Selena Gomez: My Record Is Finished!!!

Selena Gomez: My Record Is Finished!!!

Selena Gomez just landed in the Big Apple to start promoting her upcoming TV movie, Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie, but still found time to update her fans about her debut album. Check out what the 17-year-old starlet had to say:

“Well I have officially finished my first record! The fact that I can say I have a record is a dream come true to me but not possible if it weren’t for you guys. The whole process is so much fun and very therapeutic, most of my friends are amazing musically so to step into that for a while has been an incredible experience for me. All of my fans have been showing me an insane amount of support during this time for me, along with a couple of parents and so for that I thank you. Honestly during every session in the studio all I kept saying is ‘Oh, I hope they like this!’ or ‘I hope they can relate to this.’ You all were in my mind during this time!”

Selena continued, “I think I’m going to be a little kid running home to his parents showing them my art project when this comes out saying ‘Do you like it, do you like it?!?!’ so in advance I apologize haha. Also I just wrapped up my album art work about 2 weeks ago which was SO cool… I wish I could show you some of the pictures but lets just say this, every time I walked out of my dressing room my mom would look at me and say ‘Wow. Selena you would never wear that anywhere else’ plus there were some pretty cool guys that joined me.”

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“Now I’m starting band rehearsals with some awesome guys. We will be working really, really hard together to try and make an awesome concert for you guys! I’m so excited for this to come out! I’m getting really impatient! There are a few things I would like to clear up if that’s okay, because this is my first record I want it to be fun, energetic, empowering but very good so with that said I did not write any of the songs but one on the record. It was one of the last songs I recorded and it is definitely one of my favorites. I’m still new and still figuring out where I want to be musically but I think this is a good start… hopefully.

“Now, for those of you who are even considering purchasing my record promise me this, once it is in your hands or illegally downloaded, you will go into your room, car, house, school or your best friends cousins aunts house turn the volume up really, really loud sit down and if you do not get a sudden urge to get up and dance, scream, yell or move whatsoever, I have failed.

Enjoy. I love you guys so much. Sel.”

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  • noemie


  • anne

    im so buying her record. sounds awesome.
    love her <3

  • Bea

    I’ll buy it, I love her so much! :)

  • Jasmine

    i cant help it, love this girl. really adorable. cant wait for her album

  • liz

    i can’t wait to here it!
    i wanan go to new ork to see her!
    anyone know if she is going to do any meet & greets there?
    or anything with the wizards cast?!

  • whatthe?

    she can’t sing very well so i wont be buying it

  • ella

    i wish she would stick to acting she’s a really talented actress but i don’t enjoy her singing at all

  • Carol

    Im so buying her album!! Love her! So sweet, talented and beautifull.

  • http://hhy peace95

    i will definately buy her record. she is really sweet! ..:)

  • lilamzy16

    ill buy it :)

  • Sarah

    I’m SO buying her album,
    loving her more, each day <3


    Today every star thinks that because he/she has fans so he/she can do whatever he wants-singing,acting,dacing,be naked on a magazine cover.
    I mean,almost all the actress suddenly decided that they wanna became a singers too!!!.And come on,Selena does not have a special voice.I meet tone of people that they have a WAY BETTER VOICE than her.but the prutuctors take Selena only because she’s famous.Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez have a totally normal voice!!!Miley’s voice is not special at all,and the same about Selena.
    I think that the REAL disney’s singers are:Ashley Tisdale and Taylor Swift.Vanessa Hudgens has a pretty good voice,but the songs that the productors gave her to sing are aweful!!.
    Selena&Miley must to focus on ACTING-that’s what they know the best!!!!.


    I wish the cd of Selena Gomez come to the stores of Europe, in individual, to the stores of Portugal :)
    I can’t wait to listen that musics!!!

  • eLLa

    i’ll decide once i hear the single. i hope i like it though. i wonder what her appearances here in the big apple will be. i’d love to go. i wanna know the album title!!

  • Sa5m

    i love her <3
    but i will not buy it

  • assyhole

    She’s so real. I loved her last statement:
    “Now, for those of you who are even considering purchasing my record promise me this, once it is in your hands or illegally downloaded, you will go into your room, car, house, school or your best friends cousins aunts house turn the volume up really, really loud sit down and if you do not get a sudden urge to get up and dance, scream, yell or move whatsoever, I have failed.”

    She doesn’t care if you’ll buy her record or not, she just wants her fans to appreciate her hard work and her ventures entering the journey. (:

    Support Selena <3!

  • cameron

    i WILL buy it…..and I’M getting so impatient!!! and I really wanna hear the single with the music video!!! :)

  • Adam

    @SOYASHLEY: What’s your opinion on Demi Lovato’s voice?

  • jena

    @SOYASHLEY: I dont think ashley tisdale has a good voice, its kinda like she’s trying to hard!!! yeah, selena does have an ok voice and so does miley….but i’m a fan of selena, so i’ll buy it!!! And taylor swift does have a great voice but she’s not disney!!!

