Selena Gomez - 'Magic' Music Video

Selena Gomez - 'Magic' Music Video

Check out the new “Magic” music video from Selena Gomez. It’s a cover of Pilot‘s 1974 song for the Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie soundtrack.

The music video was directed by Roman Perez and features scenes from the upcoming WOWP The Movie.

The WOWP movie soundtrack will be out Tuesday, August 4. The movie will premiere on Friday, August 28 @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

Selena Gomez – ‘Magic’ Music Video
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  • Chelsea

    I am very excited for Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie!
    It’s going to be heck of a DCOM :)

  • team

    She looked pretty in the vid.

  • Katy

    Stupid SH*ty Movie


    OMG Selena sound’s terrific I am so buying it “”"”"”"”"”"”"

  • ♥Tiff♥

    That sounds like shxt…
    I’m sorry i like her and all but wtf was that??

  • Anonymous


    p.s Which one is her real voice? Cruella De Ville, Fly to Your Heart, Magic, Tell Me Something I Don’t Know…? Huh?

  • Anna


  • therese

    Her voice sounds so edited. Like you cant really here it with out all the studio editing and stuff.

    I hope she just sticks to acting and NOT singing. She looks pretty in this video though :)

  • brittany

    someone needs to tell her she needs to stick to acting.
    she’s an amazing actress, with great comidic timing, but
    she cannot sing good to save her life, i mean, can’t she just
    stick to singing in the shower like everyone else?
    she’s gorgeous and a talented actress, not a singer.
    she’s going to embarrass herself with her album, talk about a flop.

  • case

    she looks very pretty. i like this song. where are the clips of her in the purple with straight hair?

  • liz

    love it.

  • kourtney


  • kathleen

    selena is very talented. the song was fun but the video could have been much better

  • Flyaway

    Quite honestly, Selena doesn’t even sound THAT bad. Sure she’s not a GREAT singer, but she’s not bad either. So stop over exaggerating cause there are MUCH worse “singers” in this world, don’t even deny it!

    I don’t know if some of you people are way too stupid to notice. But they made this song into a Techno/Electro/Pop song, which is why Selena sounds “computerized” in this song.

    And if you watched Selena’s Youtube video where she was singing “Baby It’s Cold Outside”, she pretty much proved that she can sing without a computer, I bet if she was more into that song, she would have sounded just as good as Taylor Swift. Because both of their voices are mediocre, but they have the same light, soft tone.

  • katie

    she’s got a nice voice. ive heard her live. but she just sounds so edited in this song. i mean couldnt they just once let her sing without having to mess with her voice so much?
    the vid’s cute and she looks really pretty. but just stop editing her voice! please!

  • koolkat

    I can’t wait for Selena’s debut album, music videos and concert tours. I really admire her and I love the fact that she wants to express her feelings, emotions and personal life through her music so that her fans can know her more about who she is as a person, cause obviously you can’t do that as an actress cause you’re playing different characters. but anyway, I really admire her and I just wish people would stop being so negative and close minded and just SUPPORT her with this decision, especially from her FANS! I’m sure she would really appreciate it! I think she’s a good singer, not the best, but she’s good in her own right.

  • maichi

    OH MY GOD.



  • Katie

    You guys are so mean. Selena is a good singer! I don’t understand why everyone thinks she’s so bad, she sounds perfectly fine to me, even better than fine. I really like this song, it’s catchy :) I’m so excited for WOWP the movie!!! :D And besides being a good singer, she’s hilarious on her show and is crazy pretty. I’m so jealous :p




  • the fame


  • =)=)=)

    she tries 2 make herself pretty than 2 make her self sing but she is pretty so dont realy need it but realy stick 2 acting its 4 yuor own good!

  • bambi

    Her voice is DIFFERENT in each song. Genius, huh?

  • leah

    Can the haters mature? She’s doing this for fun. Her voice is good and soft in my opinion. You guys who bash have no lifes. Anyways she looks very pretty in this video! i can’t wait till the MOVIE!:) Then her album yaay!

  • angela

    i know, there are lots of bad singers than her. she can sing.
    i hate it when ppl say she can’t sing, so why does hollywood record sign her?
    can’t wait for the movie :D

  • Adam

    She looks very pretty in this video, and I think this version is better than the original with all due respect to Pilot. IMO, I think this song was made for a girl to sing. I can actually recognize Selena singing just like I can recognize Miley, Demi, and anyone else who sings on Disney.

    BTW, why didn’t they show the whole video?

  • Cho Chang

    I can’t get this song off my head for days now. I love it so much! I love Selena! She’s the best. And yes, she may not be the best singer but she CAN sing.

  • michelle

    @Flyaway: I agree! I did hear her sing “Baby It’s Cold Outside” with Jennifer and she sounded good. I can tell that they really edited her voice in all of her music videos, but that’s really up to the producers. Truthfully, Demi Lovato is the only Disney star to sing beautifully live. However, the singers like Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez do well in their own way. I can’t wait until the Wizards movie!

