Vanessa Hudgens & Gaelan Connell Have Philly Fun

Vanessa Hudgens & Gaelan Connell Have Philly Fun

Bandslam beauty Vanessa Hudgens keeps it cool in her destroyed jeans while costar Gaelan Connell sticks out his tongue before signing autographs for fans at the Franklin Mills Mall on Sunday afternoon (August 2) in Philadelphia, Penn.

After the meet-and-greet, the duo (both 20) introduced a screening of their upcoming flick.

Vanessa and Gaelan also stayed to watch the screening with nearly 350 of their fans!

Bandslam hits theaters on Friday, August 14th. Have you seen a screening yet?

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Credit: DS-ISM/Rocstar; Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • Malee

    She’s sooo pretty!
    I love her!!
    And i can’t wait until the Teen Choice Awards!

  • Bailee

    Love Vanessa! :)

  • Katty

    I live in Penn, I could have drove there, but I live in the burgh. Ugh, I really need to get my license.
    Yay, both Zac and Vanessa are going to the TCA’s. Not only am I recording it now, I am watching it live. Can’t wait for them. I’ve been trying to vote everyday!
    Go V!

  • Katty

    Okay, from these pix, I’m not going to lie, I have to agree that V has gained a little weight. a LITTLE. But it is wrong of people to say she is ugly, or fat. She doesn’t look bad, she looks normal. I didn’t notice it in the pix from Boston or the airport, maybe it is just what she is wearing. Sometimes what you wear can make you look bigger than what you are, and what V is wearing can def. do that. I’m not saying she looks bad, I still think she is gorgeous. Besides, it’s not like it matters. I’m glad V is healthy and not too too skinny like a lot of actresses in Hollywood, this just shows she is not like every other star out there, and is healthy.

  • kristy

    i love those jeans. and V of course

  • vanny

    i love her
    she is a naturaly beauty
    and shippon:look at you ??are you perfect??

    no nobody is perfect
    but vanessa is for me one of the most beautiful people in the world..!!!

    love her <3<33<3

  • Honest

    Make Bandslam a trending topic on twitter! Also vote for vanessa to be on the cover of teen magazine! And of course, VOTE VANESSA HUDGENS ON TCA! Zac was just confirmed to attend. YAY! Gaelan is just adorkable and vanessa is just beautiful. Thanks jjj, for posting. I guess you got the memo it’s oficially Baby V Week, lol!!

    @shippon: Thank you for making Vanessa even more famous. Have a good day!

  • liz

    nice pictures (:
    thanks a bunchh <3
    xo , liz

  • peggy


    LOL you came all the way over here to post your psychotic comments. How about a shrink? How much of a dog do you look like? so sad

  • xoxo

    OMG! she is sooo beautifull and perfect!
    i looooooover heeer so much!
    love the jeans:p<3

  • peggy


    I think it’s unfortunate the people who call themselves her fans keep bringiing this up. You can’t blame the haters for this one.

  • Caro


    Thanks to you, she is Nª 1 top celebs ;D

  • k.

    I saw a screening! In Toronto, it was absolutely amazing.
    I have a full review of it in my livejournal lmao.

    But then I’m feeling kinda biased because I love Vanessa so much.

  • http://msn lauren

    i think she has to gain weight for muscle cause if your to skinny ya cant get muscle

  • gracemarie


    I have to take a break from this silly board.

    HAS IT OCCURRED to anyone that IF she has gained weight it may be for her new role like Zac when he gained 15 lbs for Hairspray or that it could be because it happens in the first few weeks of training and then goes away.

    I don’t get why this is such a talking point.

  • katherine

    cant wait till teen choice

  • Katty


    I know. I am sorry for bringing it up. I am her fan, a big one, and I didn’t mean any harm. It really didn’t occur to me that it could be for her new role. I didn’t mean anything mean by it, I was just saying what I thought. I said she still looked beautiful, and it wasn’t a big issue, like other people are marking it.

  • humble

    @shippon: My dear, you harbor so much hate for reasons that you are not even aware of. Come on now, SHOW SOME LOVE IT’LL MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER!!!!, but Thank You Again for making Vanessa alot more famous for your post on her thread you’re a doll!!! We Love You!!!

  • hititquitit

    her shoes are amazing! she’s gorgeous.

  • jazmin

    love V and can’t wait for the movie.

    Thanks for posting JJjr.

  • gracemarie


    Not a problem it just seems like a very shallow topic with all her success.

  • fashionista

    i really love her shoes !!!!. I want that shoes!!

  • hannahh

    shes beautiful x

    and looks amazing, so it isnt an issue at all.

    and just in case no one knew, light denim makes you bigger than you are. so theres pefectly logical reaqsons. plus, i dnt think she looks any different anyway. she gorgussss.


  • Ariana

    @Katty: i agree with you she has gained weight

  • Bia

    VANESSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…. why do you guys (haters) write here if you don’t like her???? i really understand that you don’t have what to do but go make a cake, walk on the street, play with dolls (you must be just a kid) and DON’T post here. we all LOOOOOOOVE Vanessa. For me she is GORGEOUS.
    aaaaaaaaaaa. i can’t wait for bandslam

  • Jess!

    she is really gorgeous ♥

  • Danielle

    JJJ you make me happy with Vanessa’s news and good to see Gaelan too

  • mari

    she is cute

  • suzy

    love her shoes.

