Joe Jonas & Brenda Song: Midnight Snack At KatsuYa

Joe Jonas & Brenda Song: Midnight Snack At KatsuYa

Looks like Joe Jonas is moving on from his breakup with Camilla Belle just fine.

The 19-year-old musician was spotted out at Katsuya restaurant in Los Angeles with gal pal and Suite Life on Deck starlet Brenda Song.

In the TMZ vid below, you can see Brenda running from the paps and straight into Joe‘s car — in 3-inch heels!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Brenda and Joe’s Katusya dinner date?

Brenda Song Races To Joe Jonas’ Car
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  • Is it love?

    I really never thought i’d see them together but they actually make a cute couple i just hope to see him happy again cause when a jonas is sad there fans are sad :( I think they’ll last :)

  • lalovebug

    personally i think they’re cute together, but i think they’re just friends for now.

  • mari

    brenda is funny

    joe loved V

  • isabela

    they are only friends ‘-’

  • Kelly

    Oh my godddnesss this is SO weird!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ahhhh but i like …good for joe & brenda !

  • mej1031

    when the guy asked brenda if they were dating she said, “Nooo”.
    im kinda glad, he needs some Girl-Friends…for awhile, not girlfriends!! he needs people to hang out with that can helpp himm!!

    joee is strong, he can handel a break up!!

  • Sa5m

    i love both of them
    but it’s weird to see them togother……

  • hun98

    I really hope they are just friends.. I don’t know. They don’t have any chemistry… and isn’t she older than him?

  • diana

    even if they’re just friends, its good he’s getting out.
    Brenda seems really nice.
    and i give her props for running in those heels. lol.

  • jo

    I think they’re just friends. but brenda is really pretty too

  • yaima

    joe and brenda make a cutte cople joe is my bestfriend and i just wantr to see him happy so if his dating her i wish him the best ilu bestie

  • the fame

    i would like them but brenda said no and they are hanging out.. hate it when a boy and girl hang out and everybody is like they are dating

  • dreamer

    yea she is but so what ashley tisdale and jared murillo were 3 years apart and joe and camillia were 3 years apart too
    brenda and joe are only a year apart

  • Jo

    theyre just friend lmao its so funny how they cant ahve friends without it beeing a “date”.
    Theyve been friends for years!
    Brenda even screams NO! when they ask her if theyre dating int he video. It don’t get clearer than that.

  • cathee

    they are not a couple, definitely !
    they are only friends ! what is the matter whit that ?

  • Courtney

    I think everyone should leave Joe’s love life, ALONE!
    I love. Joe!


  • Cristina

    She´s so cute and IF they´re dating, that´s good for them!
    Cause Joe deserves so much better that a certain person -.-
    I love them together! =)

  • Emily ducker

    i have no idea if theyre dating. the fact that they were being chased down by paparazzi is terrible. they shouldnt have to go through tthat.

  • maria

    K2-”We can’t have friends that are girls?”

    rumors like these disgust me.
    i’ll believe it when they confirm it
    themselves. just because they ride in
    a car with a girl doesn’t automatically
    mean that they’re dating.

  • Melissa

    I don’t understand why two people can’t just go out as friends, it doesn’t always mean they are dating
    him and brenda have been friends for a long time they were probabaly just catching up

  • marianna

    huh; let them live they lifee! why are paparatzzi likee that!
    && well they dotn look bad; but definitly idotn think they are dating.. like famous ppl can’t have friendss & go out to eat.. huh

  • m?

    they look good together

  • Laura

    Brenda is a good runner!!!

  • shan

    i agree with maria.
    how is it that, when they’re spotted with girls, they can’t be just friends.
    why does it always have to be something more?

    they’ve been friends for a while.
    a while back you thought they were dating also.
    make up yer mind.
    leave the poor guys along.

    i just have to add; joe was looking rather fine there (;

  • kitti

    I think that they are only friends. It seems as though Joe was only giving Brenda a lift, friends give each other lifts … people look way into this and immediately assume that they are a couple.

    They are just good friends hanging out. Just let it be.

  • JB Fan

    i think its great that Joe is getting out,
    and not letting the break-up keep him down.
    and IF him and Brenda are more than friends,
    thats great for them.
    i mean as long as hes happy.

    But i do agree with you guys,
    they probably are just friends.

    and i totally give her credit for running that fast,
    and in those heels.

  • hum

    dang, i give brenda props for running in those heels lol.
    and i wish people would chill out, just because he is hanging out with a girl they have to be going out? really?