  • lizbeth

    @angela: hollywood records signed her b cuz she’s a disney star cuz she can’t sing!!!!she should stop trying to do everything miley does !!!!!!!!!!!! plus admit it miley is only gonna do it bigger why do u think they didn’t the hm movie on disney b cuz it could make A LOT of money!!! wowp the movie is on disney now that’s a shame!

  • BlaireB

    Selena’s not the best singer, but she’s not the worst. I wish people would just stop kidding themselves and realize that there are WORSE singers in this world. I mean, have you seen the American Idol auditions?? Heh, at least Selena can actually carry a tune!!

  • Katy

    it’s CR*P you know

    as* face

  • DemiFan

    @angela: cause that’s part of her Disney soundtrack. Debby Ryan just got signed and fingers crossed that her voice isn’t as edited like Selena’s and Miranda Cosgrove’s

  • chuchi

    u guys u know what., she knows that she isnt that good as a singer as demi but at least she’s trying. she’s not that bad guys give her a break she wants to pursue something so if you’re really a fan just support her listen to more of her and if you don’t like it then don’t buy it but don’t hate on her. she knows she’s a better actress but hey what do you know maybe her album is good right? u never know so just wait and still support her!

    p.s this music video is hott and she looks pretty (: i love the original and since selena is also my fave celeb i didn’t get blinded., her version made me love the song more!

  • hannah

    I’m a big fan of Selena, but this music video is certainly not my favorite. Her voice sounds really diffrent from all the other music videos of her. Which one is her real voice? Her voice is sooooo edited. Demi is the best disney singer ever! Why can just leave the good stars to make there own way? Disney just wants to make every star a singer, like Mitchel Musso and Emily Osment and Selena Gomez. But still, I can’t wait till the WOWP movie!!!!

  • victorine

    so much editing with her voice…
    shes a good comedian tho….
    means shes not a good singer…
    and the song doesnt suit her moves… shes an amateur..
    stick with acting selena :)

  • ayumickey

    Soooooooooooooooo Cute !!
    I LOVE Selena ♪♪♪

  • Sarah

    thats gunna haunt me now :|

  • kevin

    when is she going to learn…
    selena if your reading this, read slowly …

    PLEASE !
    your horrible !
    so, one more time ! :)


  • kevin

    how cute all the disney stars are getting signed
    even the un-talented ones like “Selena Gomez”
    ugh jeez disney, why oh why !

  • Brittanya

    Kevin you really have no right to say that selena gomez is un-talented. Just because singing is not her thing, the girl is talented in many different ways. She is definately talented in acting. So really you need to be quiet because i bet she have more talent then you ever would. While she is out there living her life to the fullest you are here, just as pathetic as ever hating. Know who is living the better life out of the two hmmm? Selena

  • Adam

    I saw this on another message board. Her voice reminded someone of Britney Spears. When Britney’s voice isn’t all techno-computerized, it’s nice, like in “Everytime” (one of her old songs), Selena’s voice reminds me of hers, it’s really peaceful like Britney’s was before she went all techno.
    Anyone agree?

  • rachell

    I love Selena the actress but not the singer. Yes most of you guys say she’s trying but really in the music world you either have it or you don’t and frankly she doesn’t. SORRY!!!


    i can’t stop singing this song its amazing “its magic………..” this song rocks

  • ana

    i hated this song

  • koolkat

    Everyone is just so judgemental because she’s not as good as Demi and some other singers, but she can sing. She may not be the best, but like others have pointed out, she can hold a tune. There’s something in her voice that’s just appeals to me.

  • Carolyn nicole

    so glad ppl agree she should stop singing!!!!
    i mean i LOVE her ACTING…
    i used to hate HER but hearing everyone say she SHOULDNT sing i might be over hating her……..MIGHT :D haha

  • Melissa

    She looks pretty and her voice sounds cute (;
    I LIKE the way they computerized it. They did that on purpose.

    So stop saying she’s horrible.
    No, she’s not amazing but she’s not the worst around either.
    Give her a break.

  • muffinstealer

    Completley agree. Why do all these Disney stars think they can sing? It’s like, one failure after another. How many of them do these
    Disney stars need before they start to realize that enough is enough!

  • muffinstealer

    It’s not that i don’t like her. But she’s too ambitious, like wtf is an actress [a talented on at that], trying to act for? Ya Disney forces them to do a remake of a Walt Disney song && sure fine, Cruella De Ville, w.e., but now, this talk of an album?? She’s just gunna embarass herself when even her own family wont buy her CD

  • emma

    we realy dont have a prob.that she is doing it 4 fun !
    but talking her fans money ! and saying its just 4 fun THAT is whats wrong and bad !! and im sorry she cant sing ! and if she wants 2 do something in her life why did she sing isnt there anything els 2 do ?

  • Cheezy

    ewww that sucked

>>>>>>> staging1