Kevin Jonas: Bahamian Wedding?

Kevin Jonas: Bahamian Wedding?

Wedding plans have started for Kevin Jonas and fiance Danielle Deleasa.

An insider tells Star magazine that the couple have chosen the place where they met — The Bahamas — to exchange their vows.

The source shared, “Kevin has told his family that he and Danielle want to marry in a church in the Bahamas and then hold their reception on a beach. They’re already making some of the arrangements and they’re getting close to choosing a date.”

TELL JJJ: Where do you think Kevin and Danielle should have their wedding?

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Credit: Juan Soliz; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • sarah

    They should have in the bahamas, that’s cool.
    They should also invite me!
    1st bitches!

  • Katie


  • Katie

    I really want them to get married there. How PERFECT.

    <3 i love kevin so much. i’m glad he’s happy.

  • mora

    even tho i feel like there too young i do wish them the best and i hope she has the wedding of her dreams

  • Karina

    In Braziiiillll !!! PLEASEE !!

  • ME

    and i think a bahamas wedding would be really nice and sweet!



  • mora

    even tho i feel like there too young i do wish them the best and i hope that she has the wedding of her dreams

  • miss zanessa

    las vegas LOL just kidding :P
    aww bahamas sounds romantic since is the place where they met :)

  • Olivia

    i think they should get married in new jersey and get there wedding cake from my mother :)

  • listen to mayday parade

    I wanna know who started the rumour that Kevin and Danielle were childhood friends… Since they have only known each other for like 2/3 years.. thats pretty fast, but then again I’d wanna get laid too…

  • Maddison

    Im so happy for them!

    Denise and Paul amrries at 18
    STFU if their young
    anything can work

  • louise

    it doesn’t matter if they’re too young, they’re in love, that’s all they need :D

    i think bahamas is perfect!! so romantic, the place where they met, it’s just another beginning!!! :D

  • Kyles

    Yeah, that’s cute and sweet!
    I also say, invite me!!!

  • Anna

    Cool ;
    but I think their way to young to get married tho ….

  • ashleytfan

    bahamas, its romantic and thats were they met :D

  • Nermine

    In Egypt,since Kevin wanted to go there he even said he wished he was born there. :) xx

  • Jasmine

    Awwwww I love them they are sooooooooo cute together and everyone needs to remember that Kevins 21 and Danielle is 22 that is not that young , at least they are not 15 . PS. Please kevin and danielle invite me !!!!

  • Amber

    Aww that would be so awesome!
    I’m so happy for them, they look like they’re perfect for each other. :D

  • yaima

    his making a big mistake off marring that bitch

  • Lauren


    Danielle is a nice and sweet girl at least she not a celeb

  • Crystal

    I think it’s really romantic…it’s the place where they first met so it only seems fitting that they would get married there!

  • liz

    maybe i’ll make a guest appearance..
    i’ll be on vacation ;]

  • aw
  • Bailey

    SO CUTE! hahah great idea

  • Daniel m

    kevin should get married in New Jersey…. where all their family is at.

  • http://justjared monica

    I am so happy that Kevin and Danielle are geting married and that they are geting married in the bahamas where they met but i want them to get married in Florida

    P.S. Kevin and Danielle can you guys invite me congratulations

  • Jessica

    Two words: Get Prenup

  • mARxia

    in CHILE please!!!

    I LOVE JONAS the best of the world 4 ever

  • Giovanna

    thatd b soo cute lol either there or NJ

  • Bianca

    BRASIL! :D

  • http://@marxxiitajb mARxia

    in CHILE please!!!

    I LOVE JONAS the best of the world 4 ever

    4 ever welcome to CHILE

  • shae

    I totally called this lol. awesome.

  • mARxia

    in CHILE please!!!

    I LOVE JONAS the best of the world 4 ever

    4 ever welcome to CHILE…

  • DemiFan

    ha ha you guys are so happy for Keivn, I like to see the reaction of all of you when Nick gets married It’ll just be fun to see the way

    PS: Dem and Sel should be flower girls. How cute would that be?
    LOL! Girl can Dream!

  • katie

    Star is such BS. though i would love for this to be true. itd be adorable if they got married where they met!!! so romantic and cute!!! =) though i also think just a small wedding in jersey with family and close friends would also be perfect for them. cuz theyre real family people. and they dont seem like theyre into all the glitz and glamor and attention. getting married in the bahamas would obviously attract a lot of attention from the paps and what not. just a small discrete wedding in jersey would be perfect for them. =)
    Kanielle Forever <3

  • Courtney

    Kevin and Danielle are sooo cute, together!


  • Cathy

    That’s soo ROMANTIC!! It’s a beutiful place, and the beach is really peaceful!! and that’s where they first met!! That’s so sweet!! Luck!! best wishess!!

  • Jen

    Star is always wrong though. they make-up stories to get readers attention. I really don’t want to believe this story at all.

    As for who made up the rumor the Kev and Dani were childhood friends- Kevin said that during an interview with Ryan Seacrest. He lied to protect Dani. Now the truth is out. So people should stop brining it up.

  • James

    They Should have it in Australia

  • Nina

    i think bahamas is a great idea!

  • Natasha

    I think they are too young to marry :S

  • camille

    just to get laid
    but, have a nice wedding though.

  • shan

    i think it’s cute.
    and a great choice.
    i mean, getting married at the place you first met, why not?
    it’s perfect.

    aha, i’m so happy for kevin, and danielle.
    they seem perfect for each other. and their smiles when you see them, tells it all.

  • jane

    kevin u’re makin a huge mistake u have to live ur life.ure so young.sooo stupid.

  • Lauren


    You’re the one that is stupid

    21 is not that young

  • Samantha

    They should have it in the bahamas! That is where they met. Great idea Kev and Dani!

  • Susan

    He’s gotta beautiful future wife with him.He’s so lucky and so is she. =)

  • Sa5m

    anywhere they like
    who care

  • angela

    they should have it in NJ. It’s there home town