Zac Efron & Amanda Crew: Love Interests!

Zac Efron & Amanda Crew: Love Interests!

Zac Efron steps out in a pair of Cr8ative Recreation kicks as he gets friendly with fellow castmates during an evening stroll around the dock in Vancouver, Canada on Wednesday (July 22).

The 21-year-old actor, who is currently filming The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud, was seen chatting with Amanda Crew, who plays his love interest in the new movie.

Zac and his new pals took a boat ride across the bay to a restaurant for a special dinner. More pictures at JJ!!!

Last week, Mr. Efron was seen wearing a wet suit and taking several boat rides to prepare for his new flick.

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Credit: Beetham/Chiang ; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • vanessa

    omg he is so hot

  • Karen

    By now Megan Fox knows all the craziness she has created by other things she has said about Zac and I’m sure she knows the gossip about her supposedly having dinner with him, etc, so her to say something like this was too tempting for her I’m sure. She is all about getting people to raise their eyebrows and suck in their breath…basically she likes to stir things up. All I can say is poor Zac. But for all we know behind the scenes Zac and Vanessa may be having a good laugh at her antics.

  • ivy.

    Love Interest? lol, never baby, zanessa for life,

  • kmartineau

    When vanessa comes to canada. She’ll prombley stay at Zac’s condo…

  • dilso

    OMG! He’s hot. lol.
    Oh ya to jennny. you are an insane biiiggg fat women. You’re probably being asked by those zanessa haters and being elected to be the president of junk.OMFG jenny! You are stupid . seriously.Zac just met amanda. fof god sake. its nothing compared to the four year relationship he had with vanessa.only 2 weeks or more and you say they are together. comeone. have a brain. even a 11 year old could think wisely. Jenny seriously i think your the president of the ZANESSA haters. Its lame you knw to call other people ugly and so on. I think you are the same like the PRESIDENT OF THE ……………………………….LIBRARY.Jenny’s getting lamer every minute. haha. you’re a god dan big fat women whose mentally insane cos zaC EFRON LOVES VANESSA HUDGENS MORE THAN HE LOVES YOU. HAHA.dream on fat women. oh ya i think you have a bid fat piece of fat stuck to your body which makes you look like one seal who has so much blubber! (: enjoying getting bambard by other jenny!

  • http://saba saba

    I hate YOU ZAC

  • Karen


    Did your comment make an impact on anyone? Especially jenny? You said in your comment that it is LAME to call other people ugly and yet you’re calling someone you’ve never met or seen a picture of all kinds of ugly things in regards to looks. That’s not just lame but very childish. Make sense and your comment will have an impact on other readers. Saying Zac has been with Vanessa for over 3 years and how he just met Amanda so it is highly unlikely there is anything going on between them, that they are going to be working together the same as Vanessa is working with Alex Petyfer, etc, is fact and on point and is logical. You loose it all with being so immature and cussing the way you do in your comment. It doesn’t sound like you are much more than 11.

  • I-like-red

    okay, some people needs to chill! it’s not like every woman in the world are in love with zac! I, for instance, am not. There are even some who hates him! and why are everyone always blabering about zac and his female co-stars, and not vanessa with hers? They have been together for, what, 3-4 years? I haven’t seen any break-up so far, so why are everyone worring about it now?

    so IF he really is doing a sex-scene, it’s only positive. I’m sure for the actores if will only be comical (or mybe uncomfortable, i don’t know), but anyway it’s not exactely romantic with all the cameras around. zac and zanessa fans should know that It will be good for his career – and I’m 96% sure it wondt affect their relationshp badly. It would be very unprofessional of zac to fall in love durring filming, expecially scince he already has a girlfriend. (and it won’t take that long to film this movie either).
    But if this movie is a PG-13, I doubt it’s going to be so very intimid…

  • Rachel

    She is gorgeous!

  • oat

    Amanda i love u lol