Noah Cyrus Going on Tour With Miley!

Noah Cyrus Going on Tour With Miley!

Noah Cyrus and BFF Emily Grace Reaves hang backstage with Wizards star Daniel Samonas at the All Star Planet Competition in Hollywood earlier this week.

The blonde beauties will be touring with Noah’s big sis Miley this fall. The two girls bringing their “Noie and Ems Show” on the road LIVE!

But before they head out on tour, Emily will be finishing her movie, Melissa and Noah will be premiering Ponyo this Monday (July 27) with Frankie Jonas.

TELL JJJ: Are you going to see Miley on tour? Are you excited about Noah and Emily’s news?

Noah & Emily – Backstage at All Star Planet Competition
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  • =]

    I really want to see PONYO.
    I love Hayao Miyazaki movie.
    Melissa movie look like a really sad one.
    They both are adorable girls.
    Wish them the best of luck in the future.

  • =]

    I really want to see PONYO.
    I love Hayao Miyazaki movies.
    Melissa movie look like a really sad one.
    They both are adorable girls.
    Wish them the best of luck in the future.

  • =]


  • wow

    wow dats a lot of makeup 4 young gurls!!

  • lola

    r they even famous…..what do they do?? i mean, why is JJJ even posting this stuff???? anyway, i find them really annoying cuz noah puts a lot of makeup for a nine year old…and her friend’s just annoying

  • rachel

    i hate these two!

  • kirsty


    But their 10 and 9 years old, if your older than 12 you really shouldn’t be hating on two little girls.

  • humble

    Why Oh Why! Please enough of the Cyrus family, they’re invading Disney, please remove this family enough is enough. Is it that Disney is that desperate to keep with the cyrus and jonas family? enough please, please and please.

  • Britney

    So Miley and Metro Station are cool. Brandi’s trying to get her band to tour with them, that’s even neat, but Noah and Emily? =/ They don’t sing?

  • alice

    Wow…they are way to young to recieve any sort of hate. Thats just wrong. They are little girls, leave them alone.

  • Geral

    they’re 8! Noie and Ems look so amazing & cute! i love them!
    Cyrus Family the best! ♥

  • ♥ZaNessa♥

    Noah is this litte girl from Hannah Montana, isn’t she?

  • Nessa

    omg these kids are annoying
    noah is jealous of miley you can tell
    why do you post about them theyre wanna bes

  • Taylor

    lol, britney, i dont think theyre singing. theyre just going on the tour bus. and if theres the ultimate miley party hosted by mileyworld again theyll probably be out there.
    i hope to see them at the concert im going to!
    theyre so cute.

  • wow


    I sort of agree with you. But I don’t dislike the little girls. I have had more than enough of the Jonas’, though. Every time they come on the Disney channel – I switch channels – they are awful – can’t act & I’m real sick of their music – the old stuff was pretty good, but now they sound like frogs. It does seem that Disney is desparate to keep them. I could see why DIsney wants to keep the Cyrus’ , especially Miley – she is huge & makes lots & lots of money for Disney & she is talented.

  • sHoSHO92

    GOSH ,,, they’re toooooo young to put any kind of makeup on .. that should be just lipgloss and blusher ..

    OMG they’re too young to get their hair done by all these stuff that ruins hair ..

    when they reach the teen age ,, their hair will be totally ruined and their skin and face complexion will be something baaaad because of what they are doing to it now …. too bad poor kids

  • jessica


    I couldn’t agree more. Love these little girls, such innocence. Makes me sad there are such mean spirited bullies out there. Not sure what made you so unhappy in your life to hate on lil girls but my prayers are with you that you can overcome your hate and negativeness. God Bless You :D

  • Emily

    @wow: I pretty much agree with you. Except the Miley thing. Miley isn’t as talented as everyone thinks. Honestly, the show is good, sure. But her voice isn’t that great, digitally enhanced, anyone? I mean, she’s not terrible. But she’s mediocre. Her being on Disney & being HM def helps make her more popular. Disney ruins some people, though. Maybe it’s just me. I think I’m starting to outgrow Disney. But I still do watch Wizards, Suite Life, and the other shows. Just not Jonas.. D:

    I mean, I don’t think anyone should hate on Noah & her friend. They’re kids.

  • jessica


    Well I thought I agreed with you on everything until you said Miley’s voice was enhanced lol. She sings cold on the spot on the show and you can tell it is her singing and no enhancement. Unfortunately for you Miley is number one in adult contemp on billboard and has broken records on billboard as well. I saw Miley in New Orleans show of REgis and Kelly and she was singing pure vocals and sounded awesome!!!!!!! I’m not a hater of lil kids or Miley cuz I respect talent even if I feel jealous of someone you have to rise above it. I’ll pray for you and God Bless.

  • Ariana

    that one girl emily i think has the face of a 16 year old on a 10 year olds body it looks weirdd lol

  • http://111 mariam


  • shann

    like, seriously.
    this is so pathetic.

  • jimmy

    Hey the idea is the whole family involve in entertainment business. So, they have to give something to Noah too.. though what really matter is Miley only, the others are just recognized as Miley’s dad,mom,bro and sisters.. not with their own name… at least for now.

