Ashley Tisdale is AOL Amazing!

Ashley Tisdale is AOL Amazing!

Ashley Tisdale rocks out to her hit song, “Hot Mess,” during her Guilty Pleasure AOL Sessions. Check out a few fan questions the 24-year-old songstress answered below:

On how being an actress compliments her music career: “With my music, I’m not really playing a role. I’m who I am, actually, and with acting, I’m playing different characters. Performing though, it’s just who I am. But, being an actress you just connect really well with the song. It’s not easier or anything, it’s just I love to perform in front of audiences. I get a lot of energy from it.”

On the difference between Guilty Pleasure and Headstrong: “The first album was me learning about myself as an artist. The experience was very new to me, I had never recorded an album before. So, Guilty Pleasure, I knew what I wanted going into it. I wanted it to be a reflection of who I am and where I am in my life right now. It’s a little bit more mature. It’s a different side of me that people haven’t seen.”

On if she still keeps in touch with her HSM family: “I haven’t seen Lucas [Grabeel] in a little bit or Corbin [Bleu], since he’s been traveling for a while. But yea, Zac [Efron] was just over at my house last night. Vanessa [Hudgens] is doing a movie right now in Montreal, but we talk all the time. I just saw Monique [Coleman] recently too, we Twitter each other. (laughs) I keep in touch with them all the time. They’re my family, I love them.”

Ashley Tisdale – “Hot Mess”

Ashley Tisdale – “Hair”

Ashley Tisdale – “What If”
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  • liz

    i love love love her new songs.
    amazing album (:
    go ashley tisdale !

  • kourtney

    zac over her house
    talk bout ur biscults and gravey
    luv her ALBUM
    brought it

  • mari

    zac efron is on vancouver canada

    why lie ?:x

  • @mari:
    hope u knw this was done a while ago when zac was still in LA.
    anyways ashley did an amazing job
    just got the album its awesome :)

  • kourtney


    she didnt lie
    dur dur dur
    she even twittered it

  • amanda

    Love her : )

    But was she lipsyching in some parts??

    But her album is awesome : )

  • tanya

    cant wait to get guilty pleasure. zac and ashley are good friends. dont make the situation what it is not. you would not know if she is lying or not so dont call her a liar. you dont even know when she did the interview. despite rumors ASHNESSA ARE STILL BFF’S!!! why would she do that to her best friends.

  • nathalia

    i love her and @tanya her album came out TODAY! :)

  • Katie G!

    yay!!!!!! theyre still friendsssss <3 now i just need ashnessa pictures and ill be happy =)

  • tisdalefan

    zac at her house, big deal? Its called friendship. And Ashnessa will probably always be friends, and she didn’t lie this was filmed a while ago. Why the heck would she lie about Zac being over there anyway? o.O

  • Lol

    This song is VERY good. I think she lipsynched some parts but it’s way better than It’s Alright, It’s Ok. This shoulda been her first single.

  • Kris

    it seems like she’s a poser
    trying to be too rock/pop
    when we all know she’s ALL POP.

    but she’s not too bad live.

  • jasmine

    acually the reason why she said zac efron was at her house last night was because she performed this like 3 weeks ago before he left to go work on his movie so yeah. xD

  • kk

    i wonder why zac was at her
    ONLY if there were pictures :D

  • Katie G!

    @kourtney: she didnt tweet it.

    i’m not saying she’s lieing cause i dont think she would feel the need to. so yeah he was there if she said it but she didnt post it on twitter.

    i love her new album my fav song is ‘How do you love someone’

  • zanessa-for-life-fan

    Was this interview like a while ago cause I thought Zac was in Vancouver right now?

  • caron

    She sounds pretty great in these vids, deffinatly improved her live performances

  • nina caplan


  • seriously

    I was going to buy her album but she hasnt gotten the best reviews…
    all the critics agree that the ballads are cheesy and that the lyrics are dumb and that shes copying Miley
    Her singles havent done much for me but i was hoping her other songs were better but i always read critic reviews before buying an album and i also always end up agreeing with everything they say

    so how her album?? should i buy it?

  • Rosie


    EXCUSE ME?! COPYING MILEY?! Why would she copy her? That’s just insane!

  • =)=)=)

    im sorry i dont like her vocie its annoying but she can sing but not guilty pleasure ya that was something !! but what is she wearing is it just a top or what cuz its 2 2 short !! and i dont like her hair like that

  • Andreia

    “What if” is my new obsession! Is such an amazing music! Like all the album! She was great in AOL.

  • tami

    a person with class would have said, ‘i saw zac the other day.” or “i saw zac yesterday.” this chick sounds like she drops zac’s name so she can get attention. that’s kind of sad. i feel sorry for her.

  • sheila


    you said exactly what i was thinking….

  • tanya

    i think that would have been the best choice to say zac came over to visit yesterday instead of came over last night. she has to watch what and how she says things.

  • Kat

    @tami: @sheila: @tanya:

    Back off of Ashley god! Ashley isnt getting any attenion what so eva for putting ‘Last night’ the only sad attenion its creating is from you lot b*tch stirring. Ashley’s song are awsome she didn a really good job live she was brillant, so stop damn hating on her for something as patheic as ‘last night’ God sake silly imamture kids grow up!

