sex scene will be anythingh more than fade to black since we don’t know what Rating they are going for.

Secondly it’s a movie I think he knows the difference between that and real ife with his rea love. He’s on the phone in one pix maybe with V who knows. she’ll be in Vancouner soon anyway.

the fame @ 12:30 pm on 07/23/2009

can’t wait for zanessa candids when both start filming in vancouver

lizA @ 12:33 pm on 07/23/2009

theres a sex scene??? omfg zac ‘!!! :D hes so hot, too hot!

Marie @ 12:34 pm on 07/23/2009

I Really can’t wait too See Zac in his first sex scene.

Zac Efron's #1 fan @ 12:35 pm on 07/23/2009


Yes there is one in the book.

Zac Efron's #1 fan @ 12:39 pm on 07/23/2009


I Totally agree with you on everything you said.

gaby @ 12:40 pm on 07/23/2009

why hello there sexyyy!
i cant wait to see this movie. i lOVED the book!

i love vanessa @ 12:42 pm on 07/23/2009

I cant wait till Vanessa get in Vancouver and we might get some Zanessa Candids :D
Does anybody know ehen she is going there? x

jenny @ 12:43 pm on 07/23/2009

in the book The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud speech that sex scenes with Tess Carroll? I believe that if there is indeed sex scene has to change the type of public

vanessa has to be alert because according to vanessa said zac it is a womanizer with the girls, that this love will not be trnaspase screens in well with hsm.

I hope this girl does not target between zac and vanessa, because there are women who do not respect, but with a clear example of angelina brad in the film they made together. I hope that now the press does not begin to speculate a love between them.

amanda crew this is ugly someone knows more about life from her.

Eugenia @ 12:44 pm on 07/23/2009

OMG sex esene???

Zac Efron's #1 fan @ 12:44 pm on 07/23/2009


I Thinking the rating will Be PG-13 I don’t think The Rating will be R.

Zac Efron's #1 fan @ 12:46 pm on 07/23/2009


You need a life.

jenny @ 12:47 pm on 07/23/2009

both by the scandal of sex scene do not even know if it is true or false because we do not know how to target public, and always remember to modify the scripts are not exactly what the book says

saudia @ 12:50 pm on 07/23/2009

love Amanda Crew !!

Zac Efron's #1 fan @ 12:50 pm on 07/23/2009


are you telling me that you really believe that when Zac has a sex scene in a movie that he is chearting on Vanessa. How Dumb are you.

.... @ 12:50 pm on 07/23/2009

@maichi: i know, it just feels weird that he might have a sex scene with a girl that’s not ness. =( I hope they change that in the movie, though if he does i hopr it’s awkward =P

caron @ 12:52 pm on 07/23/2009

oh sweet jeebus :P

jenny @ 12:52 pm on 07/23/2009

I do not like this title Zac Efron & Amanda Crew: Love Canada! he has published in justjared

Alexia @ 12:52 pm on 07/23/2009

@jenny: you make my head hurt, no offence

Zac Efron's #1 fan @ 12:55 pm on 07/23/2009


Get over it.

jenny @ 12:58 pm on 07/23/2009

I said vanessa must be alert to this girl, because I see him steal boyfriends face

Zac Efron's #1 fan @ 12:58 pm on 07/23/2009


Zac Efron's #1 fan @ 12:59 pm on 07/23/2009


Stop with Drama.

Malee @ 12:59 pm on 07/23/2009

Hot hot hot!
He gets hotter each day!
Vanessa’s soooo lucky…
And who cares if there;s a sex scene anyways?
It’s not real or anything..!

zanessa-for-life-fan @ 1:01 pm on 07/23/2009

Hottie! He looks great!
GO ZAC!!!!!

Zac Efron's #1 fan @ 1:01 pm on 07/23/2009


So true.

Katie G! @ 1:02 pm on 07/23/2009

@jenny: i don’t even understand you. Your stupid.

She’s cute =) i hope they become good friends, cause you know it is possible to become friends with a costar of the opposite sex even if you have a girlfriend. I can already see the rumors over this. jeesh.

anyways he looks hot =) as always i love the one where he’s smiling and looking down.

I miss Z&V but also Vanessa =) hope we get some stuff later

Zac Efron's #1 fan @ 1:04 pm on 07/23/2009

@Katie G!:

I Totally agree.

sheila @ 1:05 pm on 07/23/2009

jenny, you are falling right into the trap that this post has set for you. do you not see that this is what the post was intended to do? get people trying to see something that isn’t there and spike up the hits on this site by getting fans to fight over it? all this is is people from the cast and probably their assistants having an evening off together.

last night a big fireworks competition got started in vancovuer. my feeling is that they were all headed out on a boat to watch the fireworks. of course, jj jr is trying to imply something with the “special dinner.” don’t get sucked in….use your brains.

#57 @ 1:11 pm on 07/23/2009

Waitt. theres gonna be a sex scene? thats gonna be very hott. lol. and he looks gorgeous as ever =D

Zac Efron's #1 fan @ 1:13 pm on 07/23/2009


Jenny How come in every Zac thread you being up Vanessa. This thread as nothing to do with Vanessa and Zac’s Love Life. This as to do with Zac’s new movie and his career. btw Stop with the Drama.

jenny @ 1:18 pm on 07/23/2009

I bet all you want that between zac and amanda will be more than a friendship , all this time who will be filming the movie together. and zac has every right to know other people because they are not committed or married to vanessa. after it and give me the reason. definitely that zac and vanessa should do well separated both can enjoy with others. and is not for nothing but I think that zanessa is no more, to me than they have been separated and I’m not kidding

vanessa deserves to go out with other guys like zac

gracemarie @ 1:21 pm on 07/23/2009

@Zac Efron’s #1 fan:

He was probably on the phone with V. Anyway if they are going for PG13 the sex scene isn’t going to be graphic.

And give him a little credit he’s been in movies with pretty girls before he knows his own heart and this girl is no V but she seems perfect for this movie

Zac Efron's #1 fan @ 1:27 pm on 07/23/2009


Thanks Gracemarie. @jenny:

Jenny Zac is not dating Amanda Crew they are just doing a movie together it is all. OMG You are really stupid.

Zac Efron's #1 fan @ 1:28 pm on 07/23/2009

Jenny one more thing Zac is Happy in those Pictures. Do you think if he dumped his girlfriend he would be happy I don’t think so. Get a life loser.

Ellyne @ 1:31 pm on 07/23/2009

Guys all need too chill. If there is a sex scene im looking forward too it. lol But its not real, its scripted just like kissing in movies. Just because he has a sex scene does not mean hes cheating or hes gonna fall in Love with this girl O.o Chill Jenny. lol

K @ 1:31 pm on 07/23/2009

He’s so hot!!!

Keep voting for him and Vanessa for TCA!

Zac Efron's #1 fan @ 1:33 pm on 07/23/2009


I Totally true.

zvlover @ 1:34 pm on 07/23/2009

and zac is wearing is neckles!!!

Missvan @ 1:34 pm on 07/23/2009

What the hell he’s doing?:\
What about Vanessa?They’re still dating or not?

Zac Efron's #1 fan @ 1:34 pm on 07/23/2009

People Let Jenny Start her Drama we Zac and Vanessa fan know whats real.

Zac Efron's #1 fan @ 1:35 pm on 07/23/2009

People this just for a moive.

zvlover @ 1:35 pm on 07/23/2009

yeah… and zac is wearing his neckles!!! so… i think everything is fine!!!

Ellyne @ 1:36 pm on 07/23/2009

@Missvan: thats his co star -_- yes their still dating.

