Ashley Greene is Photo Shoot Flirty

Ashley Greene is Photo Shoot Flirty

Showing off her 1000-watt smile, Ashley Greene chats away with a crew member after finishing up a photo shoot in West Hollywood, Calif., on Wednesday afternoon (July 29).

The 22-year-old actress was most recently seen out doing a little shopping in Santa Monica yesterday and even attended the Julie & Julia premiere on Monday night.

During the 2009 San Diego Comic Con, Ashley and costar pal Kristen Stewart were causing Robert Pattinson to lose a lot of concentration in an interview. Check out the clip below — it’s funny!

10+ pics inside of Ashley Greene during a photo shoot…

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Credit: CCR; Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • saudia

    LOVE ASHLEY. Such a gorgeous girl, great actress as well

  • lizA

    She needs a bra…and are those hair extensions?

  • Chelsea

    Haha. They’re like, “What? We actually have to talk about the movie for the first time? Instead of, you know, how scary the American fans are?”

  • eva

    she looks better with long hair :)
    but god she needs a bra

  • jess

    she s very cute… ooooooh please come back rachelle!!!!!!!!!!!!! she for us will be vistoria 4ever!!!!! JUSTICE!!!!!!

  • listen to mayday parade

    uhm kstew use to be pretty but now she is just a huge grease ball, vomit

  • Hanya

    Ashley is sooo pretty! And hello nips! I love her! I’m so glad she and Kristen are friends, she seems very genuine and sweet.

  • Jc9Gru


  • sarah

    I so prefer Ashley with long hair!

  • Jc9Gru

    Ashley is so awesome and pretty and she dont care about her n!ps because she was a model so its awesome how natural she looks I LOVE ASHLEY GREENE and She is the best of twilight :p

  • leah

    She’s so pretty and I prefer her with long hair!

  • Helen

    Ashley is so pretty i love her
    i like her better with long hair but shes beautiful no matter

    LOL thats hilarious
    Rob-Shut up! all th chemistry on set is animosity -lol
    Rob always makes his interviews funny
    and I love how Kristens always kind of stuttering? its so awkward and it kind of makes me love her more idk why its kind of endearing

    Has anyone else seen all the videos on youtube of Robs funniest moments lol
    if not you have to!

  • Frankie

    i prefer her short haired i think… i like her extensions though. and she is my favourit of the actors of twilight. her and taylor. kristen and rob are so blah now. but that interview is funny.
    i agree with listentomaydayparade
    and in one photo ashley is in urgent need of a bra. HELLO NIPS! but i still love her. cant wait for new moon!
    and bring back rachelle!

  • Danielle

    I don’t why is everyone obssesed with Ashley. She’s nice, but everyone si doing a Hollywood star after 15 minutes in Twilight? Before Twilight it was roles like 15 seconds in Kings of California, all the big roles comes after Twilight and suddenly she’s the most beautiful and popular actress.

  • kate_alice

    shut up… it was very funny.
    very pity Ash didn’t say much.

  • lily

    i didn,t like the vid it was not funny but rude and ashley did,t see anything and is kristen on drugs.
    i like ashley with long hair but beautiful and talent no thanks

  • rachel

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    photos and videos of the cast of twilight, jonas brothers, river phoenix, selena gomez and much more!!!

    if you want to upload your own photos or videos……u can join the site by going to the members page!!!

  • Luz

    Danielle, you have to start somewhere right? give her a break :)
    Ashley is so lovely!! She’s been kind of down lately I’m happy she’s all smiles again.. and oh yes she DEFINETLY needs a pra there haha..
    Kristen and Ashley are cute in that interview LOL

  • ctiffanybella

    long hair, short hair w/e the girl is gorg<3

  • mech

    Girls… why are you so negative!!?? for God safe… she doesn’t needs a bra, cause she’s gorgeous and i thibk that you’ve said that shiits cause u envy her cause u want her boobs… she’s the MOST beautiful woman on earth… THE MOST, and yeah, she has extensions cause they had cut her hair for New Moon.


  • GiKodaly

    Ashley is so pretty! I used to be part of a fansite of hers but I had to leave because of school. =/ It’s this site:

    And she needs a bra just because her boob is showing a little Oh come on! Let her be sexy!

  • liz

    she only gets prettier and prettier (:


    Ashley is so gorgeous. And I think the lack of bra was intentional for the shoot. She’s got a great body. As for whomever commented on why everyone loves her now after Twilight, that’s the way it is for most all of the stars in the movie. I don’t remember too many people gushing over Rob until Twilight. Thankfully Catherine Hardwicke knows how to pick ‘em. We love you Ashley!! Rob needs to go for Ashley!!

  • h.

    JJ, why are you posting about Ashley only at this site? She’s 22 years old, there is no reason you shouldn’t be posting about her as well as the other Twilight people on the regular JJ site.

  • Amber

    my favorite part…
    SHUT UP!

  • cara

    @lizA: it depends on the magazine, maybe they didn’t want her to wear a bra. and yes, those are hair extensions.

  • zanessa 4ever

    I love Ashley!!! She’s so beautiful!!!
    The video is funny ahaha “Shut up!” LoL
    Love Twilight cast <3333333

  • Person

    How can you think Robert and Kristen are blah! I love all the actors just the same. The girls are pretty and the boys are cute. But I think Ashley looks good with short and long hair. I especially love her short hair though!!

  • Markus

    The photos leaked again, they’re at