Demi Lovato: Miley Has So Much Faith In Me!

Demi Lovato: Miley Has So Much Faith In Me!

Demi Lovato pretties up the September 2009 issue of Sugar magazine.

The 16-year-old singer dished to the mag about her strong relationship with BFF Miley Cyrus.

She shared, “Miley — who I call Dragon from our favorite film Step Brothers — has been amazing. We talk every day and she’s given me so much advice. Recently she sent me this four page text message encouraging me and telling me she has faith in me. It was so inspiring and made me feel great — because I do get overwhelmed by the paps sometimes.”

The September issue of Sugar hits stands on Wednesday, July 29. Be sure to pick a copy up!

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  • DemiFan

    I love Demi and Miley’s Friendship! But I wsh we could see the three Divas together! Sel, Dem, and Miles!

  • Anonymous

    i love demi lovato she is so pretty.the cover is awesome i gonnaget the magazine.

  • awurbii

    This is the first Sugar Magazine cover I have seen where they haven’t photo shopped the photo to death. They usually overdo it but Demi looks good on the cover.

  • amber

    I love demi and miley. it so nice how they look after each other.

  • hannah

    idc wat anyone say about how much u can have more than 1 bestfriend but its so obvious that she total ditched selena for miley anyone who doesn’t see that is blind i think theyv’e been drifting apart for a while now and selena was tryna keep it 2gether but i think selena just decided let her be 2 stop trying and now they don’t even seem like frenz anymore.

  • macy

    omg demi and miley friendship is so fakee
    seriiously demi u didnt even wish ur bff for 10 a happy bday on twitter but still manage to like o me and miley are bestfriend for live whatever



    if the friendship was fake honey, they wouldn’t talk with each other on twitter, wouldn’t go out together and wouldn’t tell storys about hanging with each other. DUH you talk like you know what’s going on but sorry, are you HERS friend? NOPE so shut up.

    and I think Demi&Miley are waaay better than Demi&Selena. C’mon like, Selena is the “innocent perfect disney girl”. Demi is not. Selena is not for Demi.

  • courtney

    wow, some of you need to chill. demi can be friends with selena AND miley. i mean she talks about selena in like every interview she does, she needed to talk about something new.
    and plus, we dont really know their ‘real’ friendship. only what they do in public.

  • michelle

    demi’s left selena.she can go with sure she can hav more friends buh i go with everything #5 sed.

  • Missvan

    Demi is so Pretty!!!!!
    I’m glad Miles “give her some advices” cuz Miley has more experience on acting&singing.
    LOVE DEMI!!!!

  • anna

    i’m sorry but i can’t take her seriously anymore everything about her now seems fake now idk i just don’t get her i know u change as u get older but she did a complete 360 inless than a year. and does anyone else feel like she just total forgot selena 2 be miley 2.0 i mean seriously 2 can have more than 1 best friend but she now all about miley all the time now (hannah) yeah u r rite i think she and demi realized the friendship was falling apart but she seemed like the 1 tryna keep it 2gether but i think selena has now kinda decicde if they r meant 2 stay friends they will and is just letting go of the whole think i hope selena find a new friend 2 have her and be a true bff 2 her cuz demi doesn’t appreciate her but she does miley i guess she finds that in TAYLOR selena god bless u wish u the best of luck ppl call u fake but 2 seem why more sincere 2 me than these overnight BFF’s


  • i love vanessa

    I have this magazine on sucscription, and i love it!
    And i was go glad Vanessa was on the last cover, but this month its Demi :(
    How can it go from having the AMAZING Vanessa Hudgens to Demi ?

  • http://facebookme.hahahah ilovedemi

    wait a second… this magazine comes out in the us too? i thoguht it’s just for the UK…

  • shannz

    who else thinks SEMI is so over and any relationship they still have is cuz of disney cuz they can’t have there stars feuding i think its all demi she just dumped selena for miley but whatever at the end of the day when the chips r down she’ll know who is real and who’s fake but till then SELENA ur a strong girl and i hope u find a better friend 2 have ur back

  • ilovespongebob

    WFT happened with selena???????????????????
    i mean really!
    i think that mileys trying to steal demi away from selena i mean havent ANY of you notice?
    and demi didnt say happy b-day to sel on twitter!
    miley doesnt even like selena because on twitter,shes not following her and selenas not following her either!
    and in Elle magazine,mileys like “Me,Demi,and Nick have our own thing!”
    what the?
    wheres selena?

  • jazmin

    so like are the friends flipped now?
    demi and miley
    taylor and selena?
    well, whatever.
    they all seem happy right now.

  • anna

    i wish there still was SEMI sigh

  • jessica

    Yay Miley mentoring Demi. Very mature of Miley.

  • DemiFan

    @shannz: Dem has said in countless interviews that she still makes time to see her. Selena even flew in from Vancouver to see one of her shows! So Dem and Sel are still BFF! They’re schedules are what’s keeping them apart. Not Miley!

  • MissMileySfan1

    Miley is so sweet! Simply the best!

  • jessica

    Miley is beeeeuuuteeefulllll on the outside and inside. Love that girl Miley…cannot wait for her first drama role in the last song.

  • andrea

    no thier relationship isnt fake. but i think this interview took place back when demi and miley were closer. it seemend when selena was gone demi and miley got much closer. and then demi and miley both are very busy now and they dnt talk on twitter anymore. and plus theres that whole trace and demi splitting up now. i think this interview was when they were closer. and selena and demi over?? yeah- theyre faarrr from it. demi talkd about selena in her last live webcast and even txtd her how much she missed her and on twitter demi was like ‘i miss you so much’. so yeah- theyre not far from over. theyre STILL and ALWAYS will be best friends because theyve gone through so much together. but that dosnt mean demi cant have other close friends. like miley and her other friend marissa.

