Sara Paxton Guest Stars on JONAS

Sara Paxton Guest Stars on JONAS

The Jonas Brothers follow their on-screen BFFs Nicole Anderson and Chelsea Staub as they attend a premiere in this new still from JONAS.

In the upcoming episode “Frantic Romantic,” after a chance encounter on the red carpet, the tabloids have labeled Joe and diva actress Fiona Skye (guest star Sara Paxton) as a couple.

While Fiona is happy with the boost to her career, Joe enlists Kevin, Nick, Stella (Staub) and Macy (Anderson) to break-up the fictional relationship.

“Frantic Romantic” premieres Sunday, August 16 @ 8:30PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

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Photos: Eric McCandless/Disney Channel
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  • diana

    the girls look pretty, and the guys look handsome.
    haha, look at big rob in the picture. (:

  • AJ

    Joe looks so hot in those sunglasses :D

  • LOL

    @AJ: agreed :D

  • Karina

    Joe is always hot ! auahsuhauhs.

    He’s awesomee , funny, cute … PERFECT !

  • leave Britney alone.

    This looks like it’ll be a good episode as always :).
    And I LOVE Sara Paxton; this will be awesome with her in this.

  • Nicole

    Why is everything always about joe..? Why not NIck or Kevin?

  • louise

    i love them!!!!
    “JONAS” is so funny!!! :D

  • Anonymous

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  • justme

    Is that Demi Lovato in blue gown on the main pictures?

  • Mel

    Hey look!
    There is Joe’s motorcycle! With the sidecar! =)

  • Jen

    @justme: Its macy or nicole anderson…how could u confuse them macy is pretty and demi isn’t

  • Yvonne


    I know. I want an eppie where Kevin has a love interest

  • Fiona

    That’s funny, my first and middle names are really Fiona Skye. Interesting.

    This looks like it will be a great episode. But I’m with you Yvonne. I wish they would do an episode where Kevin had a love interest. The episode where he tried really hard not to hurt Macy’s feelings because she couldn’t sing really showed that he can carry an episode. But that’s just my opinion. :)

  • leah

    Sarah Paxton was also on Wizards. They always put the same guest actors on Wizards/Jonas I just noticed..

  • ngma

    @leah: that’s funny cause Chelsea Staub is on the episode of Wizards that I’m watching right now haha

  • Lou

    aw! nicole is tiny! having said that though I’m smaller lol!

    I luv sara paxton she’s a great actress! can’t wait for this episode!!


  • Joe’sgirl

    Joe looks amazing on his motorcyle!!!!

  • liz

    their outfits look great !

  • Courtney

    I love JONAS!


  • c

    ha is it ironic that this sorta happened to joe in real life lol ya know dating camilla and it boosting her career?
    think bout it

  • Sata

    aww i cant wait!!!
    looks soo good and i lvoe sara!!!

    butt. i agree, why is like everything about joe
    like bands best friend, fashion victim, thatd ing you do, love sick, the three musketeers, detention and this one is all joe
    nick only has like two and kevin only have one! sort of unfair since kevin is the oldest

    but i guess joe is frontman so he’s more of the centre of attention.

  • Jéssica

    BRZIIIIIIIIIIILLA, Jonas are awesome, VMA wait them *-*

  • tweendream

    Wait who’s that hotttttt guy next to sara paxton in that red carpet shot?!! New disney star?!

  • abby

    i think this episode will be great. i love when shows have love intrests.
    i am not a jonas fan and i understand when teenagers think they are
    absaloutly in love but girls let me just say that they ( joe, nick, kevin) are probobly in love with someone other than your selves. i know their “hot” but realy what are the odds that any of you will ever meat them let alone go out with them. i respect them for who they are and their music not for their looks. And i think u should too im not telling you to stop dreaming just to look at reality a little closer. their looks dont speak to me their voices do. their lucky to have those voices and im happy for them and i guess really proud.

  • bRE


  • natalie

    i love the show j.o.n.a.s. it is awsome and i cant wait till it is gonna b awsome

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