Vanessa Hudgens Covers InStyle Makeover

Vanessa Hudgens Covers InStyle Makeover

Vanessa Hudgens shows off her luscious locks on the newest issue of InStyle Makeover.

The 20-year-old Bandslam beauty dished to the mag her beauty loves, fashion mistakes and the one item she couldn’t live without. Check it:

On her fashion style: “Completely all over the place. Sometimes I want to be the bohemian hippie and wear things that are completely floral and flowy. Other days, I’ll feel a little tougher and go for clothes that are harder; a lot of black (laughs).”

On the one item she couldn’t live without: “My Current Elliott Jeans. They’re all slouchy and they’re all distressed. They’re just fun.”

On her worst fashion mistake: “When I dyed my hair light brown with dark blonde highlights. My friends told me that it looked like I dipped my head in acid. I went back the next day and dyed my hair black, which was the best decision I could’ve ever done.”

On what makes her feel beautiful: “It depends on my mood. Sometimes, you know when you’re ready to go out, throw on some [faux] eyelashes and red lips…they’re so easy and they’re so fun.”

You can pick up Vanessa‘s InStyle Makeover THIS weekend! Bigger cover inside…

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  • star

    She looks gorgeous! I can’t believe how pretty she looks in every photo shoot she does. The interview was cool – hope there is more. :-)

  • Katty

    Looks interesting. I want to buy it. Can’t wait until all the pix and whole article is posted on the web! She looks great on the cover!

  • liz

    she’s so pretty.
    i envy her, a lot.

  • zanessa-for-life-fan

    Ha I beat JJJ, I areasy have the magazine and I got for free (:
    She looks so amazingly beautiful in it and I loved the interview!
    I love her!

  • Bia


  • aw

    lol acid. She’s cute.

  • team

    omg!!!!love vanessa!!!!gorgeous as usual!!!!!
    thanks jjj so much!!!!!!

    pls keep voting for nessa at TCA!!!!!
    i can’t wait for bandslam!!!!!

  • Carol

    Loooooooove her!!
    Beautiful and so mature!!

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    That dress she’s wearing is absolutely stunning !! She is stunning. I’m trying to imagine Vanessa with light brown hair and dark blond highlights….lol, I really can’t…she’s beautiful the way she is now.

  • satoo

    guys please vote for her everyday TCA 2009 in hottie she needs to win

  • lili

    she is so so so beautiful!…

    i love the colour of her dress!…

    shes gorgeous!

  • heat.

    lol, acid. Vanessa you are just too cute hahaha.

  • Karen

    I laughed out loud when I saw the dress she was wearing because just the other day I was trying to imagine just what color dress I’d like to see her in on the red carpet and it was pretty much this color! She looks so unbelievably breathtaking in these jewel colors… I thought the dress she wore to the Japanese premiere of HSM3 was darling as it was young looking and flirty yet I feel it kind of lacks something with her skin coloring. I felt more like that with the dress she wore to the Golden Globes which was not one of my favorites even though it fit her like a glove. Even with colors I’m not fond of seeing her in they can’t take away from the fact she is beautiful and can carry anything quite successfully.

  • avril

    more than words
    she looks perfect ,gorgeous

  • Bia

    i vote on tca 100 times per day…. i need more counts.

  • Angie

    Awww Vanessa is so beautiful <3
    and she looks gorgeous in the cover !!!

    THEY HAVE TO WIN !!!!!!
    KEEP VOTING PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    i wonder if vanessa is goin to london to promote banslam!!!hope she does
    with aly and aj

  • emily

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D I love Vanessa

  • pop86

    I just got this issue.

  • Boji

    With her dark hair colouring and slightly olive skin she looks good in bold colours. I really love her last photoshoot. Awesome shoes, dark makeup and clothes made her look more mature and alluring.

  • http://justjared gen_cute

    like her dress…i want more updates jj…..


    She is so pretty
    everything looks good on her

  • Ruby

    oh wow she is a fake blackie lol

    i wonder what her original hair color is?

  • mykamicks

    Beautiful & Classy!

