The Clique Girlz: New Album On The Way!

The Clique Girlz: New Album On The Way!

Paris and Destinee Monroe are all smiley as they pose in front of a The Replica Statue of Queen Anne fountain at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London earlier this month.

The singing sisters are making their way across Europe to prepare for their new album. They tweeted, saying, “It’s true, we can’t keep a secret!! lol. We are here in Amsterdam recording our new album! Wait until you hear this. omg. so excited!”

The Clique Girlz next stop? Sweden! They shared, “Our new album is coming together like magic! Now we are going to SWEDEN!!! This can’t be happening! God is amazing!”

In between the busy recording schedule, Paris and Destinee also found time to meet with a select group of special fans for a private meet & greet at Planet Hollywood in London. They also made time to see the sights and enjoy the amazing history and architecture.

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  • Lou

    first!! finally! xx

  • #1 Jonas Brother Fan!

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!! I love
    the Clique Girlz! I cant wait for the
    album!!!! They ROCK!!!

  • Melanie


  • LOLA

    about time i LOVE their music so much they are just different from miley, demi and selena

  • Hannah

    Haha…you have GOT to be kidding me.

  • Cujo22

    Destinee has great feet.

  • muffinstealer

    not much of a fan. I dont think they’ll last very long. Sorry.

  • Rachaellampa4ever

    who are they anyway???

  • Mariah

    I’m not a fan.
    I think it’s sad how they lost two amazing singers in less than a year.

  • Nicole

    Not a fan at ALL!! :P

  • Devin

    Ugh, they could barely even release there first album. Besides, there’s no good singers left anyway.

    Team Ariel Moore!


  • Brittany

    I love the Clique Girlz!!!!!There music is the best!If The Clique Girlz are reading this then…….OMG!!!!!I just want to tell me and my friends are a big fan…..Oh and by the way me and my friend call us The Clique Kids and at school we sing your song and the first song we learn how to do is Incredible and I am the one who first saw you guys!I saw you at The Cheetah Girlz concert!It was sometime in December 2008!And you were the secong one to perform!And you guys were GREAT!My favorite song you sing is How Do You Like Me So Far…..I don’t know if you wrote it or it or not but it is very good!Okay well if the clique girlz are really reading this then,WOW!Read Below!……..If you are not The Clique Girlz then why did you read this far!But if it is you(the clqiue girlz)Plz if you have a yahoo then plz send me your phone number….Plz becasue we(my friends and I)want to talk to you in person or on the phone and we want to meet you!!!!!I really wan to meet you…..But if you dont have a yahoo…………………………………………………………….PLz make one….Plz….Plz and I am really counting on you!!!!!

  • Brittany

    Oh By the way my email is

  • jenn

    The clique girs are SOOOO OVER. Hello, they lost two of their members who quit cause they realize these girls have NO future.
    Puhleaze. I think they are the ones writing all the posts here. So Sad.

  • Ringlord

    @Devin: Devin if Ariel is so much better than Paris and Destinee where is her solo album? She has had almost a year to get one out, but I have heard nothing about a label even signing her. jenn I don’t see Sarah showing much of a future without The Clique Girlz. Both Ariel and Sarah are very good singers, but they are no better than Destinee or Paris and not even as far along in releasing an album as they are. As much as many dislike Disney not being a Disney act has hurt the group

  • Jessica

    I’d just like to say that Destinee and Paris are amazing, they may not be as big as Miley, but in my opinion they are better.. They’re music is not only dancy and fun, but they are MUCH better role models than Miley. I love their music, I listen to it all the time. I can’t wait for their new CD.. My favorite song by them is so hard so far. I just love it. Well anyways, if Destinee and Paris are reading this ‘Don’t listen to the bad comments on here, you both are amazing and don’t ever forget it! I personally like you better as a sister duo act. Can’t wait to hear your new album! Good luck, and God bless :) xo’

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