Zac Efron & Amanda Crew: Love Interests!

Zac Efron & Amanda Crew: Love Interests!

Zac Efron steps out in a pair of Cr8ative Recreation kicks as he gets friendly with fellow castmates during an evening stroll around the dock in Vancouver, Canada on Wednesday (July 22).

The 21-year-old actor, who is currently filming The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud, was seen chatting with Amanda Crew, who plays his love interest in the new movie.

Zac and his new pals took a boat ride across the bay to a restaurant for a special dinner. More pictures at JJ!!!

Last week, Mr. Efron was seen wearing a wet suit and taking several boat rides to prepare for his new flick.

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Credit: Beetham/Chiang ; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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    @Karen I totalllllllllllyyyy agree with EVERY word u said! thats sooo true!!!u kinda rule here :D seriously couldnt agree more
    btw guys plz just stop the whole fight,no1 knows if they r gonna get married or break-up…

  • sheila

    ok, i get it that it was easy to fall in love with zac and vanessa’s relationship because of how they met, that they are a young and beautiful couple and that they’ve remained together for these past four years but….even for those of you who are defending their honour? it’s time to start viewing them as young professionals rather than as “zanessa.” it would serve many of you well not to be so wrapped up in who they are outside of their careers.

  • Zac Efron’s #1 fan

    This movie will give Zac more of a older fanbase. Btw who cares if there is a sex scene that is part of Zac’s Job besides it is not like they are really having Sex. They are just acting like they are. If Zac does have a sex scene in this movie Zac will have pants and so will Amanda. Zac is not really to have sex with Amanda.

    Btw we don’t know maybe Zac already had Sex and lost his virginity to Vanessa. Because when I see pictures of them. you can totally tell that Zac and Vanessa are having Sex.

  • Zac Efron’s #1 fan

    This movie will give Zac more of a older fanbase. Btw who cares if there is a sex scene that is part of Zac’s Job besides it is not like they are really having Sex. They are just acting like they are. If Zac does have a sex scene in this movie Zac will have pants on and so will Amanda. Zac won’t really be having Sex with Amanda.

    Btw we don’t know maybe Zac already had Sex and lost his virginity to Vanessa. Because when I see pictures of them. you can totally tell that Zac and Vanessa are having Sex.

  • aw

    Looking like a good cast, excited to see filming start.

  • sheila

    lol, i rest my case….

  • Zac Efron Fan Forever

    Zac looks soooo hot!
    and him and Vanessa are still dating; don’t believe the rumors from sources that aren’t even credible.
    Zanessa Forever, plus Zac really loves Vanessa and Vanessa really loves Zac

    And please don’t forget to vote for Zac
    and Zanessa at the TCA’s

    Zanessa Fan Forever
    Zac Fan Forever
    Vanessa Fan Forever

  • =)=)=)

    i voted 4 him 4 hottie but didnt vote 4 V sorry cuz she won last year and i want 2 give my vote 2 another female but not megan sox !

  • dina


    Jenny you seriously have some major issues!!! You have a crazy imagination, you sound really rediculous, just knock it off already!!!

  • jenny

    @Zac Efron’s #1 fan

    omg that are stupid obviously zac and vanessa have sex and it is obvious that they are no longer virgin, I’ll say that many years of engagement have not done anything just to play handyman.
    are practically man and wife just do not live together

    have not seen the pictures when zac put your hands on the Rear to vanessa is that if do have privacy because I’m not going to let my boyfriend touch me my body or when they go on holiday together, zac y vaness ask for separate rooms that course not

  • Skylar

    I know Zanessa’s still together…but I miss Zanessa pics…

  • Soni Hannigan

    I miss Zac and vanessa pictures also. But hopefully soon. As for the sex scene that Zac will do, it is just for a movie, and him and vanessa probably have already had sex, just a thought. They love each other.

  • Karen


    Yes, Vanessa won Hottie last year but you DO KNOW that Zac won Hottie the year before that, don’t you?

    Now, this subject of sex…that is a very private and sacred matter between two people and that is something none of us have a right to discuss when it comes to Zac and Vanessa’s relationship. It is their choice and they are old enough to decide what they want to do. It is very crude and disrespectful to talk about it. Yes, it is obvious they are in an intimate relationship so let it go at that. Do you think sex is different for them than it is for millions of other people? So, what do you think there is to say?

    As for a “sex” scene in a movie…does that not sound a little tacky on the part of you who can’t resist saying it? In movies there are love scenes that suggest sex. Some are more graphic than others. However scenes like those are just as choreographed as a dance number or a fight scene. It isn’t like the actors are told “just let it go and do what you would normally do”. They cut and start again and do different camera angles, etc. It doesn’t go on and on non-stop like ou see it at the movies. Please allow some dignity for this young man who understands this job and for yourselves instead of sounding rather immature about it. I’m not trying to yell at anyone, I’d just like some of you to realize some comments could have a lot more class about them and make you all sound as intelligent as I think many of you are.