Ellyne @ 1:37 pm on 07/23/2009

@zvlover: how would that make everything fine? lol im confused

bibi @ 1:40 pm on 07/23/2009

Lol! This is the subject that Jenny was waiting for Forever! You must be satisfied now! You’re so precictable, troublemaker! And no Jenny, the press is not going to do anything since you’re doing the spread so well just by yourself! and what? almost 7 posts just from you! Keep it up, we know who you are really hidding behind a fake broken english…you’ll get tired one day.

Anyway, Zac looks really good here and I am happy with the choice of Tess, she is pretty. Good for them to hang out to get to know each other better. We need a good chemistry. Go Zac!

me. @ 1:41 pm on 07/23/2009

ugh. he’s so freakin’ hot.

Zac Efron Fan @ 1:41 pm on 07/23/2009


I Totally agree.

Zac Efron Fan @ 1:43 pm on 07/23/2009

Zac is going to be great in this movie. Can’t wait to see how Zac will move way from Musicals.

amy @ 1:44 pm on 07/23/2009

Yay! He looks AMAZING (l)

Ellyne @ 1:45 pm on 07/23/2009

@bibi: Does Jenny do this a lot or something? hahaha

Zac Efron's #1 fan @ 1:46 pm on 07/23/2009


Yes she does.

Ellyne @ 1:48 pm on 07/23/2009

@Zac Efron’s #1 fan: Whyy? whats the point. she must really want Zac and Vanessa too break up. thats weird.

Irene @ 1:52 pm on 07/23/2009

I can’t wait to see him and Amanda i the moviee
this is gonna be AMAZING!

Zac Efron's #1 fan @ 1:52 pm on 07/23/2009


I have no idea. why Jenny does whats she does.

gracemarie @ 1:56 pm on 07/23/2009

We need to stop feeding Jenny’s issiues and I will admit JJ title is a disppointment I thought he liked ZV.

Well I’m also sorry to see all of you bracing yourselves for the Zac rumors. Vanessa has been on set with a very attractive, sexy man but there has not been one hint of gossip or rumors. That’s interesting.

Well if V is going to be VAncouver too the haters and gossips are going to have to work really hard to make something up.

- @ 1:57 pm on 07/23/2009

jenny is such a drama queen just ignore here and let here do what she want no one belives it anyway! please keep voting!

- @ 1:58 pm on 07/23/2009


dina @ 1:58 pm on 07/23/2009

Zac your such a gorgeous guy ;-)

I just finished reading this book and it was so good, loved it!! and yes there is a sex scene in the book, i think there is like 2 of them lol

So can’t wait to see this movie, the book was so touching, can’t to see how zac does in this emotional movie, i’m sure he will be great ;-)

Zac Efron's #1 fan @ 2:00 pm on 07/23/2009


So true.

jenny @ 2:00 pm on 07/23/2009

@ bibi

for such reason I say that zac and vanessa must follow ways separated

♥ Annie :D @ 2:01 pm on 07/23/2009

OMG! He’s so hot & gorgeous !
Zac! i love you♥

Zac Efron's #1 fan @ 2:03 pm on 07/23/2009


give a rest already.

Ellyne @ 2:03 pm on 07/23/2009

@gracemarie: exactly lol. It means their Love interest in the movie. thats their characters Love interests. Ehh, Vanessas costar isnt all that Zacs sexier. no offence lol.

Ellyne @ 2:05 pm on 07/23/2009

@Zac Efron’s #1 fan: JENNY SHUT UP. no one cares what you think or want. jeez. stop already. go tell someone who cares seriously. Clearly Zac and Vanessa arent breaking up anytime soon, sorry too burst your bubble but seriously get over it.

jenny @ 2:05 pm on 07/23/2009

@ dina

but when they make films and they are based on books modify always it, not always they do what the book says

I am no leido but as and the scenes are hot or with kisses or she only includes bed and without clothes

Ellyne @ 2:06 pm on 07/23/2009

@jenny: JENNY SHUT UP. no one cares what you think or want. jeez. stop already. go tell someone who cares seriously. Clearly Zac and Vanessa arent breaking up anytime soon, sorry too burst your bubble but seriously get over it.*** first one was wrong person lol

Sofia @ 2:07 pm on 07/23/2009

te amo Zac!

pink sugar @ 2:08 pm on 07/23/2009

Zac is looks hot in plaid.

@jenny: Go away. Stop coming to Zac or Vanessa threads because you are not a fan of either one.

Alexia @ 2:10 pm on 07/23/2009

@jenny: Jenny bb, go out and get laid or something. Please

Ellyne @ 2:12 pm on 07/23/2009

@Alexia: LMFAO! I agree there.

svenja** @ 2:12 pm on 07/23/2009


dina @ 2:24 pm on 07/23/2009


Jenny you need to seriously chill out!! its a movie, thats what co-stars do in movies, they kiss each other and have love scenes, its just a movie its not real its called ACTING! How old are you seriously, you sound crazy for real!!!

NAKYTA @ 2:28 pm on 07/23/2009

HII zac is OKAAY but not that fit and u lot may think looks are all that but is not because zac mite look gd but he anit he has been messing about with megan fox and flirting infrount of vanessa poor vanessa man like she dnt diserve this he dnt even love her noo more by the looks of it because he messes about 247 with other girls ! ZAC GET UR HEAD OUT UR ARS AND START THINKING STRAIGHT STAY WITH VANESSA IF I COULD WRITE THAT ANY BIGGER I WOULD DONT BE A FOOL STAY IN SKOOL I LOVE ROBERT PATASON !!! HE IS SEXII

Zanessa4ever @ 2:30 pm on 07/23/2009

Okay this is weird but I always get nervous when Zac has a new movie with other girls I know i’m probably gunna get yelled at for saying that but i do its like i’m scared that he will fiind someone he likes better then Vanessa if I could just get some Zanessa pics I would feel SOOOOOO much better!!!!

hiiiiiiiiiiiiii @ 2:31 pm on 07/23/2009

hes so hot i miss zanessa vote for him

Ellyne @ 2:32 pm on 07/23/2009

@NAKYTA: ARE YOU SERIOUS? do you honestly believe everything you read on the internet? HAA. thats funny the story came out of the nation Enquirer the biggest lying magazing to come out, your pathetic if you believe all you hear and read. Zac Loves vanessa its obvious. You guys are all pathetic for going off like this. **** if your not a fan **** off. dont come on here and talk trash your all judgmental and rude. seriously NAKYTA? your the one who needs to get your head out of your ass and stop believe all the **** you read =] Kthanks.

Ellyne @ 2:33 pm on 07/23/2009

@Zanessa4ever: LMFAO!! i do too. kinda. BUT. you can tell their in love =]

Nicole @ 2:34 pm on 07/23/2009

i thought they would choose someone prettier for the character of Tess since she is suppose to be beautiful? Zac looks good, though!

zac efron love @ 2:35 pm on 07/23/2009

our zac is growing up awww vote for him we have the power!

Karen @ 2:36 pm on 07/23/2009

STOP IT, STOP IT RIGHT NOW! I’m sure you can understand that much. If you cannot understand what you read and cannot make yourself understood clearly then don’t comment here. Get someone to help you read and to write. This is ridiculous what you get started here. And might I add that any of us who respond to her are just as bad. if she is what and who she says she is then she isn’t getting one thing you people are saying in response to her—she proves that again and again. AND IF she is playing all of us and is a phony then she isn’t worth the effort in trying to set her straight as she is only laughing at everyone in that case. Let’s pretend she isn’t on the board and she will go away or she can go through and read other people’s comments and try to figure it out as it doesn’t seem to do any good to try to explain.