  • Mee

    aww i love MEMI<3
    they both rock.

  • Steph

    Demi didn’t ditch Selena. And, she doesn’t have to write EVERY single thing on twitter. She probably called Selena because that would be nicer than through a tweet. I think it’s great that Demi and Miley are close friends. Both those girls are amazing. Demi can have as many friends as she wants.

  • Zac Efron Fan Forever

    How about you people need to get it through your heads that Miley AND Demi AND Selena are all friends.
    Face facts people, their all friends

  • anna

    @Zac Efron Fan Forever: what planet do u live on its sooooooooooooooooooooo obvious that miley and selena aren’t frenz and put up with each other cuz of demi and disney but since i doubt SEMI is bff if frenz @ all now just disney

  • melissa

    @Zac Efron Fan Forever:

    exactly (:

  • leah

    Miley is amazing. It’s very mature of her to advice Demi-after everything she’s been through.

  • Christinitza

    I think that they are just hanginh cuz of PPP….the true BFFs are Miley and Demi…YAY XD

  • ashleytfan

    All THREE of them are friends! Demi can have more than one best friend! Chill, hollywood isn’t all drama, things are real!

  • shannz

    @Christinitza: i think ur rite demi ditched her for miley but watever selena at least u know ur true frenz now rite jen and the other close let demi go be with miley if thats wat she wants

  • shannz

    @ashleytfan: i get that but miley has like 5 million and demi is the same way o well ppl change and grow apart thats life

  • Melz

    I love Demi and Miley!
    I’m happy they’re friends

  • lindsey

    @Christinitza umm… yeah miley is one of demis bffs but selena and demi are bestbest friends. how many times have you seen miley mentioned in one of demis interviews besides this one? and who did demi have a special people magazinge with? and a movie? and a music video? and youtube videos? selena. so… selena and demi are amazing. and im not putting down miley. obviously demi and miley are close and thats great. and i think miley and selena arent close friends but im pretty sure they dnt hate eachother. demi mentions selena all the time and not miley. and whoever said its thier scheduals keepimg selena and demi apart- NOT miley is right. theyre both super busy and havnt had time to hang out. were making a bigger deal of this than we should.

  • megan

    can you please stop posting the cover until it comes out!! my friend and me like to guess who on cover!!!!

  • Laila

    Take it easy. Selena is Defiantley her BESTIE. Miley might be a publiciyt thing but IDK. I mean i only seen them together 5 times. Where as Dem and Sel I’ve seen over GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGLE of times. Come on. Cut Demi some slack. I go back and forth from 2 Besties. But all 3 of us are friends sooooo. Just leave there friendship alone.

  • kris

    I love demi and selena not demi and miley. whatever!!

  • Vicki

    Why does everyone keep saying Demi didn’t wish Selena happy birthday on Twitter? SO WHAT? That doesn’t mean she didn’t tell her. You don’t have to communicate everything through twitter for the world to see. People can have two best friends at a time. If you don’t know that then I don’t know what to tell you. Demi and Selena have know each other since they were children but you can’t always hang out with that same one person all the time. They do all have jobs and are very busy. Demi’s on tour right now. I’m sure Demi and Selena’s relationship is fine. I think it’s good she is friends with Miley. It’s easier to be friends with someone than enemies. I personally like Miley as a person. I used to be on of those “I hate Miley” people because everyone else was saying it but I found that I have no reason to hate her. Yes, she has made some bad desions but I don’t think she’s a bad person. I actually watch Hannah Montana all the time now. Some people need to step back and stop following the herd. Like lindsay and laila ^^ said people are making a bigger deal of this than we should. Just leave there friendship alone.

  • ALa

    Uhm, it just seems like Demi is growing apart from Selena now. Like Demi & selena just doesnt seem the same together. Demi changed ever since she got more successful & now she seems to be more of BFFs with miley. They gotten really close & that might of made Demi grow apart from Selena. but idk thats just my point of view.

  • Laura

    Demi and Miley are such cute friends, my mates always send me four page long text messages which I think is really nice :D:D

    Can’t wait to see Camp Rock 2 :D

  • victoria

    ok all you guys need to chill, you can have more than one best friend…i have two best friends!
    and demi and selena are still close thats why they randomly say i miss you on twitter and why demi was texting her on her last live chat
    but i do love that her and miley are friends because they are just so fun
    and all you are freaking that demi left selena fro miley, well how come none of you are freaking about how close selena is with taylor, i mean seriously
    and anyways who cares what goes on in their lives, focus on your own

  • Vicki

    Plus Demi was just talking about Selena on The View yesterday.

  • Team cyrus lavato and jonas!!!

    i just love miley and demi! there the best and im really happy that they have such a wonderful friendship 2gether! :D

  • Andrea


  • justme

    wow you people are stupid. Like she can’t be friends with bot Miley and Sel. She did not left Selena for Miley. You guys act as if it’s the end of the world!

  • case

    yes she definitely left selena for miley. bad choice on her part. i can’t wait to watch her be lindsay lohan 2.0!

  • chelsea

    @hannah: what the fuck are you talking about. demi and selena are still buds. Have you not seen the people mag issue “Selena and Demi”, I hate to say this but GOD your such an imbecile. And Demi probably wished Selena happy birthday on the phone or something. Or sent a gift. Where you got the “Demi ditched Selena for Miley” bullshit is beyond me…

  • Cinnn

    So grateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • lULU

    @case: LEAVE DEMI AND SEL ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jjjgirl

    Since you notice all the stuff they do together that means your either a stocker or like everyone else…. I think their just being friends for good press

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