  • wow


    I agree – I don’t hate the little girls – they are cute & sweet. Actually I don’t hate any of them – just don’t think the Jonas’ are all that great & they now have huge egos, especially Nick.
    But I don’t agree about Miley either – she really has a good voice – she really sings country awesome. Miley’s voice is not the high pitch girly voice – her voice has depth to it. She is really a good actress too. I’m not to crazy about the way she kind of craves a lot of attention, though. I love Hannah Montana & Wizards & Sonny too.

    That whole digitally enhanced thing is a Disney thing with their recordings – but I have heard Miley singing on the radio “stripped” as they call it – without all the digital enhancments & she is awesome. Can’t take the talent thing from her – because she has it. & I went to one of her concerts & she is really good.

  • Samster

    AHH! Daniel Samonas! Me and my friend obsess over him.

  • http://. Vic2763

    People wonder why Miles is so popular. I luv her singing and acting. She is so natural on stage and the camera just loves her. Look how hard she works. I also love that the Cyrus’ are a close knit family. I look forward to the Noie&Em show keeping us fans updated as to what happens day to day on Miley’s tour this Fall.

    I’m scored with front row seats(lower level section closes to the stage) for the sold out Philly show Nov. 4. I so stoked =] I’m excited to see Metro Station, and Frank & Derol would be an added bonus. I also hope BR does ready set dont go with Miles. Love that song.

    I appreciate that this site usually has more mature and polite comments. As someone already stated above, I hope the negative remarks did not come from anybody over the age of 10.

    Peace+Luv+Music=Cyrus xoxo

  • =)=)=)

    i think miley can sing act and dance 2 i realy do ! i love her so much never hated her realy ! and why do u have 2 say bad things about her lil sis or the whole family they realy did nothing 2 u and if they did what did they do ? im sorry but what your doing is realy stupid and many of u guys say miley fans r stupid 4 loving her well ps your not going 2 be stupid if u love a person your only going 2 be stupid if u hate a person thats just what i think !

  • Megan

    THEY’RE WANNA-BES??? Haha plzzz they’re little kids that just happened to both be born into star-dome! whoop-eeeee. I don’t really think they should be on tour cuz they’re not going to sing or anything and they shouldn’t be wearing THAT much make-up but they’re still cute and have no right 2 be HATED. geeeeepars.

  • muffinstealer

    Seriously, i dont feel they should be wearing that muich makeup, but even, than, evwerything works faster in Hollywood…so yeahh…there’s absolutley no reason to hate them. They’re like, half your age therefore, you shouldn’t be bagging on them

  • =)=)=)

    why were they backstage..?

  • =)=)=)

    oh my bad i read wrong.. xD nvm on my last coment

  • cassy

    im reading this.. soo do i get to go backstage and on tour too? or what..

  • maddy

    im going to Miley’s show in Oklahoma. Not to fond of them coming along

  • kara

    they’re so young and they’re already putting loads of make-up on them!!

  • dm

    thats kooll
    are noah cyrus and frankie jonas working together?
    lol i was just saying, omg frankie and noah r even doing movies? lol
    i didnt know that…

  • dm

    oh and i just wanted to say noah and frankie are cute togetha lol
    but they are still young lol, but they look cute loll

    u know a few months ago i was in lovee with the jonas brothers, but i kinda between liking them and hating them a little too sometimes now
    just wanted to say

  • Suruchi

    Annoying brats…act your age kids you’re time will come too

  • camille

    woooow , shut up!
    what are these 2 kids doing?? how old are they? 9? and that much make-up and doing TV shows and stuff?
    Hollywood is loosing it.
    They should throw these two girls in school, where they belong!

  • cry no more

    CAMILLE school is over honey ! and i think there home schooled

  • Ashley

    Awesome I cant wait i m going to one n december maybe ill meet her

  • Samantha

    I’m going to see Trace on tour. I really couldnt give less a crap about Miley. Noah & Emily are adorable!♥

  • danny

    jeesh, ppl! theyre just kids. plus, they probs just wanna do wut they wanna do. just bcuz her sis is miley, dosnt mean shes like her.. if that even makes sense


    Wow. Being the sister of Miley Cyrus pays off!
    I agree with all of u saying she has way too much makeup on. I like the lipgloss maybe blush natural kind of look. I mean WOW! I have to say those girls are sweet though.

  • katie

    im gonna c miley on tourrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yaaaaaaaaaaaay!

  • Silbanna

    Esto esta super esas dos niñas estan mui bonitas en mexico son mui conosidass mas noah pero emily tmb esta mui lindaa :P
    me encantas su noieand emsshow pero deberian de subir mas no me basta me encanta ver susu programas estan mui padres qe agan un ttouur por la casa de noah cyrus asiu como lo hisieron en la de emily

  • sasha

    yo creo que noah es una rebelde

  • Maddog

    Noie & Ems Are So Cute:) Noie Will Be 11 On January 8 2011 And Ems Will Be 10 On January 13 2011:) Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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