The way the people on the JJJ site has written the caption to the pictures it is clear they are only going for hits anyway. It is clear that Zac and his fellow castmates are merely getting to know each other as they are going to be working together. It is obvious there is nothing going on that is out of the way here!

And Jared will you please get this website straightened out? I have had nothing but trouble with it for nearly 2 weeks and I know others have also.

zac efron love @ 2:36 pm on 07/23/2009

why did justjared put zac top3 for top celbs

ana @ 2:42 pm on 07/23/2009

i agree with you

jenny: seriously stop starting stupid drama and this is a zac post so Vanessa should not be in it ,guys can have friends of the opposite sex and so can girls without having some idiot start things by saying oh they are going out blah blah blah get some help really

but anyway he looks hot and i hope they become friends and good luck on the movie

Ellyne @ 2:45 pm on 07/23/2009

My opinion too all this.
people shouldnt believe everything they read I honestly dont think Zacs messing around with any other girls, he seems pretty loyal too vanessa their in Love. you can tell. and its adorable. hopefully they last forever, personally if you think about it who else can you really picture them with their perfect =],

But you shouldnt come on here saying rude comments about either of them, or saying you want them too break up, or calling Zac names. its rude and judgemental if your not as fan keep it to yourself. this is just a movie, it happens in movies its acting you kiss, make Love. all sorts of things but its fake.

and for you. Zac is very fit =D.. and very sexy. and he seems like a sweetheart.

Zanessa will surely last a long time, dont start dramam on here its useless seriously. uncalled for and immature =]

jenny @ 2:50 pm on 07/23/2009

Zac Efron left arrow by amanda make a lovely couple, zac not attend TCA this years that sad

zanessaforever @ 2:52 pm on 07/23/2009

why isnt he attending? :O

zanessaforever @ 2:53 pm on 07/23/2009

dayuum, hot as always. :)
vanessa will be in vancouver soon as well to start filming her movie, sucker punch.
so JJJ, pls post pics of zanessa together in vancouver asap! love them both! ♥

sheila @ 2:54 pm on 07/23/2009

jenny take some f***ing english lessons. find a website in your own language.

jenny @ 3:01 pm on 07/23/2009

when vanessa start recording sucker punch, zac you’ve finished The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud. vanessa but have to travel to Vancouver in August for the preproduction. Despite that sp starts in September

jasmine @ 3:05 pm on 07/23/2009


ZJBADVCMST @ 3:05 pm on 07/23/2009

come on every1,zanessa is still strong so dont care what ppl say…but just dont be toooooooooooo obssesed with them,if oneday they break up,which they will not,dont think that its the end of the world,if u really love them both so u have 2 be happy with whatever they think its the best 4 them

gracemarie @ 3:05 pm on 07/23/2009


Why aren’t you worried V will find someone else – this idea that somehow every woman on earth wants Zac but that Vanessa is easily replaceable is very offensive and make me wonder about some who claim to be V fans

Ellyne @ 3:06 pm on 07/23/2009

Zacs not going to the at the TCAs this year?? That blows. and Zacs gonna be there until the end of august. Vanessa heads there soon when shes dont with BandSlam in NY.

xoxzanessaluvxox @ 3:08 pm on 07/23/2009

@Ellyne: aww really :( I really wanted him to be there, especially with him having so many nominations. It’s just not the same when he’s not there.

CUTIE @ 3:09 pm on 07/23/2009


jasmine @ 3:11 pm on 07/23/2009

im feeling zamanda comming to the picture XD yay!!! I KNEW IT I KNEW IT I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!! I KNEW AMANDA WOULD PLAY TESS XD

Karen @ 3:12 pm on 07/23/2009

If you believe Zac has been messing around with Megan Fox then you are just as stupid as jenny and frankly I suspect you are only here bringing up that situation to start trouble. If Zac was at Pace’s that night it was probably Vanessa that was with him since she came into town about then. But some claim he wasn’t even in LA that night and we DO have pictures of him elsewhere for a friend’s birthday around that time. BUT we have NO pictures or proof he was with Megan. Now drop it. Whatever it was or wasn’t it didn’t seem to make any difference to Vanessa who looked fine in their pictures together over the 4th of July weekend.

You have got to stop with that attitude. How do you think Zac or even Vanessa are going to have a successful career if they are never in a movie with some good looking actress/actor who will play their romantic interest in a movie? For crying out loud if there is some girl or some guy that is out there which one or the other is going to like better than each other they will eventually find that person anyway—they won’t even need to be in a movie together. You either really love and are committed or you aren’t. Just because you are around someone who is attractive and the opposite sex doesn’t mean you will fall for that person. Zac and Vanessa can’t live in some little cave away from other people just because of YOUR fear and lack of faith in them… I certainly hope they don’t read the blog—how humiliating that would be for them!

Zac was just getting together with Vanessa when he went off to film Hairspray. She went off to do the HSM tour. They were separated for months. We may not be too worried that he had to kiss Nikki Blonsky but if you remember he kissed Brittany Snow more than once and she is very good friends with Vanessa and Zac even now and hangs out with them a lot. Zac was seen with her just a few weeks ago while Vanessa was in Montreal. Also, he kissed Allison Miller who played the young Scarlett in 17 Again and it was a pretty romantic kiss. I was surprised nobody even mentioned it. He kissed Leslie Mann so just because he will be working with Amanda means nothing. You people may not understand the business and that is probably why you have not chosen this profession like Zac and Vanessa have. You all may not be too worried that Vanessa is going to be kissing Gaelan more than once in Bandslam but she is with some hot sexy guy now filming where I’m sure she will be seen kissing him on screen so stop doing this. It isn’t fair that you people are trying to demand them to be together because that is what you want. It ultimately has to be their choice and we have to have faith in them. They seem to be doing just fine without fans butting into their lives.

xoxzanessaluvxox @ 3:13 pm on 07/23/2009

@Karen: Aghh my last comment got deleted. Anyway, I agree with you, as always. Firstly, Everyone is blowing the sex scene thing way out of proportion. This is his career, his job, not his personnal life. Its not as if he is doing it to spite his girlfriend. Jenny is just trying to stir something, as is Jared with that title. However, they have got what they wanted & thats hits. I also agree with you that the site needs sorting, I have also been having problems. Sometimes the site is very slow and wont load, other times I can’t get on at all.
Finally, Zac looks really good. I love his hair.

Katty @ 3:15 pm on 07/23/2009

I don’t think Zac is the kind to cheat. And, to all those who are worried, Vanessa will be down there in, like, less than a month. She’s in Montreal with Alex, and you aren’t all saying she is going to cheat! Okay, some of you are, but you guys should have more faith in Z and V. Obviously they love each other, and won’t let their love interests on screen affect their real lives. It is just a movie, guys. And, I don’t think every woman in the world is going to want to steal V from Z.
First of all, we would all probably hate her because that is shady.
Second of all, we would all probably be mad at him for cheating because that is a horrible thing for anyone to go through, especially when you are togetehr for four years, and he gave a commitment ring to V.
I don’t think much is going on, and it’s not like they are really alone, there are castmates around, and even if they did go out alone, that is good. They need to get to know each other because they are live interests. Alex and V went out alone, and they are still together.
Chill people.

