Miley Cyrus Following Jennifer Aniston's Steps?

Miley Cyrus Following Jennifer Aniston's Steps?
  • Is Miley Cyrus the next Jennifer Aniston?
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  • Joe Jonas had a sweet ending to his New York visit before continuing down to Philadelphia on tour with his brothers. The musician along with Leah LaBelle and Rachael Lampa and two friends stopped into Serendipity 3 for some frozen hot chocolate ” and Jonas had to fend off screaming female fans who wanted his picture. He also bought some “Pick Your Nose” party cups in the restaurant’s gift shop.
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  • miley&demibiggestfan

    who is jennifer aniston? i mean what movie is she in becaus i feel like i seem her on some movie but i don’t remember.

  • Em


  • flashmob

    Miley Cyrus is already a star with a career so far into the stratosphere that to compare her merely to (the lovely) Jennifer Aniston, barely does her justice. The better comparison for Miley Cyrus is perhaps to, Dakota Fanning, (birth name “Hannah Dakota Fanning”, oh my, where did Miley’s character get the name “Hannah Montana” from?) and probably that comparison works best, because both stellar talents have extraordinary moms that brilliantly guide their careers.

  • Lou

    why would SHE be the next jennifer aniston-

    1) Jen is gorgeous
    2) Jen has talent

  • critic n crickets

    Miley will have a hard time in films because her overbite is getting worse with age.

  • Mee

    oww probably<3
    love both of them (:

  • jimmy

    Miley is the next Miley. Don’t compare her with somebody else. It’s rude. She isn’t somebody’s next. She has her own persona.

  • the fame

    @Lou: totally agree..a-lister vs famewh*re

  • mar

    Jen is JEN!… and I like her
    Miley just is Miley

  • mar


    OMG… so, you don’t know anything about Hollywood :)

  • lollyx

    You cannot compare Miley to someone like Jennifer Aniston who is extremely talented and has been one of my idols for years. I am not saying Miley isn’t talented because she is but she is still young and her talent doesn’t compare to that of Jennifer’s in my opinion.

  • http://. Vic2763

    I think ppl are mssing the point, or didn’t read the artcle. Miley said she admires Jen’s ability to do different types of films. She does films that are for children and she also does films that are for more mature audience. The point is not to limit oneself, but have the ability to appeal to ppl of all ages.

  • Thomas gutzke

    Both of these young women are incredibly talented and radiant. Thus making watching them on the big screen a humbling experience just being in the presence of their faded images and spirits. Many times I have to look away as I come close to blindness infront of their awe inspiring beauty!

  • Thomas gutzke

    It has been 13 minutes. Why is my comment still waiting? Are your readers that slow?

  • emma

    i love miley keep votin 4 her please or vote !

  • fan

    @miley&demibiggestfan: O_O omg, you have to know her, she was Rachel Green on FRIENDS, she did marley and me, the break up. and she was married with brad pitt.
    its good for miley to follow jen’s steps but that doesnt make her the new jennifer aniston (:

  • nileyfan4ever123

    you must live under a rock if you dont know who jen aniston is!!

    Miley wont be the next Jen because they are two different ppl and i hate when to different stars are compared because they are their own person!