Meaghan Martin: Balloon Festival Fresh

Meaghan Martin: Balloon Festival Fresh

Meaghan Martin sings a lovely melody as she performs at the Festival Of Ballooning on Saturday afternoon (July 25) in Whitehouse Station, NJ.

The 17-year-old actress performed many songs, including “Too Cool,” from Camp Rock, “The Circle of Life,” “Magic,” “When You Wish Upon A Star,” and “You.” “You” is the first song that Meaghan ever wrote about a fight she had with her best friend.

After the festival, she had to catch her flight, so she got to ride in a cop car! She tweeted, “In the back of a cop car. Don’t worry, I didn’t do anything bad..but it is quite hilarious. This is what happens when my ride to the airport isn’t here and I can’t miss my flight.”

Check out all the vids below!

Meaghan Martin – “Too Cool”

Meaghan Martin – “Magic”

Meaghan Martin – “Two Stars”

Meaghan Martin – “When You Wish Upon A Star”

Meaghan Martin – “You”
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Photos: Tiffani
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  • muffinstealer

    she sings?

  • liz

    love her.
    she’s so honest and down to earth <3
    & pretty :]

  • Jessica

    i wasss there!

  • liz

    @muffinstealer: well she was in camp rock. lol. get it camp ROCK?

  • katey

    I like her and all but wow she was SOOOOO lip syching!

  • muffinstealer


    ahhh camp rock, i remember now. but i thot she sounded realllyy manufactured even tho i still ♥ her

  • muffinstealer

    lol sorry,… i spaced out for a bit

  • http://non jasmine

    shes pretty and a good actress and stuff and i like her but singing is not her thing.

  • Bea

    She’s really cool, she seems to be very natural and down-to-earth. I love her clothes, the dress is amazing, I would love to have it.

  • Katie

    love her glasses! She is like the only actress who isn’t scared to wear glasses!

  • emily

    i love her and all on her show “10 things” but she has a weird stage presence…like really awkward and doing too many moves… (especially in the “you” video). it would be better for the world if people just stuck to one profession, if you are n actor- then act. just because you have a decent voice DOES NOT mean you need to make an album. it seems as though every disney person is making an album…which is LAME

  • Ariana

    nice lip singing

  • Ariana

    omg i just watched the second video omg she sounds awful!!!

  • michelle

    yeah, lip singing but whatever she seems really cool :]

  • kay,so.

    that was embarrassing…

  • Alex

    She sounds much better on the camp rock soundtrack but its not as bad as the horrible singing kids on nickelodeon

  • Becca

    she doesn’t seem that bad

  • moo

    Hasn’t she worn that dress before somewhere? I remember seeing it.

  • hanna lovato

    arghh noo terrible

  • jenna

    I was there — she wasnt lipsinging. That really is her voice. She was very nice and friendly – not like most stars!

  • iamfearless14

    Hey all. Yeah i was there too! Fourth Row! and she was not lip syncing. She threw out a shirt right before “Too Cool”, i caught it but gave it to the little girl next to me!

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