Katty @ 3:17 pm on 07/23/2009

AND, in pic 5, you can see that there is a chain on, and that could the matching necklace him and V have. I’m not saying that it is, I’m saying that it could be. You never know.

zanessaforever @ 3:19 pm on 07/23/2009


well said. loved it! so true… :)

zanessaforever @ 3:23 pm on 07/23/2009

have faith in Zac and Vanessa.
Zanessa forever!! <3

Ellyne @ 3:23 pm on 07/23/2009

@xoxzanessaluvxox: Thats what i’ve been hearing, and I knowww. i really wanted him too be there too, i know i agree. hopefully he does go

zanessaforever @ 3:24 pm on 07/23/2009

have faith in Zac and Vanessa.
zanessa forever!! <33

pink sugar @ 3:28 pm on 07/23/2009

Some of you people need a reality check. Zac and Vanessa are fine; they will both be in Vancouver in shooting their separate movies. They will bond with their cast mates and they will spend time together. Neither one needs to bother with immature fans(regardless of their age) so whether are a defender of Zac, Vanessa or hater (with a lot of free time), please keep your insecurities to yourselves.

BTW: Jenny, I hope your computer freezes.

Karen @ 3:29 pm on 07/23/2009

My last comment to zanessa4ever was meant to say that Zac has kissed several actresses in his other movies and even before he and Vanessa were as involved as they are not with each other but he ALWAYS returned to Vanessa because that’s who he wanted. Do you understand?

Also, when there were pictures of Alex and Vanessa together some tried to insinuate they were getting cozy too. That is just silly and not fair—actually it is lying.

But as far as it always seeming to be that Zac is cheating on Vanessa—that’s what we usually read in the gossip—it is simply because that’s the way Hollywood usually makes it out to be. I guess it is the old fashion idea that the guy is more prone to be enticed away like a guy has no resistance or something. It makes it sound more tragic somehow—you know the sweet trusting girl being two-timed by the skirt chasing guy. People need to stop being so gullible. I swear some of the gossip people need to write some movie scripts, what DRAMA!!! I think Jared and his people should consider becoming writers for some B-movies.

Ellyne @ 3:29 pm on 07/23/2009

@Katty: I couldnt agree more. guys a sex scene doesnt mean anything. good for Zac though getting into more grown up rolls his career is going to go far, you can tell, and Yes, Zac and vanessa are in Love its way too obvious. People need too stop. Zac doesnt seem like the type too cheat. everything Karen just said is correct. people come on now. just stop. seriously. And yes If they read these, I feel bad for them, its embarassing. Soo Sorry Zac and Vanessa LMFAO! their both amazing though, and people need too stop dragging them down. its their lives not ours.

Ellyne @ 3:30 pm on 07/23/2009

@Karen: I couldnt agree more. guys a sex scene doesnt mean anything. good for Zac though getting into more grown up rolls his career is going to go far, you can tell, and Yes, Zac and vanessa are in Love its way too obvious. People need too stop. Zac doesnt seem like the type too cheat. everything Karen just said is correct. people come on now. just stop. seriously. And yes If they read these, I feel bad for them, its embarassing. Soo Sorry Zac and Vanessa LMFAO! their both amazing though, and people need too stop dragging them down. its their lives not ours.


Ellyne @ 3:31 pm on 07/23/2009

@Katty: AWEE they have matching necklaces too? thats soo frikin cutee

jenny @ 3:31 pm on 07/23/2009


compared nikki with amanda, clearly amanda wins

then they will realize what I said about zanessa, zac and vanessa have broken up

No more zanessa, now zamanda


gracemarie @ 3:35 pm on 07/23/2009

Get a life or at least go away from here. You are beyond stupid there are no words for an idiot like you

pink sugar @ 3:35 pm on 07/23/2009


Please go take your meds and leave rational people alone.

Ellyne @ 3:37 pm on 07/23/2009

@jenny: LMFAOO! are you honestly that stupid Jenny? I mean come on now. how would you even know that? let me guess.. your their friend or something? Crazy. Their not broken up stupid they were just together on the 4th of july. all touchy feely. so seriously get a life =D

sheila @ 3:37 pm on 07/23/2009

zac and vanessa may be two very public people and many of their fans might be obsessed with their relationship but they themselves do not govern their relationship for the public’s pleasure. it will be very necessary for zac to spend time with amanda so that they can generate something that will hopefully be believable on screen. this particular time, they happened to be with burr steers and probably their personal assistants but i’m sure they will also spend time alone (gasp) whether its just to chill or perhaps to discuss certains scenes. i’m sure zac is well aware of the furor that erupts over him being seen with his co-star but that’s just something he knows is part of the deal. vanessa knows it too. he’s not going to alter what he needs or wants to do for the sake of the movie because of the stories the tabloids might or might not create. zac and vanessa know what’s what between them and as zac so aptly said, “everyone else can just keep their noses out.”

Ellyne @ 3:38 pm on 07/23/2009

@sheila: I agree with you. thats very true. its a must have thing. he has to get too know her. I dont get why everyones freaking out over it, its a a movie. their gonna become friends. it happens.

Zac Efron's #1 fan @ 3:39 pm on 07/23/2009


Jenny for the last time Zac and Vanessa did not break up. get a life. Everbody this Jenny person is driving me crazy.

cindy @ 3:39 pm on 07/23/2009


In the words from the character who played “Janet” in the TV show Friends, ” OOOOHHH MY GOOOOD!”

Ellyne @ 3:40 pm on 07/23/2009

@cindy: LMFAO! that made me laugh xD

awurbii @ 3:42 pm on 07/23/2009

I have to agree. Why does everyone believe that everybody is going to make a leap for Zac Efron. There are actors. It it their job to play love interests. If they have to do a sex scene, it is not that big of a deal because they are acting.

There are many beautiful actresses in Hollywood matter of fact, pretty much all of Hollywood is beautiful. But you don’t see people dumping their boyfriends and girlfriends for somebody else just because they are “hot”. They are more mature than that.

I also find it a little offensive that Vanessa is so disregarded. It’s like Zac is some kind of god and Vanessa needs to be worried about every female co-star he works with. No disrespect to Zac , I am a huge fan but not every actress is interested in hooking up with him. They are there to do their job.

Have you noticed that nobody seems to have these worries about Vanessa? It’s like she’s not important. Vanessa is gorgeous but you don’t see anybody making assumptions that her male co-stars will jump for her. I can see where some people stand in their commitment to Zac and Vanessa. Zac and Vanessa are on the same level in their relationship and peole need to understand that.

Karen is right. You need to give Zac more respect than that. You guys seem to be forgetting that he is an ACTOR. He has a good head on his shoulders and he knows what he is doing as an actor. He has made many co-stars in the past and nothing has happened. What makes you think something is going to happen now??

On to something positive. I am really excited for this movie. It sounds great and even though I haven’t read the book the story sounds like it has been written well. I am probably the only person you’ll find who wasn’t so crazy about 17 Again. I’m also the only fan you’ll find who can not care any less about how “hot” he is because in my opinion it seems to be the only thing people care about. I think he deserves more respect than that, he is a talented actor. 17 again to me it was just another teenage film but this is different. I can’t wait to see Zac step into more serious work and show his talent as an actor. In my opinion, this is the kind of job he should have been doing in the first place but obviously he has prove himself first.

Zac Efron's #1 fan @ 3:44 pm on 07/23/2009


Alright now Jenny I am going to be rude. You are a idiot and A loser with no life. To think that Zac would dumb Vanessa for Amanda Crew that is just being Stupid. Have you thought this Amanda may have a boyfriend and you saying what you are saying is hurting this girl. Amanda as done nothing to you.