  • Karen

    BTW, those older fans—and those younger one who are inclined to—this thread is also on the main board. It would be great if you guys could help the comments go up there too since Zac deserves to be on that board just like RobPat and Dakota Fanning, etc.

  • Zac Efron’s #1 fan


    You are pissing me off.

  • Zac Efron’s #1 fan


    Well said.

  • Zac Efron’s #1 fan


    Jenny in your post you said your Hands on Vanessa’s butt. Why the hell would I put my hands on óther man’s woman.

  • sheila

    thank god you articulated that karen. i couldn’t quite put a finger on what it was exactly that needed to be said, but that was it.

    it just seems some of you have seriously blurred the lines between on/offscreen life. karen has nailed it. to go from discussing on-screen sex scenes to a person’s private sex life is rather ridiculous, embarassing and disturbing.

  • HockeyPuck

    CALM DOWN PEOPLE!!!!! YOU ARE OVER ANALYZING EVERYTHING!! I’m a 100% Vanessa fan—-not much of a Zac fan. But I can DEAL WITH THIS!! The reason is that it is an inevitable FACT that every actor must take a risk to prove their worth in Hollywood. How would you feel if all he did for the rest of his career was musicals? It would get tiresome. Also, Daniel Radcliffe once said in an interview that sex scenes are really awkward because there is an entire crew there watching you do it. I’m sure that scene will be one of the LEAST enjoyable of the entire filming. I think one of the reasons some people are so insecure is because they don’t want another situation like Nikki Blonsky to occur. Everybody remembers the infamous TRL episode. Just know that it has to be done to relate the story in the BEST possible way. Don’t get me wrong, it makes me cringe a little when I see or hear about the intimacy involved in their movie roles with other people. But its part of the job and should not phase their relationship if they are professional about it. Please don’t bash me, I’m just stating my opinion. :) :):):):)

  • Trina


    I’m guessing that you are not one person. Or IF you are, you have been elected by the Zikki group to make “breakup” comments on all Zac and Vanessa threads. You are too transparent to be anything other than one of those crazy females from the other side. The dark, mentally unstable side.

    But, you know what, you (all of you ) are looking stupidier by the minute. Do you not know that Zac and Vanessa have FANS who know what they’re doing and what they’re about? Give it up in an attempt to save your sanity.

  • Zac Efron fan

    Zac keeps getting hotter and Hotter more everyday. Can’t wait to see Zac in this movie he will be amazing.

  • Zac Efron’s #1 fan


    So True.

  • Helen

    Hes beautiul lol

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    @jenny: Will you EVER get a LIFE !? OMG, I try avoiding you and your false rumors but I can’t take it anymore… Why don’t you do everyone a favor and shut the hell up !? Dear god. You can’t say anything positive can you ? Unfreakinbelievable.

    Ok, but BESIDES that, Zachary is looking fiiine !! Ok, if Zachary doesn’t win Male Hottie for the TCA’s, I’m gonna cry. I really want Vanessa & Zachary to get up on stage and accept the awards for Male/Female Hotties. :D They can win a 2nd time because they are both hotties. XD Hm, I don’t know who Amanda Crew is, but she looks real pretty and I’m sure she’ll do a fantastic job in the movie. Can’t wait !!

  • zanessaforever

    i cant wait for this movie. lol @ all the comments.
    i hate you jenny :D
    keep voting for zac & vanessa at tca :)
    so cute to see zac whats he wearing. :)

  • katia

    OMG he looks so HOT i can’t wait to see the movie

  • http://justjaredjr zanessavanessa22





  • pop86

    My thoughts:
    1) Jenny is an idiot.
    2) Thank you for increasing Zac’s number with stupid comments.
    3) Zac has some rational fans
    4) Insecure fans are too obessive with Zac. Please get a life.
    5) Zac looks hot as always

  • pop86

    My thoughts:
    1) Jenny is an idiot.
    2) Thank you for increasing Zac’s number with your stupid comments.
    3) Zac has some rational fans
    4) Zac looks hot as always

  • Karen

    Everyone, please stop responding to jenny’s comments. If she does or doesn’t understand she is just keeping on and nothing you guys say is going to stop her—unless you don’t respond to her. If she knows what she is doing she is getting much enjoyment in aggravating everyone. Don’t give her that satisfaction. Pretend she never posted anything. Think of it like this: every time you respond to her silly comments it’s like paying her to irritate you. You have given her a job and that is to post nutty things. Let her talk to herself…

