Mike Ryan Makes Vanessa Hudgens Blush - JJJ Exclusive!

Mike Ryan Makes Vanessa Hudgens Blush - JJJ Exclusive!

Vanessa Hudgens and Gaelan Connell pose with Bandslam Boston winner Mike Ryan at Burlington Mall on Saturday afternoon (August 1).

JustJaredJr.com caught up with Mike after his win and he told us just what made Vanessa blush!

Mike shared exclusively with us, “I was finishing my song and Vanessa thought I was almost done and made a motion to begin clapping. When I realized she thought the song was almost done, I continued playing the guitar, looked at her and said with a big smile on my face ‘Just one more minute Vanessa.’

He continued, “Vanessa turned a beautiful shade of pink and began to laugh as did the audience. A precious moment I will not soon forget!”

Mike won Vanessa and Gaelan over with his original song, “Walk Away” from his new CD, Just Takes Time. You can check out more of Mike‘s music at MikeRyanRocks.com!

10+ pics inside…

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Photos: Mike Ryan
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  • sunni

    to be honest
    vanessa gain weight
    idk what happen thou
    she looks pretty and always will be pretty
    luv her

  • oth! (: (L)

    haha xD he’s lucky !
    omg, stop the weight thing please..
    cant wait to see bandslam:D love her :DD

  • mari

    Love,Love, Love

  • belandsel

    well she cant be preggers
    i mean she hasnt seen zac in a month!
    …unlesss…nahhh ;)
    she looks pretty as always
    and she’s probably gonna be loosing tht weight while filming suckerpunch!
    she’s gonna be kicking ass and that takes a lot of cardio :D

  • Roxana

    i thought she lost weight at the beginning, but looking at more pictures just made me realize that she did gain. She doesnt look fat or bad at all. i think she looks great; it might be because she has already started her trainings for sucker punch so her body is changing to become muscular. gosh she is gonna look even sexier when she is done doing her action movie. love her cant wait for all her movies.

  • Just Jill

    @sunni: So she’s not super skinny? Who cares.

  • xoxo

    aaaw that is soo cute!
    OMG STOP! she looks so beautifull, stop with the weight thing! she may have gaind alittle wight, i dont se it but she isnt fat shes healty and perfect!<3

  • Vanessa Fan!

    She is Beautiful, no matter what! I Love You Vanessa!

  • adrii

    lmao. thats so cute. anyways wtf ppl? she has NOT gained weight. she does not look an ounce fat. she looks beautiful and gaelan is adorkable.

  • http://fotolog.com/nesslove soffi

    what a lucky boy!

  • the fame


  • satoo

    hahah who is Mika by the way ???

    but this makes me laughing LooooL

  • http://fotolog.com/nesslove soffi

    i love yooooou vanessa, you are so perfect!

  • Just Jill

    @satoo: Read the entry

  • Jay

    awwww… V is soooo adorable!!!!!!

  • kgg

    Such a cute story! Congratulations to Mike. Vanessa is looking great, as usual. People, let’s stop with the rumors, OK?

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Lol, aw..I find that adorable and embarrassing at the same time..but people tend to make mistakes. ..Yeah, I have no idea what some people are talking about…she’s not fat at all…she’s just perfect all around. ..But yeah,,who is Mike ? He’s obviously a singer ..But I’ve never heard of him till now. =S

  • Katty

    She looks great. Can’t wait for Bandslam, so going to see it.

  • the fame

    @Katty: and alexa chung

  • Bia


  • maichi


  • http://mikeryanrocks.com Bob

    Check out the link after the story and listen to his music !
    It’s awesome !!

  • http://www.yahoo.com mykamicks

    …turned a beautiful shade of pink and began to laugh … I imagine the how Vanessa’s sounded while laughing… it seems no dull moments with her always…hahaha!

  • Lucy

    Yeah, jesus. She is TINY. Let’s get things in perspective. If you saw her in real life, you’d be shocked how much slimmer and smaller than the average person she is.

    She’s the 1 person in the public eye I’d most want to look like – figurewise, face, hair etc. She’s absolutely beautiful. Go Vanessa!

  • Carol

    She is so adorable!!!!
    Gaaaah…I love her!!!!

    And this guy…so sweet of him!!

  • Katie G!

    @Katty: and live with alexa chung!


    and this is one of my more fav outifts of hers i love it

  • paris H

    Oh that was cute

    gr8 i love this girl

  • masbonita

    Cute story !!! For the haters , If she gained weight she problaby went from a size 00 to a size 0 !!!!!

  • zane

    super cute!

  • jazmin



  • Eugenia

    aww lob v (; fioerverrr

  • kami

    this girl is 5 1 and a half and weighs around a hundred pounds. i really pity all you nuts who are saying she is fat. wow!!!!! she looks very healthy to me.

  • http://kwelly72@alo.com kmartineau

    Does anyone recored the contest. Want to see a video. The one Vanessa blush when Mike though he was done.

  • http://kwelly72@alo.com kmartineau

    Want a video of vanessa blushing.

  • http://zanessaworld.yolasite.com jglovezanessa

    love vanessa can’t wait to see her and zac at the teen choice awards 2009 vote vote vote

  • humble

    She looks Fab!, enough of the weight thing already, you know pictures and lights tend to make you look bigger than you actually are, Vanessa looks Fabs just Fabs!!!

  • Honest

    I love you, JJJ!!! You’re the best, keep posting! Vote VANESSA HUDGENS, FTW!!

  • http://teamhudgens.org/ team hudgens.org

    vanessa looks beautiful and cute as usual!!!!this is so funny!!!lol
    thanks jjj a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Honest

    @Just Jill: Thank you! Can you please tell people to stop talking about it. It’s getting me mad.
    People, move on. You have an opinion and I get it but do you have to mention the weight again and again. No one cares, like seriously. Move on already! Gosh.

  • Katty

    @Katie G!:

    Oh, I forgot to mention that one. Opps.
    I’m taping them all…..

  • Honest

    @kmartineau: Yea, we want the video. That will be so sweet.
    Also make Bandslam a trending topic on twitter. And vote for vanessa at the tca and teen magazine. And vanessa will be on the today show and live with regis and kelly tomorrow at 9:00 am. I recorded both because I know I won’t wake up early and both are on at the same time. And she’ll be on alexa chung at 12:00 pm on mtv. Can’t wait! Bandslam out Aug.14!! Go see it!

  • zanessa-for-life-fan

    Vanessa looks gorgeous and she’s not fat at all. Maybe she gained a few pounds with training or whatever but she still looks great and petite!
    Cant wait for the TCA Awards next week, finally get to see her and Zac together (:

  • Bia

    VANESSA VANESSA… OMG i’m sooo pround of her. she looks really beautiful and her actress career is great.

  • Bia

    i mean *proud of her

  • Maik

    Vanessa *-* Love

  • heat.

    lol that is so very adorable! <3

  • hititquitit

    weight is still here?
    seriously people who cares. weight shouldn’t matter and you should be comfortable no matter what size you are. we should praise her more if she is gaining weight -for a role or whatever-and is still confident! seriously it doesn’t matter, who cares. grow up and just admire her or keep it to yourself.

    the guy who won doesn’t sound half bad.
    and that is cute how he made Vanessa blush :D

  • avril

    UNTIL 8/8/2009

  • http://stella-hudgens.net cassie

    if vanessa and gaillen coming to florida for the screening of bandslam on wensday night i really hope so i want to meet them

  • Jess!

    she is sooo cute ♥

>>>>>>> staging1