Zac Efron's #1 fan @ 3:44 pm on 07/23/2009


Alright now Jenny I am going to be rude. You are a idiot and A loser with no life. To think that Zac would dumb Vanessa for Amanda Crew that is just being Stupid. Have you thought this Amanda may have a boyfriend and you saying what you are saying is hurting this girl. Amanda as done nothing to you.

Ellyne @ 3:45 pm on 07/23/2009

@awurbii: Your so righttt. Vanessa is gorgeous, and everyones just worried about Zac I dont get it? I mean Zac is very Gorgeous, but like you said he has a good head on his shoulders and him and Vanessa are in Love. They’ll be fine. chill guys. theres gonna be way more movies in the future where they have Love interests Just Acting. thats their jobs. anyways. this movie sounds really good. and I hope it does well. I love Zacc

Missvan @ 3:45 pm on 07/23/2009

The only way that we can know if Zanessa still dating is if Zac will go with Nessa to Bandslam Premiere next month.

Ellyne @ 3:46 pm on 07/23/2009

@Missvan: Thats not the only way, if hes busy he cant. that doesnt mean their not dating. Im pretty sure they still are.

bibi @ 3:50 pm on 07/23/2009

Well said Karen as always. I like how you pointed out all the girls that Z had to kiss during all his movies so far and yet he is still with V. That should say a lot for those who want to see what’s REAL between Z and V, for the insecure ones, well can’t help you. Just open your eyes!

Movie=movie, not Reality so do not read what’s not there and you’ll be just fine. Zac will spend time with his costar(s), make good scenes and give us a great movie at the end and go on with his life. So far so good Zac! Peace everyone.

HMM @ 3:50 pm on 07/23/2009

@Marie: Not that it matters but I’m not sure this will be his first sex scene. Isn’t the whole premise behind MAOW that he’s hired by Mr. Wells and then falls in love with his cast mate and ultimately loses his virginity to her? The cast mate (Claire Daines) is also Wells’ girlfriend which is why they say he learns the downside of crossing Wells. I obviously haven’t seen the movie but I’ve always thought that was the story line. If any one knows differently please share –

Jenny I’ve been reading posts for some time now and you really need to take the lesson every one is trying to share. You can’t trust every thing you read and repeating things that aren’t true makes you no better than those that print them in the first place. You sound very young but it’s never to early to learn that rumors can be very hurtful to people . . . if you’re not young . . . shame on you for not knowing better already.

He looks great in these pictures and I’m glad he’s getting to know the cast.

Missvan @ 3:50 pm on 07/23/2009

@Ellyne: yeah,but if Zac really cares Vanessa,he will go.after all,she’s his girlfriend and he loves her so that’s more important that any work.I’m sure Vanessa will be happy if Zac will come and support her.

Zac Efron's #1 fan @ 3:51 pm on 07/23/2009


So true.

Zac Efron's #1 fan @ 3:54 pm on 07/23/2009


There is a fade To black in Me and Orson welles so no there is no sex scene in Me and Orson Welles.

jenny @ 3:55 pm on 07/23/2009

@ Missvan

no longer be necessary because zac and vanessa have broken

HMM @ 3:55 pm on 07/23/2009

@Missvan: There’s no doubt that Zac cares for Vanessa and will be there if he can do it but sometimes work has to come first. There are many ways to support those we love but not all of them require us to be there in person – offering support from a distance doesn’t mean we love any less.

tabia @ 3:56 pm on 07/23/2009
this site has so much zac and vanessa stuff current stuff

Zac Efron's #1 fan @ 3:56 pm on 07/23/2009


Jenny Shut the **** up. Loser *******.

Zac Efron's #1 fan @ 3:59 pm on 07/23/2009


That is it. Stop the Drama. How did Zac and Vanessa break up I want to now.

awurbii @ 4:00 pm on 07/23/2009


You are wrong. He is obviously busy. If he doesn’t attend it does not mean he does not care about her. What you have written is kind of disrespectful. He has been with her through a lot and yet you still doubt him. Your comment makes it look like they have been dating for six months. They have been dating for almost four years now and I do agree a relationship is more important than work but you can’t pin it on one premiere.

Vanessa obviously will understand if he doesn’t attend. Think about it?? In future Vanessa will probably will not be able to attend his premieres because she will be busy as well. Does that mean she does not care about him?? Zac and Vanessa obviously know what they are doing and it is not our business how they handle their relationship.

HMM @ 4:00 pm on 07/23/2009

@Zac Efron’s #1 fan: thanks – Good to know – I’ve been wondering how they handled that for some time now.
Were you one of the lucky ones that got to see the movie already? I can’t wait to see it, it looks fantastic.

Zac Efron's #1 fan @ 4:01 pm on 07/23/2009


Ok Jenny Believe that but when Zac and Vanessa get married don’t come back Crying.

zanessaforever @ 4:01 pm on 07/23/2009

zac and vanessa are still together.
zacs filming a movie, he went out for dinner with his co-star, vanessa went out with alex nothing happened.
there human they can have (girl) friends and (boy) friends and still be in a relationship :)

Zac Efron's #1 fan @ 4:02 pm on 07/23/2009


Yes I want to see it last year.

ILOVEZAC @ 4:05 pm on 07/23/2009

Zac is sooooooo hot! I love him!

Amih @ 4:06 pm on 07/23/2009


jeez, get a life

HMM @ 4:08 pm on 07/23/2009

@Zac Efron’s #1 fan: lucky lucky lucky. I’ll be it was wonderful – he’s a great talent and I’ve heard nothing but great things about the movie.

Charlie St. Cloud is going to be awesome – loved the book and couldn’t picture any one else as Charlie.

Zac Efron's #1 fan @ 4:10 pm on 07/23/2009


So true.

Zac Efron's #1 fan @ 4:10 pm on 07/23/2009


So true.

gracemarie @ 4:13 pm on 07/23/2009

I have to be honest Amanda is an atractive girl but I would not say beautiful. Vanessa and Angeila and are my standard for beauty and I’m sorry this girl doesn’t come close.

I think she is right for the role though and look forward to seeing how it pans out.

Further as I said earlier I find it offensive that everyone’s worried about Zac BULLETIN: Not every woman finds him irresistable and BULLETIN there are a lot of men who find VAnessa beautiful.

V not one bit luckier to have him than he is to have her.

gracemarie @ 4:13 pm on 07/23/2009

I have to be honest Amanda is an atractive girl but I would not say beautiful. Vanessa and Angeila and are my standard for beauty and I’m sorry this girl doesn’t come close.

I think she is right for the role though and look forward to seeing how it pans out.

Further as I said earlier I find it offensive that everyone’s worried about Zac BULLETIN: Not every woman finds him irresistable and BULLETIN there are a lot of men who find VAnessa beautiful.

V not one bit luckier to have him than he is to have her.

muffinstealer @ 4:13 pm on 07/23/2009

Zac Efron is growing up. High School Musical is done. He’s moving on from Disney quite well && i commend him for he can actually have a career outside of HSM

jenny @ 4:14 pm on 07/23/2009

then do not come crying to the zanessa fans when zac dating with amanda or another and when they realize that zac and vanessa no dating

Honest @ 4:15 pm on 07/23/2009

This is too funny how you guys keep reacting to jenny. She knows how to read, so she knows what you guys are telling her and she doesn’t care. All she’ll do is keep getting you guys angrier and angrier. So just ignore her and she’ll go away.
BTW, she’s not a real fan of either just a poser trying to create trouble, which is working.

Zac Efron's #1 fan @ 4:16 pm on 07/23/2009


The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud is going to show people that Zac can do better movie besides Musicals.

