Selena Gomez & Jennifer Stone: We're In An Action Movie

Selena Gomez & Jennifer Stone: We're In An Action Movie

BFF costars Selena Gomez and Jennifer Stone scream for their lives in this new behind-the-scenes look at Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie.

In the DCOM extra, fans get a behind-the-scenes look at all the action in the upcoming TV movie. Selena shared, “We’re not girly girls. It felt like we were in an action movie.”

Youngest Russo sibling Jake T Austin adds, “There’s this whole sequence where Justin (David Henrie) and I are out in the water windsurfing. It was such a blast learning how to windsurf.”

Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie premieres Friday, August 28 on Disney Channel.

“Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie” – DCOM Extra “Action”
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    WOW, luv you selena, but it seems like they’re trying to make jennifer have brown hair, shes a red head

  • Videos_CANADA_please

    Its only for USA!
    Please find one for Canada!


    I can’t wait to see it!!!

  • case


  • nelenaforever

    i cant wait to see it!!!

  • AJ

    Looks sci fi like with the outfits! So cool ha love wowp can’t wait for the movie :D

  • redspider

    Looks like a comedy/adventure/sci fi/action movie. :)
    can’t wait!!

  • Zac

    this is why i dont like some miley fans. People please if you have a youtube account or something. Please flag all of her vids showing hateful and bullying in the vids. Which are all the vids. This is really sad

    Flag all of her vids because that is just plain out mean and that is bullying

  • LOL

    Can’t waitt foorr thee moviee!!!! eeekk (:

  • =)=)=)

    zac what r u talking about ? and who brought miley into this ?

  • leah

    OMG! I love the preview so I can’t wait for the movie! Selena is a total bad ass:)

  • TeamJacob!

    God, i don’t even have to wait for the movie to come out to know if it will turn succesful you can already see it’ll be a hit i actually thought it was gonna be lame when i read on her myspace that there will be a wizards movie but i think alot of people are gonna watch it because it has alooooot of action like in almost every scene and this is not the kind of movie you see on disney everyday so people and by people i mean kids will watch it cause it’s different i don’t usually judge movies before i see it but i think it’ll be good
    wow how many hits is selena gomez gonnna do didn’t she just do ppp? ahh i’m so happy for her she’s real pretty

  • Adam

    @Zac: Yeah, I hate fans like that. It’s fans like her that make me want to hate Miley. This is a counter to her account. She loves Selena and hates Miley but doesn’t really care if you’re a Miley fan or not.

  • Jenny

    @Zac: please people dont hate miley because of some stupid miley fans i mean i am a miley fan and love selena aswell

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  • Melissa

    Zac, I know what you mean.
    They’re really just pathetic.

    The movie looks good, I’m excited to see it.

  • karen

    all my family its so excited to watch wizards cant wait……………….. please put more previews thankyou just jared


    i cant wait for your album to come out and the movie selena rocks

  • none

    I love Jennifer Stone. She is so hot and sexy!

  • AnonymousGuy08

    I just noticed something about this article; The still frame that Just Jared Jr. has of Selena and Jennifer, makes Selena look a lot like she did nearly several years ago. I’m talking about in her days in the movie “Brain Zapped”

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