Selena Gomez is Parachute Pretty

Selena Gomez is Parachute Pretty

Selena Gomez listens to her iPod and walk down the streets of New York City on Sunday afternoon (August 2).

Earlier in the day, the 17-year-old Disney starlet tweeted about Parachute‘s song “She Is Love.” Sel said, “Amazing song. Still my obsession. I’m calling it my NY song. Can’t wait to see my [Wizards of Waverly Place] cast.”

Here are the lyrics Selena left on her Twitter: “Well I had my ways, they were all in vain but she waited patiently.. It was all the same, all my pride and shame but she put me on my feet.”

Sel is in town to promote Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie, which premieres on Friday, August 28th on Disney Channel.

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Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Jackson Lee
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  • jjj

    Love herr!!! 1st!

  • miley

    hey selena looks fat

  • Rachel

    ^ you’re an asshole
    selena doesn’t/isn’t fat.

    she’s beautiful :)


    pretty even with no make up on. but boots selena? really? LOL

  • joe

    flounderface haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Mark

    her face annoys the crap out of me………ugly……….

  • ashley

    jus jus selena

  • Ariana

    isnt it hot in new york? is it ugg weather? lol

  • Jenn

    that top looks dangerously low cut!

  • jsantis91

    She replied to my messages on myspace…and I knew it was really her cause I added her long ago and she had that song(Parachute – She Is Love) as her profile song long before she tweeted about it so….I wasnt even on myspace a friend told me to comment her pics so I logged in and saw she was online…and I didnt even expect her to reply haha..I know i’m typing a lot but some people dont even believe me and have no idea how much it means to me..its crazy!!

  • rach

    miley ur stupid

  • lala


  • Georgina

    she looks gawjus has always but why is she holding 2 handbags??? maybe she just couldnt decide between the white? or the Black?



    yea it looks like 1 of those ” DON’T BEND OVER TOPS” LOL

  • leah

    OMG! she looks so pretty even without makeup! Lucky girl!:) I love what she’;s wearing it looks boho chick!

  • kelsey

    omg she looks soo cute, i love her outfit, the boots! so cute
    selena rocks! <3

  • gabriella

    She’s amazing …so Beautiful cool :D

  • Samantha

    i think Vanessa Hudgens has the same one, if you look back at JJJ posts, where she’s wearing that butterfly clip in her hair, looks almost the same. ;)

  • voteforselena!!!

    i love her so beautiful

  • Lauren

    why do people insist on wearing ugg boots during summer….and aren’t new york having like a heat wave over there..she looks nice…but shes even said herself that people shouldn’t wear uggs or boots during summer, it was in a recent magazine cover interview

  • ♥ZaNessAshley♥

    Selena is amazing x3
    Love her : )

  • case

    she is gorgeous! and no makeup hehe that’s why i love her. and to the person that said she’s fat you’re kidding!! she’s like the skinniest disney girl ever! crazy ass.

  • kelly

    love her.

  • kronz

    she is 17

  • selenaandftsk

    i met her and shes the best! i love her!

  • yessica

    loveee her

  • Amanda rose

    gorgous but it says that shes 16 but she just turned 17 … just saying

  • Tyler bryant

    I hope she enjoys listening to that song. Sounds like its really good. I love to hear her sing.


    yea the top is pretty low. and it looks like she might not have a bra on. but i think it’s because this is the outfit she wore on the plane. which is why she’s wearing uggs, they’re comfy because the plane is normally freezing. i mean if you look at it she looks like she’s walking to check into her hotel. this deffo isn’t a shopping district or anything.


  • liz

    i wanna seeher!
    if i go to ny. what’s the chance. (:
    she’s on, it’s on with alexa chung today!!!

  • Marie

    Selena has now 17 years old and not 16.

  • Michelle richardson

    @Lauren: so true! she sayed that becouse miley wears dresses and boots sorry my inglish isn’t good!
    and it was in a magazine: does and dont’s of summer

  • kris

    love this girl so much!

  • DemiFan

    She looks really cute here!

  • dave

    i know her feet was friggin hot yesterday! lol it was warm out in the city yesterday like 80ish

  • dave

    i know her feet were friggin hot yesterday! lol it was pretty warm in the city. and idont think thats her ipod, but her new iphone.

  • erin

    yay! selena candids, i lovee her.

  • Helen walsh

    she’s the sweetest. and i LOVE that song

  • LOL

    Shes so preetyy !!
    can’t wait for her albumm ahhhhh

  • =)=)=)

    selena is amazing luv her and by the way she doesnt look fat shes awsome

  • SerenA

    Ooooohhh I love that song, ever since I heard it on that Nivea commercial. Selena looks good as usual. How could she look fat? She’s like a size 2.

  • gjm,ghjmh

    she dosent loook fat and btw she has some makeup on her eyes and mabye some powder but im no sureluv the seleena !!!!!!

  • cfvgbhjnkm



    omg she looks so sweet just like a little Princess, wonder what she’s listening” ??????????????

  • Diana

    I think that Selena looks so gorgeous! She is so lucky to be in New York City and promoting the Wizards Movie. I hope she has a great time!

  • monkey101

    To all those ppl who r diissin on Selena BACK OFF!!!!!! sHE’S A good person who shouyldnt care yall igmos say.

  • melena

    i love selena and vote 4 selena on tca everyday

  • ur a dik

    @miley: and ur a dik

  • melody

    wonderful clothes!!

  • ranya

    she is nice with makeup or not she is always prettttttttttttttttttttttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy love her

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