  • Tizzfan

    Oh people, come on! It’s not a big deal. They’re like brother and sister and she has said that time and time again! It doesn’t mean anything, they were probably just hanging out!

  • tami

    my zac efron google search came up with ashley tisdale results. wtf???

  • tanya

    i am an ashley fan and i can have my own opinion.ii cant wait to buy her new album.

  • humble

    You know it’s all very funny should anyone comment a negative about Ashley that they are all immature kids and that they should grow up. I for one beg to differ, we don’t know what the ages are of these posters so to be quick to be confirming that they are indeed kiddies is totally wrong, it’s funny that the defending of Ashley is always the same because of negative posts they are all kids and they need to grow up.
    For your information, Ashley doesn’t need to be defended by any of her fans because she’s going to do what she needs to do that is her work and she enjoys it with all her heart. STOP defending her and the name calling, it’s getting so tiresome to come on Ashley’s thread and see all the rebound comments that her fans are responding. I like Ashley although I won’t spend money on her album but that’s just my decision, the bottom line is Ashley is a big girl, she can defend herself without the help of us, just love her for what she is and what she is becoming and Please don’t be so judgemental of her, she’s all good.

  • pop86

    @tami: I thought the same thing.

  • lucia


    love her

  • lucia

    I love WHAT IF
    love her so much

  • v`xa

    autobiographical song?

    It pisses me off how much Zac Efron’s name is in her mouth. You would think that she is obsessed with him. Vanessa Hudgens has all the patience in the world and god bless her if she has deal with that.

  • Elissa

    Why can’t she say Zac’s name without pissing everyone off? I mean come on, what’s so wrong with that? They’re friends.

  • HATERS (dnt reply)

    @v`xa: i totally agree. sometimes its not hard to think ashley has a major crush on the guy. freako.O_o

  • gold baybay


    The sad thing is, most of these “kids” can spell better than you can. And it seriously does seem like a stunt to say “last night” as opposed to yesterday. Her songs are extremely cheesy. They can’t even be classified as rock or pop. More like cr*ap with a side of vomit. Excuse my vulgar language but it irks me when people talk about how amazing her album is. None of the fans should take offence to this though. You’re not Ashley Tisdale.

  • yo

    the critics are ragging her saying that for a 24 year saying she wants to grow up the album seems pretty immature
    And apparently the ballads are the worst on the album they say that they dont sound genuine but i wouldnt know i havent heard the whole thing
    but from what i have heard im kinda dissapointed

    so should i listen to the critics or should i buy the album?
    i havent made up my mind cause i dnt wanna waste my money??

  • seriously


    Dam chill all i was asking was if it was true that she was copying Miley i were just telling you what the critics were saying not my opinion you tempermental psycho why dont try actually reading the whole comment before writing a stupid reply dumass

  • like yea

    I love her!!!
    But not as a singer shes just not convincing i dont feel anything when she sings her ballads its like shes singing just to sing with no emotion

    and also dont bash me because i do love her just not her voice its so squeaky and like a little gitl and kind of annoying ill buy her album though because of all the digital effects done to her voice that will make it sound better

  • tata

    Love Ashley!!! and love Ashnessa!!! go girls!!!

  • mora

    that dumb as no talented white ass was lip singing

  • charlene

    i would buy the album guys its absolutly amazing

  • alyson

    I have to say the only song I really like off of it is “What If” and that’s because I think it’s amazing. Not bashing ashley, but all her songs sounded the exact same on this album. if she wanted to grow up more, she should’ve taken more chances. Not Bashing her, I thought it would do well. I hope it does. but I’m not gonna lie and say I liked the album when I didn’t. they all sounded they same to me and sure her voice has matured but it should and it shouldn’t be squeeky anymore. I hope it does well but as for me I didn’t much care of it!

    Respect please, just my opinion. and I’m even and Ashley fan just not a fan of this album

  • dIANA

    even though I am a big Ashley fan and of course wont want bad things happen to her.. Honestly, I still want her to take a step back in her music.. she is so much talented in acting department but she wasted her time doing something that sadly even her fans “like only because she’s Ashley”.


    @tami: WTF???????? gosh… stop this non sense!!!!

  • ZJ

    @yo: Have you read this week’s people magazine? A good review’s there…
    Plus, the reviews are being tough because Ashley wants to enter the “adult” world and they thing she won’t be able to… but they were wrong, Ashley is doing already a success! And the songs are amazing! What If is the best ballad I’ve heard this year! Come on people, critics always find the bad things in the album and write it down. No album is perfect, but “Guilty Pleasure” is a good one. Critics couldn’t handle all the genres in GP and they didn’t know much where to class it, but the mix of genres in the album is what’s good in it! So everyone will find somehting good in it.

  • ZJ

    btw her and the rest of the cast are best friends so they are really close… Why would she lie and say he came yesterday while he came last night??? She has the right to say WHATEVER she wants… They are HER friends not urs! jeez

  • anette

    have vanessa got twitter?????????????????
    can someone tell me that

>>>>>>> staging1