Aly & AJ Michalka: Mahiki Mates

Aly & AJ Michalka: Mahiki Mates

Aly and AJ Michalka make the most out of their days in London as they head to the trendy Mahiki club on Saturday night (August 1).

The 78violet band members also dined at Sake No Hana in Mayfair with a socialite Michael Evans and model Chloe.

Aly tweeted about the Bandslam premiere, saying, “Just wanna remind u that the LA premiere of Bandslam is this Thursday Aug. 6th! If you’re in town, please come by. I’d love to see u. It will be at the Westwood Mann Village theatre.”

TELL JJJ: Are you planning to go to the premiere?

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  • Justyna

    I go!

  • i love vanessa

    Cant wait till the bandslam premier!
    i wanna see what Vanessa wears :P

  • Mariah

    Is it just me or are they looking faker and faker by the day..?

  • Paris H

    sure i will love to see vanessa

    she’s so HOT

    i love her

  • Lauren

    they’re so come vanessa didn’t go to the UK premiere or gealan either?

  • susan

    I so would if i wouldn’t live in FINLAND. Crap. I love the girls on it! The best ones.

  • Gino

    @Mariah: It’s just you =)
    I’d say they’re getting more real by the day!

  • Gino

    @Lauren: That’s cuz the UK didn’t have a official premiere, and they won’t either. Only the U.S.

  • Lynne

    Love these girls!

  • xoxo

    mariah its not just u !

  • Honest

    Plz, vote for vanessa hudgens!!!

  • elizabeth marinas

    is it just me or aly and aj are looking more beautiful every day especialy aly and aj

  • bridget


    Nah i don’t see it. Looks like they had a nice time.

  • durrr

    are they tipping the paprazzi there? why would british people wanna take photos of them? no offense there not that well known.


    they look amazing
    78violet rocks

  • blackberry

    I love them, they are so pretty.
    I can’t wait for bandslam and their new CD!

  • hazel

    i love how they seem to be getting papped more in the UK! hope the british paparazzi arent bothering they too much tho! so glad they had taken the time to visit us over in the UK coz we love em :) they look great!

  • Nancy

    When your boots are knee-high like that, they’re officially known as stripper boots or “f me boots.”