Btw Jenny I am done fright with you believe what you. Zamana will never Happen so just give up. Zac would never dumb Vanessa to start dating This Amanda.

jenny @ 4:17 pm on 07/23/2009

I have to admit that vanessa hudgens has more beauty that amanda crew

kati @ 4:17 pm on 07/23/2009

awww so hot zachary…
I love Him!! ♥

Zac Efron's #1 fan @ 4:18 pm on 07/23/2009


Jenny what ever. Zac is not dating Amanda what part of not dating don’t you understand.

Ellyne @ 4:18 pm on 07/23/2009

Its funny how everyones bickering over this. Even if they wernt together which they are, It none of our buisness. this is why they dont talk about their relastionship people do this. You cant hate Zac, or Hate Vanessa for working with an attractive costar they dont pic whos in the movie with them. its none of our buisness if they ever break up then it happens for a reason. and if they stay together thats great but either way its none of our buisness, and we shouldnt be sitting here saying things about them. its their relastionship not ours. and their lives. but I Love them, and wish them both the best with their careers and relastionship.

muffinstealer @ 4:19 pm on 07/23/2009

Thankgod..he’s like, one of the on;y Disney stars that no when they’ve had enuf disney, thankgod he’s moved on from HSM…he’s not a little kid..

Zac Efron's #1 fan @ 4:19 pm on 07/23/2009


Go away.

Zac Efron's #1 fan @ 4:21 pm on 07/23/2009

Jenny how old are you 5 years old.

Karen @ 4:24 pm on 07/23/2009

Well, jenny’s response to me PROVES there is nothing you can say to correct what she writes or what she comprehends if that is actually her problem. Or if she is lying she’s not going to stop either until we simply do not respond to her at all.

And BTW, there is no definite word yet whether or not Zac will be at the TCA’s. I have a feeling he will be there if at all possible. BUT if he isn’t it will be because he can’t get free from the filming schedule for this movie.

Ellyne @ 4:27 pm on 07/23/2009

Yea, I’ve just been hearing he wont be there, but he hasnt been confirmed yet, so here hoping.

Susie @ 4:30 pm on 07/23/2009

Hot! HoT! HOT! I see he highlight his hair again. I love it. I’m glad he is having fun with the cast before filming.

@Ellyne: I heard he confirmed that he is gonna be there so vote people.

Ellyne @ 4:34 pm on 07/23/2009

@Susie: Oh really? I only heard Vanessa confirmes she is. well thats great thenn

Zac Efron's #1 fan @ 4:35 pm on 07/23/2009


Well said.

jenny @ 4:37 pm on 07/23/2009

SOMEONE IS BUSY my name I did not publish anything AT JJJ REALLY

HMM @ 4:37 pm on 07/23/2009

@Zac Efron’s #1 fan: I agree fully.

Susie @ 4:37 pm on 07/23/2009


I hope it’s real because I’ve been voting for him ! Specially hottie choice award.

Zac Efron's #1 fan @ 4:40 pm on 07/23/2009


so True. I am done fright with her. Jenny sounds like 9 old year who need to go back to school when it starts.

Zac Efron's #1 fan @ 4:42 pm on 07/23/2009


Whatever making up stories again. Jenny no one here is going to believe you anymore.

istar @ 4:43 pm on 07/23/2009

whoa… zexy hotness alert!!!

im glad we finally know who is gonna play Tess :D

zanessaloverss123 @ 5:01 pm on 07/23/2009


yuppp i’mm that’s tottallyy trueee i cantt waitt to see zanessaaa plzzzz JJ PLZZ MOREE ZANESSA PICCS

i miss them:(

Bailee @ 5:01 pm on 07/23/2009

Oh My God he looks sexy!

leslie @ 5:02 pm on 07/23/2009

Okay, Zac. You’re 21 years old now. It’s time for you to learn how to pull your pants up properly. You want to project a more grown up image. That would be a good start.

istar @ 5:08 pm on 07/23/2009

firstly… after reading these comments (yes, im bored) — im laughing so hard.
its nice to see the regulars: hi Karen, hi Zac Efron’s #1 fan :D
and unfortunately, hi jenny. jenny… you need to SHUT UP. if you don’t know what that means go onto a website which translates it into your own language. stop the hate and support zac with his movie and vanessa also.

enough said.

im excited for this movie. i have the book, but i just need to find time to read it now, lol. =)

ZJBADVCMST @ 5:16 pm on 07/23/2009

@Karen I totalllllllllllyyyy agree with EVERY word u said! thats sooo true!!!u kinda rule here :D seriously couldnt agree more
btw guys plz just stop the whole fight,no1 knows if they r gonna get married or break-up…

sheila @ 5:20 pm on 07/23/2009

ok, i get it that it was easy to fall in love with zac and vanessa’s relationship because of how they met, that they are a young and beautiful couple and that they’ve remained together for these past four years but….even for those of you who are defending their honour? it’s time to start viewing them as young professionals rather than as “zanessa.” it would serve many of you well not to be so wrapped up in who they are outside of their careers.

Zac Efron's #1 fan @ 5:25 pm on 07/23/2009

This movie will give Zac more of a older fanbase. Btw who cares if there is a sex scene that is part of Zac’s Job besides it is not like they are really having Sex. They are just acting like they are. If Zac does have a sex scene in this movie Zac will have pants and so will Amanda. Zac is not really to have sex with Amanda.

Btw we don’t know maybe Zac already had Sex and lost his virginity to Vanessa. Because when I see pictures of them. you can totally tell that Zac and Vanessa are having Sex.

Zac Efron's #1 fan @ 5:27 pm on 07/23/2009

This movie will give Zac more of a older fanbase. Btw who cares if there is a sex scene that is part of Zac’s Job besides it is not like they are really having Sex. They are just acting like they are. If Zac does have a sex scene in this movie Zac will have pants on and so will Amanda. Zac won’t really be having Sex with Amanda.

Btw we don’t know maybe Zac already had Sex and lost his virginity to Vanessa. Because when I see pictures of them. you can totally tell that Zac and Vanessa are having Sex.

aw @ 5:28 pm on 07/23/2009

Looking like a good cast, excited to see filming start.

sheila @ 5:29 pm on 07/23/2009

lol, i rest my case….

Zac Efron Fan Forever @ 5:29 pm on 07/23/2009

Zac looks soooo hot!
and him and Vanessa are still dating; don’t believe the rumors from sources that aren’t even credible.
Zanessa Forever, plus Zac really loves Vanessa and Vanessa really loves Zac

And please don’t forget to vote for Zac
and Zanessa at the TCA’s

Zanessa Fan Forever
Zac Fan Forever
Vanessa Fan Forever

=)=)=) @ 5:35 pm on 07/23/2009

i voted 4 him 4 hottie but didnt vote 4 V sorry cuz she won last year and i want 2 give my vote 2 another female but not megan sox !

dina @ 5:38 pm on 07/23/2009


Jenny you seriously have some major issues!!! You have a crazy imagination, you sound really rediculous, just knock it off already!!!

jenny @ 5:47 pm on 07/23/2009

@Zac Efron’s #1 fan

omg that are stupid obviously zac and vanessa have sex and it is obvious that they are no longer virgin, I’ll say that many years of engagement have not done anything just to play handyman.
are practically man and wife just do not live together

have not seen the pictures when zac put your hands on the Rear to vanessa is that if do have privacy because I’m not going to let my boyfriend touch me my body or when they go on holiday together, zac y vaness ask for separate rooms that course not

Skylar @ 5:50 pm on 07/23/2009

I know Zanessa’s still together…but I miss Zanessa pics…

Soni Hannigan @ 5:58 pm on 07/23/2009

I miss Zac and vanessa pictures also. But hopefully soon. As for the sex scene that Zac will do, it is just for a movie, and him and vanessa probably have already had sex, just a thought. They love each other.

