Aly Michalka Is Not A Robot

Aly Michalka Is Not A Robot

Aly Michalka shows off her pearly whites as she appears on popular UK Talk Show, T4 on Sunday morning (August 2).

The 20-year-old Bandslam beauty continued to promote her upcoming flick, which opens in theaters on Friday, August 14th. When asked what she would be doing if she wasn’t an actress or musician, she replied, “I think Alyson Michalka would’ve become an interior designer. I would be like, ‘Oh, I think that sofa would fit in there, let’s just shove it in.’ I’m just guessing!”

Aly also dished a bit about starting out with Disney, saying, “Being with Disney was a great launching pad for my career. But I think it’s important to just be yourself and be an individual. I don’t think I’m quite as squeaky clean as some of the kids are, not in a bad way, just in a way that I speak my mind about what I have to say. Some people are kind of sensitive, like I’m censored somewhat. But I think it’s good to have an opinion and not be like a robot.”

Aly Michalka on T4, 08/02

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  • i love vanessa

    i watched this yesterday and have entered that compition like 5 times, i have to win it ! i hope they pick me. i would be so so sooo happy in my entire life! i have to win :)

  • presley

    i love her. it sucks the entire interview was questions about vanessa and not so much 78violet and the movie, but once people see the movie they’ll realize how much talent Aly has!! keep the updates coming about her!

  • jess

    she s so great!! i love her songs. she rocks. down vanessa down vanessa down.

  • yo momma

    she’s 20.

  • Honest

    I couldn’t agree more about the disney thing. VOTE VANESSA!!!

  • Ava

    She’s so nice and has a great personality, its also refreshing to see that she speaks her mind – and is an individual like she said and doesn’t just say what people want her to.

    I love her and Vanessa. They are both so beautiful and i cannot wait till August 14th to see Bandslam.

  • SerenA

    Go Aly. I can’t wait until the 78violet music comes out. I loved Aly & AJ’s 1st album.

>>>>>>> staging1