Jake T. Austin: New Tale of Sebastian!

Jake T. Austin: New Tale of Sebastian!

Jake T. Austin sings “Lollipop, Lollipop” on the backseat of a bus in a new episode of his web series, Tales of Sebastian.

The 14-year-old actor along with pal Christian Fortune get into more mischief on their first big drug deal.

In the video, before they leave, Sebastian (Austin) tells his brother, Ken (Fortune) that he doesn’t understand his Spanish. But he does understand, “Pakistani, Afghanistani, Kajistani, Porteguese, and Greek.”

Check it out below!

Tales of Sebastian, Episode 2: “The Deal”
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  • Nessa

    haha jake is awesome he is a great actor
    funny ass video
    jjj should post more on this kid

  • nikkki


  • Jessica

    love this vid! and i love him!

  • kenzie

    there so funny

  • Chelsea

    CUTE! Jake is adorable!!!

  • http://justjaredjr simnel

    cool luv him

  • ♥Tiff♥


  • http://twitter.com/katyeryznar Katyeryznar

    i loooooooooove him and this video is good x)

  • ♥Tiff♥

    I ♥ Jakee

  • c

    jakeee t is so efiinn cuteee<33

  • L.Ray

    How old is Christian?He’s cute!

  • sooo
  • iimmac

    hahaha love jake and christian. =]

  • Megan

    OMGGGGGGGODDDIEEEEE. his friend is sooo cute!!!!

  • Samster

    They are both FINE ;]

  • Jessica

    haha funny
    but my friend was singin that on the phone today and got that stuck in my head lol

  • leah

    I love Jake haha! He’s the bomb!

  • *_*

    I like the kid! He’s not a disney dummy(the doll not like a rude name : / )

  • cassy

    drug deal?


  • carolineeee

    haha… love them :)))))))))))))The are both soooo cute :)) <333 How old are they??

  • Tricia

    christian is so funny and so cute i really want to be in a movie with him one day …if i become an actress

  • eva

    wow I love this second episode !

  • Dhsg

    I hate Christian fortune he looks like an ass.
    GO JAKE !

  • http://msn.co.uk marymilkhake

    they’re all really good actors including Jansen,they’re also quite funny.christian fortune is hottss!!! too bad he’s 18 only kidding,i wud lyke 2 meet him someday,I’d like to meet all of them smday,the whole brat pack,that’d be cool.

  • http://msn.co.uk marymilkhake

    he’s 18!

  • http://google chels

    hi jake i am the girl you are looking for i really want to have a photo with you.

  • Mj

    it shows a good example to always say no to drugs.Wooo!!YOur ausome jake

  • http://NAOM11V Naomi

    HaHA,funny video.Their both really funny!!!!!!

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