Karen @ 6:32 pm on 07/23/2009


Yes, Vanessa won Hottie last year but you DO KNOW that Zac won Hottie the year before that, don’t you?

Now, this subject of sex…that is a very private and sacred matter between two people and that is something none of us have a right to discuss when it comes to Zac and Vanessa’s relationship. It is their choice and they are old enough to decide what they want to do. It is very crude and disrespectful to talk about it. Yes, it is obvious they are in an intimate relationship so let it go at that. Do you think sex is different for them than it is for millions of other people? So, what do you think there is to say?

As for a “sex” scene in a movie…does that not sound a little tacky on the part of you who can’t resist saying it? In movies there are love scenes that suggest sex. Some are more graphic than others. However scenes like those are just as choreographed as a dance number or a fight scene. It isn’t like the actors are told “just let it go and do what you would normally do”. They cut and start again and do different camera angles, etc. It doesn’t go on and on non-stop like ou see it at the movies. Please allow some dignity for this young man who understands this job and for yourselves instead of sounding rather immature about it. I’m not trying to yell at anyone, I’d just like some of you to realize some comments could have a lot more class about them and make you all sound as intelligent as I think many of you are.

Karen @ 6:43 pm on 07/23/2009

BTW, those older fans—and those younger one who are inclined to—this thread is also on the main board. It would be great if you guys could help the comments go up there too since Zac deserves to be on that board just like RobPat and Dakota Fanning, etc.

Zac Efron's #1 fan @ 6:47 pm on 07/23/2009


You are pissing me off.

Zac Efron's #1 fan @ 6:49 pm on 07/23/2009


Well said.

Zac Efron's #1 fan @ 6:53 pm on 07/23/2009


Jenny in your post you said your Hands on Vanessa’s butt. Why the hell would I put my hands on óther man’s woman.

sheila @ 6:54 pm on 07/23/2009

thank god you articulated that karen. i couldn’t quite put a finger on what it was exactly that needed to be said, but that was it.

it just seems some of you have seriously blurred the lines between on/offscreen life. karen has nailed it. to go from discussing on-screen sex scenes to a person’s private sex life is rather ridiculous, embarassing and disturbing.

HockeyPuck @ 6:55 pm on 07/23/2009

CALM DOWN PEOPLE!!!!! YOU ARE OVER ANALYZING EVERYTHING!! I’m a 100% Vanessa fan—-not much of a Zac fan. But I can DEAL WITH THIS!! The reason is that it is an inevitable FACT that every actor must take a risk to prove their worth in Hollywood. How would you feel if all he did for the rest of his career was musicals? It would get tiresome. Also, Daniel Radcliffe once said in an interview that sex scenes are really awkward because there is an entire crew there watching you do it. I’m sure that scene will be one of the LEAST enjoyable of the entire filming. I think one of the reasons some people are so insecure is because they don’t want another situation like Nikki Blonsky to occur. Everybody remembers the infamous TRL episode. Just know that it has to be done to relate the story in the BEST possible way. Don’t get me wrong, it makes me cringe a little when I see or hear about the intimacy involved in their movie roles with other people. But its part of the job and should not phase their relationship if they are professional about it. Please don’t bash me, I’m just stating my opinion. :) :):):):)

Trina @ 6:56 pm on 07/23/2009


I’m guessing that you are not one person. Or IF you are, you have been elected by the Zikki group to make “breakup” comments on all Zac and Vanessa threads. You are too transparent to be anything other than one of those crazy females from the other side. The dark, mentally unstable side.

But, you know what, you (all of you ) are looking stupidier by the minute. Do you not know that Zac and Vanessa have FANS who know what they’re doing and what they’re about? Give it up in an attempt to save your sanity.

Zac Efron fan @ 6:59 pm on 07/23/2009

Zac keeps getting hotter and Hotter more everyday. Can’t wait to see Zac in this movie he will be amazing.

Zac Efron's #1 fan @ 7:00 pm on 07/23/2009


So True.

Helen @ 7:24 pm on 07/23/2009

Hes beautiul lol

zanessa/scashley/ashnessa @ 7:28 pm on 07/23/2009

@jenny: Will you EVER get a LIFE !? OMG, I try avoiding you and your false rumors but I can’t take it anymore… Why don’t you do everyone a favor and shut the hell up !? Dear god. You can’t say anything positive can you ? Unfreakinbelievable.

Ok, but BESIDES that, Zachary is looking fiiine !! Ok, if Zachary doesn’t win Male Hottie for the TCA’s, I’m gonna cry. I really want Vanessa & Zachary to get up on stage and accept the awards for Male/Female Hotties. :D They can win a 2nd time because they are both hotties. XD Hm, I don’t know who Amanda Crew is, but she looks real pretty and I’m sure she’ll do a fantastic job in the movie. Can’t wait !!

zanessaforever @ 7:37 pm on 07/23/2009

i cant wait for this movie. lol @ all the comments.
i hate you jenny :D
keep voting for zac & vanessa at tca :)
so cute to see zac whats he wearing. :)

katia @ 8:00 pm on 07/23/2009

OMG he looks so HOT i can’t wait to see the movie





pop86 @ 8:50 pm on 07/23/2009

My thoughts:
1) Jenny is an idiot.
2) Thank you for increasing Zac’s number with stupid comments.
3) Zac has some rational fans
4) Insecure fans are too obessive with Zac. Please get a life.
5) Zac looks hot as always

pop86 @ 8:53 pm on 07/23/2009

My thoughts:
1) Jenny is an idiot.
2) Thank you for increasing Zac’s number with your stupid comments.
3) Zac has some rational fans
4) Zac looks hot as always

Karen @ 9:17 pm on 07/23/2009

Everyone, please stop responding to jenny’s comments. If she does or doesn’t understand she is just keeping on and nothing you guys say is going to stop her—unless you don’t respond to her. If she knows what she is doing she is getting much enjoyment in aggravating everyone. Don’t give her that satisfaction. Pretend she never posted anything. Think of it like this: every time you respond to her silly comments it’s like paying her to irritate you. You have given her a job and that is to post nutty things. Let her talk to herself…

If you remember when the pictures came out a few weeks ago with Vanessa and Alex numerous people started going on how they hoped they would get together and how much hotter Alex was than Zac. It was kind of like it is with Zac and Amanda now. I don’t think anyone is slighting Vanessa. What some were saying then was just as disrespectful to Vanessa as if she was so shallow that she’d find Alex better looking so she should go with him. With the situation with Zac it is many people think guys are going to be swayed by any pretty face and thus will want whatever skirt comes along. But some fans hate Vanessa and want Zac to break with her and some hate Zac and make it sound like he is a creep who will go skirt chasing. Some people think Vanessa ought to dump Zac because she can do better. We know men think she is hot. It’s just guys don’t usually frequent these boards and talk about certain things like females do. And when they do many times they are so vulgar it is best they are not on these boards that much.

At any rate some people are not respectful to what Zac and Vanessa desire and that very clearly is each other.

Karen @ 9:22 pm on 07/23/2009


If Zac does not get to come to Vanessa’s Bandslam premiere it will not prove he doesn’t love her or that he thinks his career is more important nor will it prove they have broken up. There is such a thing in Zac and Vanessa’s business called a contract. Zac is under a contract right now and if that contract calls him to be on location filming a movie on that day then that’s where he will have to be. The will be the case in the future if Vanessa is under contract with a movie which is filming elsewhere than where a premiere is occurring for a Zac movie. Is that hard to understand? Have you even heard of “breach of contract” when it comes to actors?