  • http://deleted Hermionexhaibara

    I’m so buying her album,I mean didn’t you listen to her song Dissapear???
    In that song she showed us all that she CAN sing,really I’m not kidding go and check it out if you don’t believe me!!
    Oh and of course you all heard her singing with Demi “One and the same”and you couldn’t even recognize her voice,Don’t you deny that!!!

  • #1Selenagomezfan


  • Helen walsh

    she’s the sweetest. I’m not that into the disney kids and i definetely dont buy the songs they’re selling, but i’m almost convinced to buy her album just because it’s her. she’s just so great, so not conceited. i cant understand the big deal over miley cyrus when we have selena gomez.

  • lola

    looooooooove selena!!!

  • lola

    looooooooove selena!!!

  • sarah

    @liz: Do you know when it comes out!!!!!!!!!!!


    @Adam: Demi’s voice is good,but Ashley is WAY PRETTY and WAY TALENT SINGER!!!.Demi trying to imitate Ashley.

  • andrea

    we need to support her and buy her album!!! even if she doesn’t have the best voice but i’m sure i’ll enjoy her songs!! buy her record people!

  • diana

    omg, she is so cute!
    haha, when she said illegally downloaded a started laughing.
    im definitely buying two, one for me and one for my niece. Selena is her idol. (:

  • Lucy

    I think Miley is a better singer and she writes sum of her own music!!! x

  • LOL

    Can’t wait !!!
    im so going to buy it!!!
    wooottt GO SELENA !

  • nikki

    i agree with most of the comments because i agree i wanna get her record and for some of the comments why bring miley into this isn’t she enough already and demi and ashley like love them but this isn’t about them

  • kanani

    @SOYASHLEY: You’re right about Selena and Miley having normal voices. They’re okay singers, but Ashley Tisdale can’t sing. And Vanessa Hudgens has a really good voice, its not just okay. Taylor Swift isn’t a Disney star. And Demi Lovato is probably the Disney star that sings best.

  • kanani

    @SOYASHLEY: Ewh, Ashley isn’t a talented singer at all. She’s a good actress, but she can’t sing to save her life. She tries to hard. And since when did Demi try to imitate Ashley? Never. Demi does her own thing. I’m starting to think you only like Ashley Tisdale because you guys have the same first name.

  • case

    love you selena!!!!

  • mersadieez

    “illegally download it” LOLOL deff gonna buy it.

  • assyhole

    @SOYASHLEY: First of all, who’s trying to imitate who?! Demi has a way better voice than Ashley! Ashley has a nasally voice!

    Ashley’s trying to imitate Demi, and Miley by doing the whole “rock album” thing! Obviously, she knows that teen likes pop-rock these days, and her fame is nowhere near Miley or Demi’s after leaving Disney. Please! Her voice can’t sing rock! She’s doing the rock thing ’cause she feels left out. Plus, “Allien in the Attic,” flopped too!

    Demi is way better! Taylor is way better! V-Hud is way better! Miley is way better! (:

  • so what !

    i luv selena soo much she is sooooooo down to earth and i wish her the best with her album

  • lica

    ha ha i love how pretty much every comment is like ‘i love selena’- its exactly what i wanted to say too! i too think she is an amazing person and role model to people her own ange and people younger than her. i also think older people should take example of her!!!
    i just know it will be amazing judging by her taste in music. i hope it does well- selena deserves it waaaayyyyyy more than people like miley cyrus who dont set a good example and dont know when to keep quiet.
    its time for a change and i hope selena is it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 love you girl! xxx

  • leah

    I am so buying it! I CAN’T WAIT!!!

  • okin

    I dont think selena voice is good enough, like demi has amazing vocal capabilities and an amazing range plus she has such an edge to her voice. miley has a raspy, identifiable, and unique voice. selenas voice on the wizards of waverly place soundtrack is very edited and on others songs it plain.

  • i


  • Happy bunny

    cant wait :)


    i am so excited cant wait “”"”"”"”" selena ROCKS

  • team tizz

    why are you guys begging ashley.
    She is a great actress and singer.
    So you better back off my girl.
    Why does everyone have to compare disney girls.
    Im sick of all this Vanessa vs Ashley and Selena vs Demi vs Miley shit.
    They are all talanted and Beautiful, So stop it.

  • segal bagel

    guys listen, y all of the sudden comparing people??? If u guys think ashley is soo bad..y is she soo popular?? um..maybe the thought that she worked he butt off, and so did the other disney channel stars! So.,.chill..ok?? And yea Selena doesnt have the greatest voice in the world..she admits that ..and isnt a total diva about it! Did u see One and the Same video with Demi Lovato….she pulled it off! (Btw luv Demi Lovato and Vanessa Hudgens) You guys cant do anything chill alright?

  • http://google zac oneill

    u r very hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://google zac oneill

    u r very hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • danny

    @noemie: I like ur music

  • Victoria

    Awww, selena is so sweet, Now i definitely wanna get her album! :)

  • miss zanessa

    can´t wait 2 hear it
    i love the last paragraph
    hehe she´s funny and real :)

>>>>>>> staging1