Demi Lovato Sings Death Metal Barney Theme

Demi Lovato Sings Death Metal Barney Theme

Demi Lovato and Late Night show host Jimmy Fallon belt out the words to their own version of the Barney Theme Song on Thursday night (July 23).

As many fans know, the 16-year-old starlet, who is currently on tour and promoting her second album, Here We Go Again, got her start on the popular children’s show Barney in Texas (with BFF Selena Gomez).

Demi tweeted after their performance together, saying, “Jimmy Fallon is my new best friend. We’re ‘BFF’s’ forever and ever.”

Demi Lovato & Jimmy Fallon – Death Metal Barney Theme – 07/23
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  • Anonymous

    i love this update demi is so talented love her.

  • nicole

    she is soooooooo awesome!!! you guys should check out this video:

    there’s a lot to laugh about and Demi holds a little monkey!!!!

  • Bailee

    Haha, love her.

  • kourtney

    i love uuuuuuu
    luv demi,miley,lena,ashley+more

  • Steph

    Lol, this was funny. gotta love demi

  • emily

    HAHAHA I love Demi=)

  • DemiFan

    OMG that just made my day! IDK who’s funnier: Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Kimbell ? ha ha!

  • karen

    Oah, she’s sooo cute! Jimmy is such a funny one! LOVE YOU ALL!

  • Melz

    I love her!

  • jessica

    Demi is okay. Overrated. Good thing Kevin Jonas Sr., was there as her manager. Her mom is sooooooo pretty; maybe sr. and mom will get it together as a team. At least they all hate Miley now…woooop wooop

  • DemiFan

    @jessica: Overated? she barely has her name in Hollywood! Overated would be like TWILLIGHT . Every thing in the media lately is about NEW MOON and a possible 3 Sequel.

  • jessica


    Good point! Vote for Demi on tca!!!!! Please if you love Demi do not vote for miley for any category. Sorry.

  • Amanda

    I think she is very underrated.

  • emily

    @jessica: haha i will vote 4 demi but not miley (im a fan of mileys but i dont care 4 her 2win she always wins any award & im sure shes going to win something so i dont need to vote 4her)!!

  • the fame


  • jessica


    exactly….let’s take down Miley Cyrus right? That is the loving and Godly thing to do?

  • emily

    @jessica: sure but vote 4 emily osment 2 shes cool =)

  • jessica

    I’m really not a hater and just because I feel jealous of Miley I will vote for her. I really only hated her cuz Nick liked her. He doesn’t now. That is over so with God’s help I won’t be so jealous of Cyrus n e more.

  • cam


    Demi is okay. Overrated. Good thing Kevin Jonas Sr., was there as her manager. Her mom is sooooooo pretty; maybe sr. and mom will get it together as a team. At least they all hate Miley now…woooop wooop
    I DON’T agree:
    I don’t think Demi is overrated – in fact, musically she is very underrated. This girl is an amazing talent! Her new album is really really good! she will no doubt be really big! This new CD is FAR FAR better than her 1st & her voice is amazing without all that sugar pop that Disney forces them to put into their music in the beginning. I think the next song off her album should be either “world of chances” or “every time you lie” – both of them are awesome!

    I don’t know anything about the Mr. & Mrs. Jonas stuff or the hate Miley stuff?? what is that about? BUT Demi is AWESOME!

  • Bradley Bobst

    I Like Demi Lovato she is so beautiful I love her music.

  • Jared

    She IS overrated. I’m sick of seeing her everywhere. Take it slow Disney.

  • JaredJr.


  • phoebe

    hahahaha. i just <3 demi! :) selena was on this show recently and hers was really funny 2. :P

  • DemiFan

    @phoebe: oh yeah, that’s when she was shooting chewing gum in the air right?? That was funny! I think she said her record was 32 shots or something like that.

  • Demilovatofan

    Haha I watched this it cracked me up soo bad

  • maichi


  • Andrea

    i love her,, She´s so funny, and down to earth,, So Awesome, Demi is the best,, GO DEMI!!

  • =)=)=)

    why do u guys hate miley so much what did she do 2 u ?

  • cassy

    it was all jimmy babes.. demi didnt do anything funny so calmmm down. at least she didnt touch him. poor jimmy

  • Tucker21


    I believe there was over 4 million people was watching that, i believe haters can’t stop being idiot like jimmy fallon, definitely quit his senseless racist joke.

  • AnonymousGuy08

    I had my own spoof of the Theme from Barney years ago.

    Dopey voice: “I love you.
    You love me.
    F*** your mother

  • kara


  • cry no more

    miley will not win this time not anymore so im votin 4 her 2 help her win and theres alot of ppl that want her 2 win so im votin 4 miley and demi 4 all !!

  • demifan2100

    Demi will be hosting KiWi Radio this weekend (August 1 & August 2). For three hours, she will be the DJ and talk about her life, her music, her show and Camp Rock 2. The show can be heard online:


    at 96.1 KISS FM



    at MY 99.9

    More info at

  • hulicious

    i love demi she’s sooo talented !!!

  • gold baybay

    Okay, anyone who says Demi Lovato is the best singer in the world is extremely wrong. She’s talented, yes, but she ain’t no Whitney Houston. All I have to say is…music is dead with all the hip/hop cr*ap and disney bop stuff. Some of you should listen to some ’70′s, ’80′s and ’90′s music, that’s when music was at its best. Even 2000 and 2001. The Supremes, Michael Jackson, Jackson 5, Jimi Hendrix, Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Lionell Richie I could go on forever.



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