  • Roxana

    i got the magazine today on my way back home form LA.. i want to cry so bad, i wanted to stay but i had to come back to my reality. i met V’s dad though when i pased by her house yesterday –beautiful house btw…

  • Amanda

    I think as a courtesy to the people they are interviewing an interviewer should correct errors in their statements. Maybe it only bothers me, but the statement “It was probably the best decision I could’ve done” really bothers me. You don’t do decisions, you make them. She probably just mispoke. They could have changed that one word without changing the entire context of what she was saying and would have made her sound a whole lot smarter.
    The cover is really pretty. She looks great in that color purple. I hope she starts doing some serious acting soon because I really want to see what she has as far as acting skills.

  • ladysdsandiego

    gorgeous as usual.

    love that color on her too!

  • star


    Maybe it is naturally a really dark brown. I thought it was black though?

  • team

    Dear Karen,you shoud really become a member of TeamHudgens!!!!!lol.It’s the best fansite ever!!!It has lots of smart vanessa fans(well,maybe i am the only vanessa fan who isn’t smart there),just like you!!!!And it provides the newest vanessa’s news.Please check it out if you would like to.Here is the link….….i am sure you are the most welcomed there!!

  • Ariana


  • Daniela

    I love her. She looks perfect all the time

  • zane

    pretty as always

  • megan

    she looks amazing she is so pretty i luv the dress the she is wearing i can’t wait for bandslam to come out i’m going to see it the first day it comes out i also can’t wait for beastly and sucker punch i wish that beastly can come out this year but i think it comes out next year

  • jo


  • Bia

    i think one of the coolest things about her style is that vanessa wears the clothes and not the clothes wears vanessa.


  • kristy

    love her!

  • Andrea

    Simply beautiful

  • soffi

    great! but she looks a little diferent, still beautiful ♥ like no other!

  • marisol

    secillamente bella I love her

  • mhay

    i love her style.
    Go V!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Karen


    I love this part of your comment…(well,maybe i am the only vanessa fan who isn’t smart there),just like you!!!!… LOL

    Don’t worry, I know what you meant but I couldn’t resist pointing that out. Actually I have tried 2-3 times to join TH and I have not been accepted for some reason each time. I must not be answering the questions correctly which would say I truly am not smart!! LOL But there are times that JJJ takes up so much of the free time I have to spend on the web that I don’t know that I would have time to post on TH anyway. It get overwhelming trying to slay the dragons here on JJJ for BOTH Vanessa and Zac.

  • Pit

    Karen – you do a great job with the dragon slaying over here but you should try Team Hudgens as well.

  • rachel

    simply beautiful :)

  • the fame


  • mhay

    but anyway karen were very proud that your here.
    zanessa is very blessed to have you .

  • moni445

    very pretty, but also very fake.. are we ever gonna see a magazine with out a photo shop cover?.. don’t think so..

  • Naomi

    Late but I love the rich color on her. She looks really gorgeous and striking. Can’t wait to get my hands on the issue.


    Haha, I love your presence here Karen and I think it’s really needed. When I have the time, I’ll always try to bring relevant news over here.

    I co-run Team Hudgens though, and I’m surprised you can’t register. Do send me an email at ‘’ and I’ll register you. We’re pretty much up to date with news so when you have time you can just lurk and catch up with the latest news if they’ve not been put up here.

  • birdie

    She’s gorgeous and is perfect for this InStyle edition. She dresses
    so adorable. She is always stylish,fresh,sexy and comforable. As
    far as the comment on her hair, I think she meant when she dyed her
    hair it was so awful that she had to redye it black, which is her natural

  • Jess!

    Owwwww!! I love her

  • Karen

    Do you have any idea how ridiculous you are…don’t think so. It is fact that most any magazine cover of any celebrity is going to be touched up a little. However, Vanessa doesn’t need to be photoshopped to make her look beautiful. As proof we have numerous candid shots of her out shopping, with friends, and with Zac where she is absolutely gorgeous and it is purely her and sometimes without any makeup—actually in my opinion some of those pictures are more breathtaking than this one on the magazine cover. So your attempt at being snide just doesn’t win you any points.

    And about the hair color, birdie, you are right. There is a misprint in the article here on JJJ. If people would watch the video of this interview and hear what Vanessa actually says she says she went “back” to black meaning she went back to the original color which we are now seeing. It wasn’t she went back to the salon and decided to TRY black since the light brown with dark blond highlights didn’t work.

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