HMM @ 10:49 pm on 07/23/2009

@Karen: well said!! Agree with you completely.

awurbii @ 12:47 am on 07/24/2009


We do agree that Zac and Vanessa are both disrespected in their relationship, you are definitely right.I understand where you are coming from but in most cases Vanessa is disregarded. It’s definitely not even but I guess that’s just because Vanessa is a female.

It’s like what you said about people assuming just because Zac is a guy he’s going to run for every girl. In Vanessa case, because Zac is good looking when it comes to other girls Vanessa is disregarded. But I do remember that Alex post and you are right people were trying to say that Vanessa should hook up with Alex. It’s something that we can’t really control. People are ignorant and make their relationship look like some kind of two second fling. I guess it aggravates me.

P.S Thanks for replying :D

nikkki @ 1:01 am on 07/24/2009

oommmggg sseexyyyy!!!!!!<333!!!! I LOOOOOVE HIMMMM!!!<3333

nikkki @ 1:38 am on 07/24/2009


U CAN DATE ME!!!!!!!!!

zanessafan4ever @ 9:38 am on 07/24/2009

He’s so cute!
I hope this movie is good.

Elena Clayton @ 10:44 am on 07/24/2009

Zac is simply perfection in these photos.

Zac Efron's #1 fan @ 3:02 pm on 07/24/2009

People don’t reply to Jenny anymore.

zvlover @ 4:53 pm on 07/24/2009

@Ellyne: it makes it fine because that means zac hasnt stop thinking about Vanessa!!! cause if he had stop thinking about her then he wouldnt be wearing the neckles……right??!!

Divine Goddess @ 6:05 pm on 07/24/2009

HE’S HOT! @ 7:27 pm on 07/24/2009

will he be at the tca ?

FANATIC FOR ZANESSA @ 7:35 pm on 07/24/2009

I know Karen, you’r totally right and I feel really bad and disapointed with my self for say such a wrong and bad thing, I overrun every limits is just because everything is going do wrong to me and I can’t talk to anybody but I know that that’s no reason to be so rude as I was , so I really want to say I am so so sorry to you, to Jenny and to God.
I am sorry, I really am.
I hope you understande and forgive me, I am feeling really bad with it espcially because I know that you’r right and because I really don’t like to say those words that I said I really don’t like it!! Iam serious, I am really sorry!!
xoxo****ZANESSA FOREVER****<33333333333333333333333333

Tree @ 8:16 pm on 07/24/2009

People keep mentioning a necklace that Zac is wearing. Can someone explain the story behind the necklace, if there is one?

nikkki @ 11:17 pm on 07/24/2009

people think that vanessa and zac have the same one! <33 the same neckles

Tree @ 11:29 pm on 07/24/2009

Thank you

jorlyn @ 10:49 am on 07/25/2009

what brand is his shades? armani or ray-ban?

Karen @ 1:30 pm on 07/25/2009


Always remember the words you use to express your thoughts and ideas reflect on YOU as a person. It says a lot about your attitude and intelligence and mostly it will play a crucial part in how seriously others will take you—how much you will be able to influence someone else. And overuse of profanity and vulgarity only detracts from the point you want other people to hear. I have worked with kids and young adults with horrible mental insufficiencies who could use words like you did—probably because they are only four letter words—words that don’t take much thought but only a lot of emotion of some kind. On these boards there are those—like the ones your were responding to—who want to push those kinds of buttons an make people upset. That’s what makes their day. Don’t give them the pleasure. Make them look like a loser—better yet let THEMSELVES to it. They always do with their posts.

Athenais @ 2:15 pm on 07/25/2009

“And while her character, a girl possessed by a demon is a literal man-eater, Megan said there’s one real-life guy she’d like to bite into.

“Zac Efron,” she said. “I think he’d taste like a strawberry cupcake.”

I think it’s inappropriate ….Megan Fox search to create trouble …Is not a decent attitude

Babes iloveyou @ 2:26 pm on 07/25/2009

Apparently zanessa are over. :(

vanessa @ 6:05 pm on 07/25/2009

omg he is so hot

Karen @ 7:58 pm on 07/25/2009

By now Megan Fox knows all the craziness she has created by other things she has said about Zac and I’m sure she knows the gossip about her supposedly having dinner with him, etc, so her to say something like this was too tempting for her I’m sure. She is all about getting people to raise their eyebrows and suck in their breath…basically she likes to stir things up. All I can say is poor Zac. But for all we know behind the scenes Zac and Vanessa may be having a good laugh at her antics.

ivy. @ 7:58 pm on 07/25/2009

Love Interest? lol, never baby, zanessa for life,

kmartineau @ 10:10 pm on 07/25/2009

When vanessa comes to canada. She’ll prombley stay at Zac’s condo…

dilso @ 4:07 am on 07/26/2009

OMG! He’s hot. lol.
Oh ya to jennny. you are an insane biiiggg fat women. You’re probably being asked by those zanessa haters and being elected to be the president of junk.OMFG jenny! You are stupid . seriously.Zac just met amanda. fof god sake. its nothing compared to the four year relationship he had with vanessa.only 2 weeks or more and you say they are together. comeone. have a brain. even a 11 year old could think wisely. Jenny seriously i think your the president of the ZANESSA haters. Its lame you knw to call other people ugly and so on. I think you are the same like the PRESIDENT OF THE ……………………………….LIBRARY.Jenny’s getting lamer every minute. haha. you’re a god dan big fat women whose mentally insane cos zaC EFRON LOVES VANESSA HUDGENS MORE THAN HE LOVES YOU. HAHA.dream on fat women. oh ya i think you have a bid fat piece of fat stuck to your body which makes you look like one seal who has so much blubber! (: enjoying getting bambard by other jenny!

saba @ 4:55 am on 07/26/2009

I hate YOU ZAC

Karen @ 10:57 am on 07/26/2009


Did your comment make an impact on anyone? Especially jenny? You said in your comment that it is LAME to call other people ugly and yet you’re calling someone you’ve never met or seen a picture of all kinds of ugly things in regards to looks. That’s not just lame but very childish. Make sense and your comment will have an impact on other readers. Saying Zac has been with Vanessa for over 3 years and how he just met Amanda so it is highly unlikely there is anything going on between them, that they are going to be working together the same as Vanessa is working with Alex Petyfer, etc, is fact and on point and is logical. You loose it all with being so immature and cussing the way you do in your comment. It doesn’t sound like you are much more than 11.

I-like-red @ 10:46 am on 07/27/2009

okay, some people needs to chill! it’s not like every woman in the world are in love with zac! I, for instance, am not. There are even some who hates him! and why are everyone always blabering about zac and his female co-stars, and not vanessa with hers? They have been together for, what, 3-4 years? I haven’t seen any break-up so far, so why are everyone worring about it now?

so IF he really is doing a sex-scene, it’s only positive. I’m sure for the actores if will only be comical (or mybe uncomfortable, i don’t know), but anyway it’s not exactely romantic with all the cameras around. zac and zanessa fans should know that It will be good for his career – and I’m 96% sure it wondt affect their relationshp badly. It would be very unprofessional of zac to fall in love durring filming, expecially scince he already has a girlfriend. (and it won’t take that long to film this movie either).
But if this movie is a PG-13, I doubt it’s going to be so very intimid…

Rachel @ 5:04 am on 08/23/2009

She is gorgeous!

oat @ 4:35 am on 12/29/2009

Amanda i love u lol

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