  • Isabella (from Italy)


    I love you Vanessa!!!

  • Kay


  • Nicole

    Vanessa looks beautiful

  • Bia


  • tanya

    she looks great. that’s not called fat but its called being fit and healthy which she is. yes i think she has put on a couple pounds but who wants to be skinny honestly. i wish i looked like that. she has said she loves jennifer lopez fashion.

    I LUV U BABY V!!!


    can you guy stop about how she gained weight ?and who cared if she gained weight, she must have gained weight for her movie sucker punch. she barely look like she gained weight anyway, thank god she is not skinny like some of those actresses in hollywood. SHE LOOK SO BEAUTIFUL. so can you shut up already. BE REAL FANS. AND THANNK YOU.

  • Jess!


    OMG!! you are sooo lucky!

  • alyson

    See I think that’s the worst thing about being a celebrity. You gain a little weight and people know, you lose a little weight and people know. They notice every little detail about you. My personal belief is that Vanessa looks absolutely gorgeous. She’s not big at all, sure she may have gained a few pounds but with all her training for her new movie that’s all gonna turn into muscle. I would know because I’m a softball player and oh boy you can tell when I gain weight but after a few weeks of practicing none stop it turns into muscle and I go back to have a flat belly and I go back to looking skinny.

    I am in no way trying to tell you my life story, i was just backing up a point I had. And I’ve always thought of Vanessa as a kind of person who doesn’t really care what people think about her. She feels comfortable not being the SKINNIEST person in hollywood but yet she keeps up her daily routine to keep her shape. In no way is she ever gonna let herself go and continue to gain a whole bunch of weight. That will turn into muscle but then of course we will hear the “omgosh, look how skinny she is? she lost tooo much weight. blah blah blahhh”

    She’s looks absolutely gorgeous and I’m so excited for Bandslam. I hope it does well. I can not wait to see her at the TCA, I wish her the best of luck in winning her awards! She’s doing great. keep Up the good work!!!

  • Honest

    Twist magazine review:

    Hey TWIST girls!

    Last night, I caught a free advance screening of Bandslam in New York City! The movie stars Vanessa Hudgens, Aly Michalka and newcomer Gaelan Connell as three very different high school students who all love the same thing: music.

    This flick’s got romance, drama, comedy, killer music scenes, and more than one awkward kissing scene! Aly and V really shine when they get in front of the microphone – it’s cool to see them singing material that’s less pop, more rock.

    My fave part of the movie, though, was watching Will (Gaelan’s character) mature and become more comfortable with himself. He starts off as the shy new kid in school, but by the end, he’s confident enough to stand up for himself. Plus, he’s totally adorkable!

    If you’re looking for a fun flick with a great soundtrack that will make you laugh and make you cry, be sure to check out Bandslam in theaters August 14th.


    @Kay: omg that is nice. you are like so lucky. iam jealous right now.

  • Vhudgensno1fan

    Oh My freaking god! Who cares if she has gained wait, she is still amazingly talented nd so gorgeous! This is how teenage girls become anorexic and people get eating dissorders because they read about girls slagging people like Vanessa off online who in reality is absolutly tiny, Its better this way because at the end of the day real girls arent super skinny, Van is tiny but she is not fat no where near it. Its not even certain she has, it could be the angle, what she is wearing or maybe its for a role just leave it! SHe still looks fantastic and she has said herself its not about what everyone else thinks she stays in shape for herself!

  • mari


    cool :)

    I want to see Bandslam now !!

  • the fame

    she looks great, and of course she has to gain weight for sucker punch, but she is still very fit.

  • Honest

    First, she’s too skinny for you, then she’s too fat. Ugh! It’s a no win situation with you people. She’s doing an action flick soon and of course she gonna need to gained weight, duhh. Do you people ever you used your brains when you write? I still don’t see the weight change. And she’s like the tiniest person in the world, so the weight gain is good for her. As a real fan, I don’t care what vanessa looks like just as long she stays true to herself and her fans. She’s beautiful on the outside and in. And I’m truly sadden over the fact that her fans are making a fuss over it. You’re supposed to love her for who she is not how she looks. PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT HER WEIGHT! DIDN’T YOUR MAMA TEACH YOU IT’S RUDE TO TALK ABOUT PEOPLE’S WEIGHT!!
    Make Bandslam a trending topic on twitter and vote for vanessa at the tca and teen magazine! Spread the word!

  • sunni


  • Rickii

    DIVA *.*
    I <3 VANESSA

  • soo

    looks great !!! I want to ask about this website I didn’t know how to register every time I try to register they said error has happend !! especially in clock I don’t know how to fill it please some help !!

  • kelly


  • Ellyne

    Skinny Jeans are bad for your health? LMFAO. okay?? anywayss. shes soo beautifulll. Cant wait to see Bandslam.

  • sweetnessa

    you’re so lucky !!
    vanessa beautiful as always.

  • teamhudgens

    She’s cute!
    “she must have gained weight for her movie sucker punch.”
    that’s true?..
    i think she’s tired.
    because of she looks like gained weight..
    but she’s amazing always!