Meaghan Martin Chats Camp Rock 2!

Meaghan Martin Chats Camp Rock 2!

Meaghan Martin is uber excited to work with BFFs Anna Maria Perez De Tagle, Jasmine Richards and Demi Lovato on Camp Rock 2.

The 18-year-old actress dished to Twist magazine, saying, “I’m about to go to Canada to film Camp Rock 2. I’m pretty pumped, it’s going to be awesome. I can’t wait to be with the cast again. We’ll have dance parties and film an awesome movie that hopefully you will stay tuned and watch on Disney Channel, probably around next summer.”

Camp Rock 2 follows Shane (Joe Jonas) and Mitchie (Lovato) as they return to Camp Rock, only to discover that some of the students and instructors have ditched it for nearby rival Camp Star.

Meaghan Martin Chats “Camp Rock 2″
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  • Courtney

    We can’t wait for Camp Rock 2!

    I love JB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • ♥ZaNessa♥

    I hate Camp Rock -.- How can they plan a Camp Rock 2?
    It’s boring.. it’s the same story..

  • nikkki

    noooo camp rock is just trying to copy HSM!

    noo capm rock 2 bbooo

  • yay!!!!

    @nikkki: I agree. I didn’t like the first camp rock and the second one won’t be different. the jonas brothers should stick to what made them famous, their looks.

  • katie

    it’s not trying to copy hsm. wtf? camp rock was a good movie. and people like it. so why not make a second one? itll make the fans happy and get disney more money. if anything, the hsm movies were cheesier than camp rock. the only good hsm was the third one. the first one was ok and the second was just downright terrible. so no. its not trying to copy hsm. theres plenty of disney movies that have had sequals. that doesn’t mean theyre trying to copy another movie. how bout you think before you talk, sweetheart, instead of just making a fool of yourself.

    the jonas brothers didnt get famous because of their looks. they got famous because theyve got real talent and people enjoy their music. they just happen to be three good-looking guys as well. dont start drama by saying crap like that. its stupid and childish. grow up.

  • jasmine

    wow, i really kind of hated her in the first camp rock. she was so mean. it’s good to know she’s not like that in real life though :)
    she seems so sweet !

  • http://- blair

    she’s just so full of herself! but for what she’s not even that pretty and famous ugh.Demi is so much better…I’m just sayin’

  • mai

    can’t wait 4 CAMP ROCK 2!!!!!!!! i know its gonna be awesome..

  • maria pia

    i want to see tje jonas brothers on camp rock!!! i luv JB!!

  • emma

    i didnt realy like camp rock 1 i hope camp rock 2 well be better !
    demi has a hot body here ! keep votin 4 demi and miley !!!

  • CJ

    she wears glasses? wow

  • kris

    you me make #demiselena a trend on twitter! please :D please @ reply me. /FANselgomez


    I’m sorry guys but i think camp rock 2 isnt gunna be all that great.

    @ yayy:the jonas brothers arent popular cuz of looks.
    its cuz of talent.

  • caitlynnnn

    ugggghhhh meaghan just wants attention……..and have u heard her sing LIVE? ACKKKKK!!! while camp rock made demi famous, it hasnt done anyythinngg for meaghan….wonder why?!

  • DemiFan777

    i love camp rock, how can people not like it its one of the best movies i have ever seen.. i think the second camp rock will be great.. i’m older than i sound!!!!! 13

  • hannah

    i love the first one was awesome so i can’t wait til the second one

  • omg

    she looks so pretty with glasses!
    or else ill like cry!

  • mollie

    > My name is Mollie
    > I am 9 years old
    > And camp rock rules
    > My favourite cast member is demi lavato
    > But I have some things to say

    Demi: Heyyah demi your amazing in camp rock! I wish I was your little sister!!!!!!!

    Joe: Hi joe your always dead dead nicee to everyone you meet and know!!!!!

    See yaa soon xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • mollie

    Demi and joe Rule !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Deen

    omg! cant wait to see this oneee!! i am so exiteeeeeeeeeed!!

  • Mrs.joejonas

    EEEEPPPPPPPPPP! breathe. hah im so excited its not funny! XD

  • http://jonasbrothers caila

    @Courtney: caila hi love

  • http://jonasbrothers caila

    caila hi love yuo

  • mitch

    camr rock is all about loveing in music so the created a camp that all activities is related in music and make them ready and also the final jam

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