Robert Pattinson: Leaving Los Angeles

Robert Pattinson: Leaving Los Angeles

Wearing his new fave baseball cap, Robert Pattinson shows off his pearly whites as he arrives at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon (July 26).

The 23-year-old British actor joined costars Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner at the 2009 San Diego Comic Con.

The trio answered lots of questions from fans and presented a couple of new clips from their upcoming flick, New Moon. Check them out below!

10+ pics inside of RayBan wearer Robert Pattinson

New Moon Sneak Peek, Clip #1

New Moon Sneak Peek, Clip #2
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Credit: Tom Vickers; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • noemi

    hmmmm ………… HOTT !!!!!

  • emma

    yow, every day there is a thing about him. WHY, JARED???

  • TWIfan1212

    he looks way better than he did b4 he came to comic con!!!! kristen must have perked him up!!!! to bad he has to go back to NYC; cant wait till they start filming eclipse!!!! :)

  • Leslie

    Love rob. He’s really laid back and cool. Damn i thought he left a few days ago right after comic con…wonder what he’s been doing in LA these past 2 days ; )

  • Stella

    I love him soooo much!!! lol. New Moon looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait!! =]

  • laura

    isn’t that Kristen’s Yankees cap?

  • debialbu

    Yeah ! I saw a video from Comic con that she came to him and said : hey ! that’s my hat.
    I’m a fan of him and unlike some of you here I actually think that he and kristen look great together.

  • EFFY

    Thats Kristens yankee cap! and Rob’s new favourite!


  • cry no more

    not a fan sorry !

  • Misshalfway

    I agree with you Leslie! I thought he left a few days ago and jetting back off to New York…
    Probably it’s because Rob can’t remember where he left his beloved car…
    “I don’t even remember where I left my car,” he said. “It’s probably been towed away by now. That’s my only immovable possession and now I don’t know where it is!
    “It’s upsetting though because it was important to me. It was the first car I ever bought. Made me feel like a man, buying a car.”
    Poor Rob! :)
    I love him sooooooo much!!!!!!!

  • LondonLove

    Love the black shirt – it looks new…. And he is sporting a bracelet of some sort on his left wrist…

  • Viol

    We all know he’s been with Kristen for the weekend!

  • Hanya

    He looks adorable! I hope he gets to relax before Eclipse starts production though, he’s been so busy recently!!

  • Linda
  • yashi

    the bag , the hat and the bracelette all belong to Kristen !!! its obvious who he stayed with this weekend !!!

    if u dont believe me about the bag look for the pics of kristen leaving vancouver to go to Italy , its the one she is wearing a blue and pink nike jacket

    Team Robsten !!!!
    and def these two demonstrated they r together at comic con

  • Linda

    uhh i think you all should read this, in the ET video it looks like Kristen puffs Rob’s arm and says ” Hey you’re wearing my hat” haaha, but maybe im just reading hear mouth wrong :D

  • Linda

    well since it won’t post my message with 3 links im gonna post i seperaty. Here is the first one. – It’s about the bag thing

    He flew out with this one:

  • Linda
  • Linda
  • youtube
  • love robsten but this is stupi

    @laura: @EFFY: OMG everybody have a yankee cap, the ideas of robsten are so dumb xD, just try to liveur live not others

  • vale

    LOS ANGELES ? mmmmmmm

  • the fame

    come on people its a cap! stop the craziness of “robsten”.. until we have pics or something they say then i’ll believe

  • nikkki

    i hate taylor ! he is guly

  • Masina

    This may be a double post.but a shorter version.

    Responding to Linda #14 comment:

    If you are referring to the bag he is leaving LA with…it’s not the same one he brought from NY. Here is the link showing his bag from NY…and the one he has here looks like Kristens bag:
    Which looks eerily similar to this one:

  • kate

    (still hate kristen tho!)

  • badhabit

    twilight will be the death of people

  • Nadia


  • RobstenLIVES!!

    does any one know where he and kristen went after Comic Con??

  • Tis06

    I´m not a Twilight fan and only recently I started to pay attention on Robert. He is very cute and definitely has a charming factor. Hope he has a long and successful career.

  • saudia

    hot :)

  • Flora


    Absolutely agree, that ‘ s why some cynical women love married men, or just men who has someone who takes care of them, because they are so clean, groomed and content.

