Selena Gomez is Wizards Wacky!

Selena Gomez is Wizards Wacky!

A hyper Selena Gomez gives two thumbs up to anything Wizards of Waverly Place in her new video that she just uploaded.

In the vid, the 17-year-old actress and her BFFs Jennifer Stone, Jake T. Austin and cousin Brandon all pimp out the new Wizards movie coming out in August. Even Moises Arias stops by!

Sel even had to check what day the movie premiered! She shared, “…August 28th (thinking face)…I don’t know. I’ll correct that later, let’s just say that.”

Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie does indeed premiere on Friday, August 28th. Don’t forget to enter our Wizards of Waverly Place Soundtrack contest!

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  • macy

    omg! first!!

    i like her new hairdo.

  • jenn

    ROFL @ Jennifer. “What is wrong with you?” And then the Moises. :D && I love how Sel doesn’t remember when the Movie comes out. XD She’s so adorable. :D

  • anna

    wow she does not look so good in that picture clip, her nose looks HUGE and her teeth look all wonky

  • Melaniee

    Isn’t Selena 17 now? I swear that Jennifer swore in the background haha.

    What are you talking about Anna, She looks gorgeous.

  • mersadieez

    LMAOOO!!! HAHAHA “WATCH THE WOWP MOVIE!!! moises- “only on disney channel”! jake- “your not in the movie” selena- wait your on the wrong show” hahaha soooo funny

  • diana

    haha, moises was adorable. (:
    and wow, jake is getting cuter. haha.
    cant wait for the movie!

  • Jayneene

    Selena’s 17 now Justjaredjr!

  • mareen

    this video is soo funny.
    you just gotta love selena <33
    and the shirt is AWESOME!!

    and the moises part cracked me up xD
    you’re on the worng show..

    and yaaaay they played Love Drunk xD

    lmao Jennifer xP

  • waschal

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! that Video is so funny. my fav. part is with Moises. they are great

  • Jessica

    Contrived, not funny and she has crazy eyes.

  • jjr
  • http://hhy peace95

    the best video everrr!! :) selena is awesome!!!

  • =)=)=)

    @Jessica: LOL and yet you saw the entire video KNOW it WAS funny.. (:

  • Andrea

    this video was HILARIOUS! haha
    love ya Selena
    you made my day (:
    i smiled and laughed through the whole thing ;D

  • Andrea


    this girl is awesome!
    but she should make MORE videos!!!
    seriously (:
    and post selena&demi videos again!

  • kitti

    OMG! August 28th is my birthday date! I turn 16 that day, great b-day present!

  • case






  • :)

    she looks so cute her!

  • tinkerbell

    oh gawd…she looks so cute here! love her…cant wait 4 the movie n soundtrack

  • (:

    Doesn’t anyone else think she looks like that weird girl from the breakfast club?
    I soooo do.

  • Melissa

    Haha, it was a cute video.

  • marissa

    aww i love this.
    selena looks like a kid. she’s adorable

  • =)=)=)

    the boys r the best they r so funny in the video but she wasnt !!

  • TV

    Jennifer Stone is SOOOO Funny!!! She’s way funnier than her character Harper. Selena is soo cute. I don’t like her hair in this video though. But I LOVE the song. Can’t wait for the movie.

  • melena

    VOTE 4 MILEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND JESSE MCCARTNEY !!!!!!!!!!!

  • iimmac

    hahaha looove them all. =]

  • leah

    Her youtube videos are the best! Love you baby girl and you look gorgeous on the cover of Seventeen Magazine!

  • LOL

    AHHAA i love selena :)
    Great video and cann’;t
    wait for the movie and soundtrack!

  • Brt


    For jesse yet, for miley, no. She dont deserve all those awards to me

  • lexi

    ive seen this twice and i just noticed that moises and jake are wearing the same shirt ha.
    i love selena! and this vido is soo funny

  • Adam
  • mileycyrus#1fav4ever

    selena is beautiful and sweet so back off if u want 2 say something bad cuz realy if i want 2 say something about her i feel like if i do it i will be in pool filled with sharks ! dont know why its just scary but realy shes a sweet girl !!

  • Anonymous

    i love selena and that video was so funny and i love jennifer too, shes funny. i love her new hair shes so pretty and oh. my. god i love her eyes they are so pretty.

  • michelle

    Cute video haha :] I will for sure watch it :D

  • Miley/Selena/

    Selena is awesome nd i cant wait 4 the movie. Moises is funny haha x

  • SerenA

    Kudos to Wizards-fave show on Disney. Love Selena’s vids.

  • kristina

    omg that was hilarious!!!!! selena and ava are adorable!!!

  • Myla

    Moises is so funny.
    Love Sel.
    Can’t wait for the movie to come out.

  • Lea

    I don’t love Selena! I love Miley! She is soo cute and nice and funny and beautiful!

  • miley stinks

    @Lea: miley sucks. selena gomez is the best girl in da world

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