  • Paige

    itheyd be cute together. but i dont think shed wanna date a jonas brother. he doesnt really seem like her type. but joe needs to stay single for a while

  • kate

    i think they are just friends.
    but even if they are dating who cares?! let them be.
    they’ve been friends for years, like he has friends that are girls
    it doesnt mean they are dating, they are normal guys! they have friends that are girls too… personally i just think they are friends hanging out, they prob. havnt seen each other in awhile since JB is on tour, and now that they are in cali for alittle bit they are catching up with friends….paparazzi are annoying, and seriously need to get lives and real jobs. i would punch then if i had to deal with them all day…talk about stalkers.

  • susan2

    Sounds horrible to be chaiced by paps. And i give props to Brenda running in those heels.way the go! And i don’t really think and so far from the comments i read i can’t see anyone else believing them dating. We all have guy friends and girl friends and we hang with them much and eat, and it doesnt MAYBE mean anything. Saying maybe because it do sound little weird a girl and a boy going to grab a dinner middle of the night but i’m just saying. I don’t believe anything, but i don’t say i wouldn’t think of it as a tinsy bit weird. But just weird no dating so don’t get me wrong,ok? but boy they must be close

  • j

    omg seriously can’t a guy and a girl just hang out as friends and not assume they are dating? good for him not talking and her running they don’t have to answer. they are allowed to have a private life

  • melissa

    OMJ! they cant be going out! that just to wierd! it doesnt seem like they would be a good couple!

  • Vanna

    damn that girl can run… run brenda run!!!!!!1

  • susan2

    @Paige: i wouldn’t say how to live their life. I mean if you really love someone,why hold back? I wouldn’t want to loose a chance if i love someone for just someone saying me “hey you need to be single now” . So who are we tell anything bout HIS life? I bet you wouldn’t want anyone to tell you either if you love someone. It may be your biggest move and if you don’t it may be your life time lose.

  • nileyfan4ever123

    eww..joe is sooo much better with camilla~~

  • Dilsia

    Brenda has been friends with JB for a while.
    I know for a fact they are just friends, and the very loud “Nooo” from Brenda helps too :P
    I’ve seen videos of her and the boys, plus frankie, with other Disney stars just hanging out.
    I’m sure they just friends, but if they did/do become something bigger it’s cool too :D they look cute :)

  • maah

    espero que os dois fiquem juntos

  • bee

    DAMN joe you dont fckin waste time do you . well i like Brenda i think she’s pretty & super sweet so do yo thang joee .

  • mrsefron.

    JOMENDA! <3

    LOL LOL ! jk , i know they are just friends for now.

    but theyyr cute : )

  • Whitney

    it’s kind of their business of their dating. but my goodness…that’s really the paparazzi for ya. that’s totally invading their privacy. “it’s tough to break up man”…i don’t even think that’s right at all. it’s joe’s life. it’s brenda’s life. wow that must be annoying. i would’ve been running too!

  • Daniyah

    WOAH! i hate wen boys/girls just move on like girl to girl boy to boy. i mean seriously how do u know who is the SPECIAL one if u just flip flop all the time? well wutev…ur life. but WOAH joe and brenda they did hang out before too! well i hope their just great friends! :)

  • Daniyah

    WOAH! i hate wen boys/girls just move on like girl to girl boy to boy. i mean seriously how do u know who is the SPECIAL one if u just flip flop all the time? well wutev…ur life. but WOAH joe and brenda they did hang out before too! well i hope their just great friends! :)

  • Mariana

    please don’t tell me she’s his next girlfriend!

  • Mina

    joe jonas is a man whore. i don’t like that guy at all. i used to enjoy JB music but when he dumped Taylor, i can’t stand them and him! brenda is awsome and she desirves better!!!

  • Bea

    there was a rumor about them together last year too, I think they are friends, just friends.

  • ashleytfan

    That is unexpected.
    But I’m glad he is getting out there.
    I think they are just friends right now.
    And just went on a date or something.
    Hopefully they start dating.
    <3 :)

  • Andy

    Run Brenda Run!!

  • Yoshatbel


    Camilla Belle was also older than him, that didnt stop them from dating.

  • Rochelle

    You know, if they’re dating, I think it’s pretty cute :)
    I’ll support them!

    And if they’re just friends, that’s fine too

  • susan2

    @Rochelle: now that’s a great comment guys!!

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