Vanessa Hudgens: Vote For Shadow!

Vanessa Hudgens: Vote For Shadow!

Bandslam beauty Vanessa Hudgens cuddles with pup Shadow in this new snippet from

The 20-year-old actress dished about Shadow‘s Teen Choice Award nomination and shared, “She couldn’t stop barking [about her nomination]! We were very proud of Shadow.”

Vanessa continued, “I hope so [that she has a chance at winning]. Shadow’s always a winner in my heart.”

TELL JJJ: Did you vote for Shadow for Best Celebrity Pet? Voting is open until 12AM!

Vanessa Hudgens: Vote For Shadow
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  • liz

    sorry, i voted for bo
    obama’s pup (:
    i still <3 vanessa.
    not this year.
    mr.prezzzz !

  • aw

    lol, this was cute. One thing I loved about her with this dog is that she lets Shadow actually walk most of the time.

  • zanbells

    shadow has my vote<3 love vanessa

  • Carol


    And cute interview!!!
    So sweet!!

  • Malee

    Sadow is sooo cute!
    She’s so small and fluffly!
    I voted for her and Vanessa like 5 times a day so i hope they win…!

  • Aii

    AWWW she’s soooo cuuuuute

  • Katty

    Haha. That dog is cute. And, she does actually let it walk by itself. Unlike Maui who is carried everywhere.
    I vote for V every day I remember to vote!
    Go, V! I am going to go see Bandslam, and watch the TCA. Does this mean she is bringing the dog to the awards?

  • Malee

    I hope she does!
    How cute would that be!
    And what if while Vanessa was presntingor smething ZAc had to hold Shadow?
    But idk if zac is going anyways……

  • annie

    Seriously Shadow is very well behaved

  • kim

    Shadow is a very cute puppy. Hope she wins!

  • blech

    shadow doesn’t look cute…. i didn’t vote for her

  • Jess!

    OMG!! soo cute!

  • Bia

    vooote more more and more…. shadow is the cutest dog ever

  • Jaazzz

    Yeah…i voted for Bo. Go Obama!! =) But Shadow is soo cute.

  • Jollykt

    I voted for Shadow :x she’s so kute!
    I <3 Vanessa

  • chelsea rose

    aww! how cute. i voted for shadow (:

  • Bee

    shadow is so cute!

  • ladysdsandiego

    aww shadow! haven’t seen her in a while.
    hope she wins. i’ve been voting for her everyday!

  • zanessa-for-life-fan

    aww Shadow is so adorable I hope she really wins!
    I vote her everyday (:

  • the fame

    she is cute, just like her owner! of course she has our votes! and yes i agree with#7, about the maui thing

  • Ellyne

    OMG. I voted for Shadow lol, Vanessa’s voice is so cute and girly lmfao. she sounds so innocent.

  • Angie

    I vote for shadow, Vanessa, zac and hsm3 every single day xdd

    I loved vanessa’s voice haha so sweet (:


  • mhay

    i voted for them already!!!!
    Vanessa, Zac and Shadow.

  • JAY

    SHADOW!!!!!!!! LOVE THE DOG!!


  • mykamicks

    I love the way Vanessa said…… Shadow’s always a winner in my heart!

    I can feel how Shadow makes her life merrier every now & then.

    For sure, she will be the happiest person if her dog wins! Goodluck Shadow!

  • zanessaloverss123

    hhahhaha love when she pass the yellow tedy in front of shadow and she barkss lol YUPP I VOTE FOR HER AND ZAC AND VANESSA EVERYDAY :)

  • zvlover

    yeah people keep voting 4 vanessa and shadow they deserve to win
    omg!! i love her soooo much she´s really cute and beautiful in the video…aww and im in love with shadow too hahaha

  • zanessafan4ever

    I voted for Shadow.she’s so sweet!

  • kgg

    Awwwww, such a cute, well-behaved puppy! I just love Shadow…

  • Helen

    Lol aww
    Shadows a winner in my heart
    and Vs a winner in all our hearts
    yea i voted 474 times lol
    i have no life

    BTW i effing LOVE the bows in shadows um hair? coat? fur? idk i never had a dog ill just go with head lol

  • kami

    i vote for cutie shadow every day!!!!

  • masbonita

    VOTED !!!!

  • Helen

    Why do we have to bring Ashley up? God we cant even talk about Vanessa´s dog without then ragging on Ashley´s dog?
    Thats just pathetic

    Some of you guys just go fishing for an argument then get pissed when someone says crap about Vanessa because she is your idol
    Ok well Ashley is someones idol too
    Those 2 comments about Maui were juvenile and not necessary and like I said pathetic

    Seriously this FAN MADE ´fued´ between these two talented beautiful Best Friends has just reached an all time low

  • Dee

    lol I have to say the dog is a lot cuter than the owner

  • Ruby

    VOTE FOR BO BAMAS DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE HIM!!!


  • kristy

    Shadow’s really cute. I have a puppy just like her

  • Just Jill

    No hating on the pooches please.

  • team tizz

    Awwww vanessa is like the cutest thing in the photo with her a shadow. Can’t wait to see the photo at the tca with ashnessa<3.
    @Helen: i agreed.

  • =)=)=)

    i thought voting was over !?!

  • megan

    omg i love shadow she was so cute i really hope she wins i vote her and hsm3 everyday i really hope shadow wins and that vanessa can take her on the red carpet and take pictures with shadow in her arms that will be so cute :] i can’t wait for bandslam i’m going to go see it the first day it comes out august 14

  • seriously

    Aww so cute! and im with Helen raggin on Maui seriously? get a life
    Also with Helen about the bows so cute lol

    You know what I love is that she never once talked abut her noms like when asked about Shadows noms she could have said We were both excited for our nominations but she didnt she didnt campain for votes or anything just talked about Shadow and i love that! Hopefully it means she has a lot of faith in us her fans!

    again agreeing with Helen
    V said that Shaodow is a winner in her heart
    And Vanessa is a winner in ours

  • Alex

    I voted for shadow i like the fact that its an unshaved poodle

  • Remy

    that was so cute! i laughed at the ‘we were very proud of shadow’.

  • hititquitit

    i have to say absolutely adorable!
    the whole voting thing is something that at first i didn’t notice. i was voting for bo not knowing that shadow was there. but ever since then i’ve been all for shadow. :)

    now bring ashley into this is one thing that wasn’t need. bringing her dog into this is really unnecessary. i mean what does a dog being carried around every time you see them in pap picture have to do with this situation? i mean dogs have to walk. i haven’t seen a dog that hasn’t. so maybe ashley carries her dog to be sure he doesn’t run into the street or get freaked by the paps or anything. most of the time shadow is walking she’s on a leash.
    talking about dogs is another low considering there is no way for them to have really done anything to you unless they’ve peed on your lawn – which i highly doubt. so please leave the cute doggies out of this thread even though really only two people commented on it.

    love vanessa and shadow.

  • Honest

    That was sooo cute. I hope both vanessa and shadow win their nominations. I love nessa and even if she doesn’t win, she will always be a winner to me. Let’s just pray that she wins at least one award at the tca’s. Can’t wait til Bandslam, Aug. 14th and next week, lots of vanessa!

  • Honest

    Also, shadow sticking out her tongue was adorable.

  • sweetnessa

    awww shadow <3333
    i vote for shadow everyday !

  • marisol

    hay que bellas las dos

  • kelly

    aww adorable ,
    TODAY IS THE LAST DAY , i heard she is losing for miley =\
    ugh !!
    i am voting now like crazy.

  • aly

    Aww <3
    Shadow is adorable. I hope she wins. Same with Vanessa.

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