    If you remember when the pictures came out a few weeks ago with Vanessa and Alex numerous people started going on how they hoped they would get together and how much hotter Alex was than Zac. It was kind of like it is with Zac and Amanda now. I don’t think anyone is slighting Vanessa. What some were saying then was just as disrespectful to Vanessa as if she was so shallow that she’d find Alex better looking so she should go with him. With the situation with Zac it is many people think guys are going to be swayed by any pretty face and thus will want whatever skirt comes along. But some fans hate Vanessa and want Zac to break with her and some hate Zac and make it sound like he is a creep who will go skirt chasing. Some people think Vanessa ought to dump Zac because she can do better. We know men think she is hot. It’s just guys don’t usually frequent these boards and talk about certain things like females do. And when they do many times they are so vulgar it is best they are not on these boards that much.

    At any rate some people are not respectful to what Zac and Vanessa desire and that very clearly is each other.

  • Karen


    If Zac does not get to come to Vanessa’s Bandslam premiere it will not prove he doesn’t love her or that he thinks his career is more important nor will it prove they have broken up. There is such a thing in Zac and Vanessa’s business called a contract. Zac is under a contract right now and if that contract calls him to be on location filming a movie on that day then that’s where he will have to be. The will be the case in the future if Vanessa is under contract with a movie which is filming elsewhere than where a premiere is occurring for a Zac movie. Is that hard to understand? Have you even heard of “breach of contract” when it comes to actors?

  • HMM

    @Karen: well said!! Agree with you completely.

  • awurbii


    We do agree that Zac and Vanessa are both disrespected in their relationship, you are definitely right.I understand where you are coming from but in most cases Vanessa is disregarded. It’s definitely not even but I guess that’s just because Vanessa is a female.

    It’s like what you said about people assuming just because Zac is a guy he’s going to run for every girl. In Vanessa case, because Zac is good looking when it comes to other girls Vanessa is disregarded. But I do remember that Alex post and you are right people were trying to say that Vanessa should hook up with Alex. It’s something that we can’t really control. People are ignorant and make their relationship look like some kind of two second fling. I guess it aggravates me.

    P.S Thanks for replying :D

  • nikkki

    oommmggg sseexyyyy!!!!!!<333!!!! I LOOOOOVE HIMMMM!!!<3333

  • nikkki


    U CAN DATE ME!!!!!!!!!

  • zanessafan4ever

    He’s so cute!
    I hope this movie is good.

  • Elena Clayton

    Zac is simply perfection in these photos.

  • Zac Efron’s #1 fan

    People don’t reply to Jenny anymore.

  • zvlover

    @Ellyne: it makes it fine because that means zac hasnt stop thinking about Vanessa!!! cause if he had stop thinking about her then he wouldnt be wearing the neckles……right??!!

  • Divine Goddess

    HE’S HOT!


    will he be at the tca ?


    I know Karen, you’r totally right and I feel really bad and disapointed with my self for say such a wrong and bad thing, I overrun every limits is just because everything is going do wrong to me and I can’t talk to anybody but I know that that’s no reason to be so rude as I was , so I really want to say I am so so sorry to you, to Jenny and to God.
    I am sorry, I really am.
    I hope you understande and forgive me, I am feeling really bad with it espcially because I know that you’r right and because I really don’t like to say those words that I said I really don’t like it!! Iam serious, I am really sorry!!
    xoxo****ZANESSA FOREVER****<33333333333333333333333333

  • Tree

    People keep mentioning a necklace that Zac is wearing. Can someone explain the story behind the necklace, if there is one?

  • nikkki

    people think that vanessa and zac have the same one! <33 the same neckles

  • Tree

    Thank you

  • jorlyn

    what brand is his shades? armani or ray-ban?

  • Karen


    Always remember the words you use to express your thoughts and ideas reflect on YOU as a person. It says a lot about your attitude and intelligence and mostly it will play a crucial part in how seriously others will take you—how much you will be able to influence someone else. And overuse of profanity and vulgarity only detracts from the point you want other people to hear. I have worked with kids and young adults with horrible mental insufficiencies who could use words like you did—probably because they are only four letter words—words that don’t take much thought but only a lot of emotion of some kind. On these boards there are those—like the ones your were responding to—who want to push those kinds of buttons an make people upset. That’s what makes their day. Don’t give them the pleasure. Make them look like a loser—better yet let THEMSELVES to it. They always do with their posts.

  • fersken22
  • Athenais

    “And while her character, a girl possessed by a demon is a literal man-eater, Megan said there’s one real-life guy she’d like to bite into.

    “Zac Efron,” she said. “I think he’d taste like a strawberry cupcake.”

    I think it’s inappropriate ….Megan Fox search to create trouble …Is not a decent attitude

  • Babes iloveyou

    Apparently zanessa are over. :(