  • michelle

    Rob is wearing Kristen’s hat, bookbag, and bracelet. That is not the same bag he arrived in San Diego with. Coincidence? I think not.

  • Flora

    I read somewhere some criticism, related to Remember Me people, that Rob has been aloof, demanding, etc. Now with success he must be prepared to find many false friends and many true enemies, that is the price, a lot of lies and envious people trying to damage.

    Probably he spends time in the trailer because of the air conditioned. New York City’ s heat is unbearable in the summer. And the staff should have the prefered beverages of the actors to cope with heat, ask that since the beginning. He was very friendly with fans at the beginning but later was advised not to encourage all those 13, 14, 15 years old screaming kids.

  • jessica

    i hyperventilated.
    over the two clips :)

  • Lin

    how do you guys know that her bracelet? and i thought robert was finished filming remember me in new york.

  • kamilah

    @the fame: im with you on this one. the “robsten” thing is getting way out of control. at this point it doesnt matter what kristen or rob do because somehow it will end being some kind of proof that they are together. any little body movement or article of clothing automatically means their together. move on, this is so crazy!!

  • Masina

    What seems to heighten the assumption that these two are together are various actions these two portray. First of all, when asked about their romantic relationship off screen – Kristen did answer, “are you kidding, me”….and at the same time Rob is saying…”very little, very little”….and they both started to giggle like lovestruck teenagers. When Kristen was interviewed with Taylor…she was asked about people reading into their body language which signifies they are in a relationship…Taylor answered…it happens all the time…There is no admittance, but there is also no denying from either party. Watch the clips….again…and see…the eye contact..the smiles..(like they are so excited to see each other)..the way Kristen is fidgeting….etc…it just keeps building…and I don’t believe it is a publicity stunt…they are really happy to see one another..and possibly can’t wait to be somewhere to show affection without being anaylzed, like what I’m doing..LMAO! Regardless…these kids are amazing actors, and whatever makes them happy….well..gosh darn it..I’m happy too..LOL!

  • chelle

    If you notice the pics from comic with all the cast waving outside, nikki reed is wearing a bracelet that looks EXACTLY like the one Rob is wearing in pics from LAX above. ??!! Seriously? I hope he is not with her!

  • anon

    Rob was seen with that same backpack in feb 2009 leaving a gym in LA.

  • anon

    I agree with kamilah! Not to bust anyones bubble but in case no one noticed NIKKI REED was wearing that same bracelet this past weekend at the Twilight screenings! So with that being said i guess that means that Rob spent a night with NIKKI and KRISTEN this weekend right?

  • G

    The backpack and yankees cap crap is seriously ridiculous.
    As for the bracelet:
    Here is Kstew wearing it:
    Here is Nikki reed wearing it:
    and here is TomStu wearing it:
    Do you think they are in some cult together?? Maybe its a friendship charm? BFF’s for life!!

  • overated.

    Right, so I watched those 2 clips and all I heard was screaming. if its going to be like that when it comes out in theaters whats the point in watching it when teenage girls will be screaming everytime robert or taylor pops up on screen ?

  • brrrr

    im glad to see robert is happy, kristen is happy, taylor is happy….but as of comic con rob has perked up over one day.

  • wrong again

    fine.. working for the media sucks… but this had to be said…

    the one nikki was wearing are two black bands.. see for yourself..

    it wasn’t the shoelace that rob was wearing on his wrist… see it’s really irritating when people give wrong infos…
    maybe it was his.. have you ever thought of that?.. new fashion trend or something..

  • leah

    So excited for New Moon!

  • katie

    @michelle: I’m sure Rob has more than one bag. And these are pretty average bags and caps that tons of people wear. People need to stop getting so carried away.

  • katie

    Even if they are Kristen’s stuff, it doesn’t ‘prove’ anything. FRIENDS do lend stuff, you know.

  • http://- blair

    There’s no more interesting thing to talk about than their stuff? It’s their life and privacy we shouldn’t care…people these days…

    Kristen rocks <3
    I can’t wait for New Moon…and not for another so called “proof” that they’re together! If they are then it’s none of our business :P

  • Brianna

    He is UGLY!! enough about him already, we don’t care!!