AnnaSophia Robb & Alexander Ludwig Interview - JJJ Exclusive!

AnnaSophia Robb & Alexander Ludwig Interview - JJJ Exclusive!

AnnaSophia Robb and Alexander Ludwig laugh with each other, recalling some of their favorite memories from Race To Witch Mountain as they take a walk around the Disney Studios earlier this year. caught up with AnnaSophia and Alexander to chat about the DVD release of their adventure movie. The two dished on sci-fi conventions, costar Dwayne Johnson and taking up kickboxing. Check it:

JJJ: What were your favorite scenes to film?

AnnaSophia Robb: One of my favorite scenes to shoot was probably when we filmed in the convention center. Most of the cast was there so we had a great time and there was all sorts of cool costumes and we all had a great time.

JJJ: Did you want to dress up in any of the cool costumes that you saw at the sci-fi convention?

AR: I did! I really wished they put us in some crazy get up. Alexander wanted to be a python.

Alexander Ludwig: My favorite scenes were the ones that AnnaSophia wasn’t in. (laughs)

JJJ: Kim Richards, who played Tia in the original movies, was also in the new version. Did she give you guys any pointers on the film or the scenes and how to portray it?

AR: She didn’t really talk about the acting stuff, but more about the experience. Kim Richards and Ike Eisenmann were just telling us how it was in the old days… the old Disney lot and how it used to be. And then they just talked about how we should enjoy this part of our lives and how it’s a really special project.

AL: Yeah, it’s amazing to be part of a timeless feature. It’s such an honor to be in a position of the kids we idolized as children. Working with them, they’re so fantastic, we really formed a family on and off screen. It was amazing. Except for AnnaSophia, nobody likes AnnaSophia. (laughs)

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JJJ: We always here a lot of positive reviews about Dwayne Johnson. What was it like working with him?

AR: Dwayne was amazing. He is such a genuine guy and so kind and hilarious too! We were always cracking up on set. He’s generous and gives respect to everybody. I would love to work with him again.

AL: It’s really amazing that this is someone who came from so little, and has had so much. He hasn’t been affected by any of that stereotypical Hollywood stuff. He really just took me under his wing and became like an older brother. We became friends and we know we’ll be friends for life, it was just an amazing experience.

JJJ: I saw the movie and I was really impressed by it. I liked it more than the original!

AR: Thank you! That’s awesome

AL: Our goal was to kick the original’s ass.

JJJ: AnnaSophia, have you kept up with kickboxing?

AR: Alexander was doing kickboxing and was like ‘Yeah, you should try it!’ and I didn’t really do it. I took like one or two classes while shooting. And then there is one close to my school, so I went in, took a class, and my best friend and I started doing it because I loved it and now we do it three days a week.

AL: AnnaSophia is really really ripped right now, jacked. She could beat me up.

JJJ: Are there any other sports you would like to get into?

AR: Well I do cross country when the season starts up at my school, but it’s hard to be in team sports because I don’t know when I’m going to be gone and I don’t think that’s fair to the team.

Check back later today for a Race To Witch Mountain special contest and for more of JJJ‘s interview with AnnaSophia and Alexander!

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Photos: Richard McLaren
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