Vanessa Hudgens: Blushing in Boston

Vanessa Hudgens: Blushing in Boston

Vanessa Hudgens‘ cheeks turn rosy pink at something a fan said as she and costar Gaelan Connell judge a Bandslam competition in Boston, Mass., on Saturday afternoon (August 1).

The duo judged and picked a lucky winner during the competition. The winner also recieved a private meet-and-greet and photo shoot with Vanessa and Gaelan, plus a private vocal coaching session, and a guaranteed spot on the Emmy Award Winning Community Auditions Star of the Day. WOW!

Bandslam hits theaters on Friday, August 14th.

20+ pics inside of Bandslam stars Vanessa Hudgens & Gaelan Connell

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  • Ruby

    I WONDER WHAT THE FAN SAID??? ANYWAYS FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bee

    She && Gaelan are just beyond adorable.

    Gaah! So good to see her again! Looks like she had fun!

  • zanessa!!!

    i love them!!!
    can’t wait to bandslam
    vanessa looks gorgeous!!!. she is sooo pretty. she is the best .i love her!!

  • selen

    first? i love vanessa
    hope she ll be with zac in vancouver soon
    i miss to see them together

  • esther

    Awesome glad V is having fun

  • liz

    OMG. i’m so jealous.
    get me a private meet & greet and all that stuff (:

  • suzy

    she looks cute. He looks cute. I love them.

  • hannahh

    awwww she looks so beautifullll

    glas shes having funnn x

  • mel

    finaly some photos!!! I LOVE VANESSA!!!

  • secret

    shes gorgeous.

  • kgg

    V is looking soooo beautiful….eyewitnesses said that she was even prettier in person than on screen or pictures. Gotta love her! Gaelen is looking pretty adorkable as usual. Can’t wait for this movie!

  • maria

    So excited she was here in Boston!!! Drove all the way there, and missed her!! But she looks gorgeous…seriously. Her skin and eyes look just amazing, and of course, I just love her style!!

    And the great reviews for the movie keep rolling in!! I’m so happy for this cast and can’t wait for the soundtrack!!

  • secret

    isnt v going to vancoucer for sucker punch ?

  • Tiptoes

    Van looks so lovely. Gaelen looks cute.

    Let the Bandslam promo begin….

  • aw

    Adorable, I’m glad they’re having a good time.

  • Tiptoes

    @secret – yes after the promo and TCA…


    OMG, SO BEAUTIFUL! *-* can’t wait to bandslam!

  • Eugenia

    OMG awww so cute so beautifull sexy aww i love herrr

  • Eugenia

    aww i acn0t believe it aawwwww

  • heat.

    oh my goodness, her skin so flawless. She looks great, and same with Gaelan!

  • Naomi

    How adorable are they?!!

    Love that they had fun and enjoyed themselves. I really like that they take obvious pleasure in simple things like this competition.

    I’ve missed seeing Van. She looks so lovely here with flawless skin and breathtaking smile. Her beauty is enhanced so much by her happy and warm personality.

    Yep, let the Bandslam promo begin. Can’t wait.

  • agu

    yayy!! she’s still wearing the kuippo ring :D
    in your faces haters!

    how adorable they are! she blushing OMG….so cute!

  • vfan

    I think she is the best and the prettiest person ever. Wonder what the fan said and can’t wait to see Bandslam, guna be first in line to see

  • Katty

    She looks great like normal.
    She is going to Vancouver late August, for whoever asked.
    Plus, she is wearing her ring, so all is okay in ZV land. Thought I would throw that out there, and now I am done with it.
    I wonder how she gets her eyes like that…
    Anyways, can’t wait for Bandslam, going to see it the weekend it comes out!

  • Bee

    Whoo more pictures! There’s legitimate candids! Ahhh I’ve missed those lol

    Thanks a bunch Jared && co.!

  • Roxana

    gosh she is a goddess…SO GORGEOUS!!! Gaelan looking adorkable :)

  • Bia

    wooow, i love her.

  • teamhudgens

    Ohm my god!!!
    ı wanna cry now!
    ı miss her!
    she’s so beautiful
    ı love her hair!
    she’s amazing!!!!!

  • Ellyne

    I am so jealous of her, shes so Flawless

  • Katie

    omg I live 30 minutes away from Boston and I didn’t know she was there! And she is my favorite actress! Ughhhhhhhh

  • Carol

    Effortless Beautiful
    So adorable…I lobe her smile.

    And cute Gelan!!!

    This week is gonna be so good for us!!!!
    Love her!!

  • LG

    They both look adorable, but I wonder what the person said.

  • kami

    all the reviews i’ve seen of this movie are great!!!! they are saying the characters are all great and so is the music. can’t wait to see it.

  • hititquitit

    they look like they had a blast here.
    she looks gorgeous as always.
    that fan is very lucky ahaha.
    still can’t wait for this movie! :D

  • http://zanessa nathalia

    I have to admit that it very well also
    I like to see her happy

  • istar

    aww…. V looks amazing as always. i wonder what the fan said.
    the winner gets so much, WOW.


    Looking Gorgeous As always I wonder what
    the person said to amke her blush

  • maisak

    gorgeus ;)

  • daniel

    soooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CUTE

  • Katie G!

    awwww she looks so pretttyyyy!!!!!
    im happy cause in those one pictures we saw of her she looked so tired, she looks refreshed now though =) which is odd cause shes still working on high speed

    looooveeeee her jeans

  • Kristy

    They are super cute together. She looks amazing!

  • purple

    I miss her soooo much
    Glad to know she is doing Ok even with the tight schedule
    Baby V all the way!!!!!!!!

  • http://zanessa NATHALIA

    my god
    as I had missed this girl
    as it is good sailing,
    and more so gorgeous

  • http://jjj daydreamer

    She looks fantastic! They are both adorable.Can’t wait to see the movie.

  • lili

    she is stunningly gorgeous!!!

  • Honest

    Jealous of the winner?? Hell yeah! I was born in Boston and I visit there every summer. Sad I miss her. Anyways, next week is officially baby v week, can’t wait til the release of Bandslam! Heard great reviews! And I don’t know if voting is still open but if it is, CONTINUE VOTING FOR VANESSA AND SHADOW!!!

  • carol

    OMG, I’ve missed her so much!
    She looks so beautiful!
    Lovee you Vane!

  • the fame

    finally the pics! cant wait for this week of bandslam promo.. WE LOVE YOU VAN!=)

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Aw…I wanna know what the fan said !! ..Is there a video anywhere ? Anywho, its good to see Vanessa all smiles and not tired :D And Gaelan…let’s just say that without the curly hair…he cleans up good !! He looks cute with curly hair but I say he looks hot like that. YAY !!

  • Pit

    it is good to see Vanessa out and about again….she looks beautiful….this will be a good week for Vanessa coverage. Yeah…