Kristen Stewart: I'm Team Jacob!

Kristen Stewart: I'm Team Jacob!

Kristen Stewart cuddles into costar Taylor Lautner on the red carpet of the San Diego Comic Con on Thursday (July 23).

When asked who she was rooting for in the movies, Kristen told E!, “Read into this right here!” Guess that means she’s Team Jacob!

The two also dished that they’ll be heading back to Vancouver to shoot Eclipse in a little over two weeks time. To prepare for the third installment, Taylor also shared that he never left the gym!

Check it out below:

Kristen Stewart is Team Jacob!

Taylor Lautner Gets to Growl
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  • Camille

    team edward.

  • alli

    TEAM JACOB all the way baby!!

  • Tracy

    Aaawww they’re so cute!

  • cristy

    can you see comic con on tv? i have direct tv… if they’re showing it, what channel is it on?

  • tess

    Whateva! Team EDWARD all the way!

  • Jasmine

    Team Edward, but Taylor and Kristen are totally cute together. You can tell they are buddies

  • Team jacob

    nice choice but I thought she would be team Edward… Well team Jacob all the way!! :)

  • Brea

    She looks like crap. lol No offense but I must admit I saw those two clips and Kristen and Taylor have WAAAAY more chemistry than Kristen and Robert do even though I’m all the way Team Edward, it’s weird.

  • candycrazy

    hahah. im on both teams. but i like Taylor. the cast seems like really good friends….:)

  • loveforeverrxxx

    Kristen seems very tomboyish in that Joan Jett haircut. I kind of think that her personality fits into that haircut. She doesn’t at all seem like the girly Bella in real life :P

  • Kayla


  • mishyB

    Kristen is sooo awkward and nervous. It is hilarious!… She’ll perhaps get used to the spotlight… but she is uber-UGLY though.

  • ady

    I’m Team Jacob too!! :D


    Kristen does not look good, she looks very awkward and nervous..

  • erin

    get off kristens back! the hair is for a movie. i think she is beautiful!

  • ryanefron

    wooooow. she was so stoned.

  • http://- blair

    go kristen! you rooockkkk!!!! :D

  • Christinitza

    AAAAAAAA….cant believe she just said team jacob….Uohhhhhh….She must be mad at Rob cuz of something….

  • diANA

    She seems pretty unconfortable in this interview. and honestly i don’t think she’s team jacob and i really really don’t think she and taylor have chemistry AT ALL. come on, when he put her arm around her, she just put it away. if you guys have eyes, use them.
    by the way, TEAM EDWARD… ALWAYS!

  • ♥Tiff♥

    lol shes sooo awkward and

  • alice

    shes team edward she said it in a interview lol she was just joking around here you can tell

    but if she really is team jacob ugh w.e ill always love her ;)

  • who cares

    Luv u Kristen but man you could’ve slap some nice cloths on in transit! Jeez Louise. Love her ackwardness its hilarious!

  • c


    i agree!!!
    she jus said team jacob cus he was standing right there and that would be mean aha..and if she said team edward everyone would assume she was with rob and start more rumors..

    but i think she is!
    team edward/team robsten<33

  • Jacobblackishawt

    Team JAcob Baybee

  • Alina

    lol i dont think kristen’s team anything. she, rob, and taylor almost seem over all of this twilight stuff. you can tell lol. but i love them anyway! =]

  • nikkki

    that kid is ssoo uglyy!!! and talks gayy!

  • jasss

    TEAM JACOB!!!!!
    but wth is going on with kristen stewart!
    she’s so bad at public speaking and her hair looks DISGUSTING!

  • Misshalfway

    Team EDWARD all the way!!!!!!!!!!

  • twihard69

    i am not sure if she and rob are together but she was all over taylor prob playing a game to make people to stop making rumers thaat is why she did not sit next to rob and acted as if he were a friend wonder where she stayed last night

  • http://justjaredjr simnel


  • Bianca

    Hahaha I got the impression twice actually that Kristen wanted to eat Taylor up lol. Haha she seems more relaxed in this interview cause the press conference was kinda struggled. LOVE THEM ALL …..TEAM SWITZERLAND!

  • Dj_maZe

    team edward.

  • Tracy

    They are told in which order to sit at the press conference, so it wasn’t Kristen’s choice to sit next to Taylor. Taylor has a bigger role in this movie which makes sense that he sits in the middle.

  • Diana

    Taylor is so cute, and nice too!
    Kristen is Kristen, the coolest girl in hollywood… her style and her way of being are always the same, she is awesome!
    And they’re just good friends!

    Go Team Jacob!
    Can’t wait for New Moon, my favourite book of the Saga…

  • Nancy


  • LOLA

    eww wtf is wrong with her ?? she looks like a crack head shes soooo UGLY!!

  • Mech.

    I’m Switerland ♥ aaaall the way! Taylor it’s soooo cute & hot at the same time, and what of the most things, the most importants of why I love him, i cause he has his feets on earth, and that’s reaaaally important.
    I love Kiks but she still seems to be the teenager who doesn’t know who she is… and because of that make weird things to her hair… hahahahah :D i love her, anyway!
    Jared, I love how u re-organize the ‘Top Celeb♥’ seccion this time, its sooo good right now! before who had Victoria Justice, she’s gorgeous but… she’s not a Top Celeb, or Most Beloved Celeb or something.
    Love ya!,

  • muffinstealer

    Team Jacob && Team Taylor;;;;;I lurvvv Taylorr Lautner

  • Tam

    rob and kristen are certainly over the whole the whole thing but not taylor he is like a puppy loves all the attention.

    And kristen has said before she is team edward. NOT that there really is teams as bella was never going to chose jacob, sorry guys!

  • Jenny

    I agree with you. Meh, people read too much into this stuff anyway. I’m both Team Edward and Jacob but I like Taylor :)
    & everyone needs to stop hating on Kristen and her hair! It’s for a movie so get over it. She’s a great actress and I think she has great commitment to her roles.

  • Poplockanddrop

    It always seems that she’s on drugs!! haha

    TEAM EDWARD ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jalice

    ow, she looks very awkward. Well, if she’s team Jake I’m team Edward!

  • leaf

    “i dont like to interrupt the flooow of organic film making.” hahaha.
    i love KS!!!

  • Vicki

    Good choice!

    Edward is overrated.

  • lsav

    lmao She is sooo high. Taylor looks so uncomfortable with it.

  • Isabella

    Team Edward <3

  • sherydan

    I’m team jacob all the way!!!! edwards is to old and ugly

  • kris

    kristens so lively in this interview and when she’s with her actual friends when doing interviews..
    i wish she would have looked more presentable though, but oh well. I still love her.

  • http://djfldjspgfddfggfgg ok[k[[[lkkkll;


    maybe i think your ugly -Kristen is Pretty your just jelous that shes prettyer than you

  • katie

    Team Switzerland <3 (though Edward does creep me out)

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