Taylor Lautner Flips For Taylor Swift

Taylor Lautner Flips For Taylor Swift

Check out Taylor Lautner‘s high-flying flip!

The 17-year-old actor was seen showing off his skills to on-screen girlfriend Taylor Swift on the football field set of their upcoming movie, Valentine’s Day.

In the scene, the two Taylors share a passionate lip lock before Lautner sprints off into a cartwheel back flip. Also spotted around the set: Emma Roberts and Carter Jenkins.

Taylor Swift tweeted earlier, “Spent all day with the other Taylor. Lots of laughing, lots of confusion over which one was actually being called to set.”

25+ pics inside of high-flying Taylor Lautner

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Credit: JAWS/SC/Fame Pictures, Perkins, Shirley; Photos: FlynetOnline, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • ~E

    Oh my T!!!!
    They KISS!!!
    Go taylor.. and taylor!!!!
    yess yess yesss!!<3

  • http://none.com jasmine

    My two fav taylors kissing?!! YAY!!

  • gaby

    they would make such a cute couple!!!

  • http://dressliketaylor.net Emily

    AH! How did we miss THIS?! Taylor [Swift] cast in a movie? Even if it’s a tiny role, I don’t care! Super cool. :D Love htem both.

  • katie

    Cute :)

  • qwerty

    That’s so awesome! Anyone else notice the “13″ on her hand??

  • http://twitter.com/lizzziee liz

    clearly, skills.

  • MissVan

    Awesome cuple.
    My favourite cuple after Zanessa and Miley&Nick!

  • candycrazy

    wow. :O yeah xD well, fine with me. lol.:)

  • taylor swift freak

    OMG, taylor has a role in this movie? how did i not know ? i am so excited! i love her! :)
    i cant believe it, im so happy right now !!!
    and she has a 13 on her hand, same as me right now, haha, i write it on all the time haha x


    Oh wow mee too.
    I was like This is Hott
    I give my Cassie Approval Even Though That
    Means Nothing Still Their Hot
    Together. Taylor(Swift) Is like the same Height.
    lol But Yehh They Are Hot together.


    Their Couple Name
    Would Be
    “Taylor” Paaahahahahahaa

  • kate_alice

    Taylor & Taylor together together lol
    but only in the movie. lol

  • ashleytfan

    awwwwwwwwwwww! OMG!
    this is so cute :D

  • emma

    omg i cant belive it i love her
    and when does this come out

  • Bruno

    i didn’t know she’s an actress too! :o

  • thais

    Oh. My. God.
    she must have felt the same as ashley tisdale: “its so weird kissing your friend and you best friend’s boyfriend”..
    i wonder how selena felt about it..

  • thais

    they make such a cute couple much better than selena with taylor.. ugh taylor is too good for selena..

  • Lovethatdoll

    They’re such cuties. Tay Tay seems to be a very “romantical” young man. So sweet…

  • http://www.celebuz.com rozza

    wow go Taylor S and Taylor L its only acting guys

  • leah

    Awakward lol!

  • ray

    dude , TAYLOR LAUTNER IS TOO GOOD FOR SELENA ! but i think that Taylor S is quite a good for him ! HAHA

  • leah

    I swear these pictures are really bothering me… I thought Taylor was supposed to be Emma’s love interest….. BLAHHH

  • christine

    OMG i’m melting in my seat looking at these. god, i wish this was real. they would make the sweetest couple! ahhhhh i can’t handle it!!

  • Lauren

    he looks too small for her lol…or too young…but they look cute together…its quite confusing with the two taylor things lol

    im glad taylor lautner has a new job and that taylor swift is acting again cos she rocked in csi

  • mech

    hey! i like this couple! honestly! i want to see the movie nooooow +__+ can’t wait any longeeer!
    they’re sooo sweet together (L and i love the way they match, cause when they made couples, if the girl it’s blonde, it’s like… they’re on-screen boy-friend it’s always going to be blond… which sucks, really.


  • Irene

    OMG Taylor & Taylor kissing! hahaha that’s soo cool! they look cute together <3
    whe it comes out the movie?

  • mileysupporta4eva


  • MArina

    hmmm.. taylor and taylor… i always thought when I was young that two taylors (a man and a woman) doing a movie together like this was weird! when I saw sharkboy and lavagirl….. but.. whatever.. this movie will be really nice!!!

  • Gotmegoingcrzy

    Even though, it’s just a movie, I wouldn’t mind them dating in real life. Dang it, Selena! He could’ve been Taylor S’s man. He should be. They are adorable. Excited for this movie :D let’s not forget Emma Roberts stars in it, too ;)

    I don’t even think Selena & T.L are dating, anymore, if they even were.

  • case

    i wonder how selena felt about all this.

  • Ximena

    taylor and taylor :D
    but taylor is mine (: haha

  • Laila

    Hey Taylor S. in a movie since when. That girls got talent. when did this start to film. I usually know about every upcoming teen movie/cd/show.

  • LOL

    ahaha , i wanna watch this movie now :D

  • Eunice

    ahhhhh he kisses herr!
    i’m jealouss
    he’s mine forever !<3

  • nikkki

    ths loks stupid, i dont care about lautner, hes ugly

  • kristine


  • Lisa

    I’m actually a Taylena fan. )’:

  • Ashley

    no way!!! taylor, go away from him!!! he;s to small

  • the fame

    too bad its not true and its just acting… they are so different but they look cute

  • tralala

    okay it looks totally awkward when they kiss because she looks too big for him. wouldnt it be fun if someone tweets tay S and ask her would tay L be a good guy for selena lol

  • tlautnerlover

    they are so cute together! if i cant have taylor (lautner) for myself then i guess taylor (swift) can have him

  • Laura

    They look cute together :D:D

  • omg

    but not taylor swift !
    but shes just ew :|

  • aLYSSA

    OMFG! I cant belive they kissed!

  • Melissa

    Cute, though sort-of weird since Taylor’s not really an actress.

    They look cute but I still like Taylena (;

  • kim

    lol wow i love them both but he is younger than her and he went out wih one of taylors best friends so i dont think they would hook up. They dont look cute together either way lol. but i would love to see this movie!

  • Courtney

    I sooo wouldn’t mind if they got together.

  • dadaly

    why did taylor swift do that??
    oh man, its in a movie i know,
    but taylor L. is Selena G. bf, they just broke up
    or the rumor just leaked that Taylor L. just cheated on selena//

  • Jessica


    LOL..that would be funny if they really did go out..