Selena Gomez is Falling Down

Selena Gomez is Falling Down

Selena Gomez exclusively dished to that “Falling Down” will be the first single off her not-yet-titled album!

The 17-year-old singer shared with JJJ earlier this morning, “My single is called ‘Falling Down’ and it’s basically about Hollywood and what people think about it; and essentially how plastic it is sometimes. It’s fun and I think girls can relate to it somewhat; for me it was because of Hollywood but it can really relate to a mean girl, an ex-boyfriend, to whoever.”

Stay tuned for more of our interview with Selena!

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  • diana

    dude, im so stoked for her album to come out!
    cant wait to hear the song! (:

  • http://o krixtina


  • Jon

    First! yAYYYYYY!!!!! Finally! Omg she needs to release the song NOW! We’ve all waited so fvckin long. Now it’s almost here Yay!!!

  • nileyfan4ever123

    no..she cant sing!

  • Meagan

    If “Falling Down” is anything like “La La Land”, I hope Selena sticks to her words and keep herself down to earth. Unlike Demi, who now acts like she is the mayor of La La Land. ughh

  • Zekemaster

    @nileyfan4ever123: YOU can’t sing -_-

  • kc

    @Meagan: I know. Lately, I just wanna smack the hell out of Demi. She’s gotten SO big-headed. I don’t know what happened. ):

  • Jerry#1

    DUH JAred Im excited for her music! Hurry up and give us more scoop on the new album. I can’t wait!!! WHoooooo!!!

  • Zac F Ron

    @kc: Demi’s twittering has gotten out-of-control annoying. She’s definitely crossed over to La La Land, or in Selena’s words, Demi is “Falling Down” lmao

  • tara

    First, Selena is awesome :) i love her and i cant wait to but her cd :)
    Demi is SOOO not the ‘mayor of la la land’ she didnt change. she died her hair, and her tan is too orange..i dont c whats wrong. she is NO WHERE near miley. i hate miley, and i love demi and sel and the jobros…demi is a good kid and she is enjoying fame :)

    no hard feelingz :)

  • Carol

    Cant wait to hear! Love her : )
    And she can sing!


    I’M SO NOT EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sarah

    I cant wait till the song comes out but I think that her description ” relate to a mean girl ” and ” ex boyfriend ” I think she is talking about Miley Cyrus and Nick Jones. I think she is trying to make a point.

  • Meagan

    @tara: Well Miley has gotten REALLY REALLY famous so she’s bound to get big-headed. But Demi is just GETTING famous and she’s already acting like she’s all that. What will she be like when she IS famous? Selena is the only DIsney girl that wouldn’t seem to let fame get to her.

  • kris

    sooo excitedd!!

  • Jane

    omg i totally agree with u guys i demi thinks she’s really somethin and it’s really anoyin after all these years i never saw miley did such a thin like that.And Demi’s new album is not soo good! But I’m sooo damn excited for selena.She is really sweet these days.I think her album will be amazin.And people always say that demi has a really great voice but i just can’t agree like the people around me.Her voice makes me headache sometimes.And she totally copied haley williams in her quiet song.

  • demiselenafan

    @kc: what are you on! demi is not big headed at all she is totally unselfish and she thinks about her fans she doesn’t think she is the best maybe you should get a reality check

  • jena

    i can’t wait!!!! i want to her the song and see the music video NOW…im impatient!

  • thais

    ugh she cant sing!!!!!!
    jesus.. now everyone think that can sing.. but its not how things work out

  • Flyaway

    Selena has been singing very well lately, judging from her songs “Disappear” and “Magical”, she might even sound better in her album. I can’t wait. I’ve been waiting for her to come out with an album for two years already!

  • lisa

    Maybe selena is the mean girl did you ever think that

  • Carol

    Why everyone think that everything she does is about Nick Jonas or Miley Cyrus?? –’ Just stop.

  • nikki

    i agree with you because Selena isn’t letting fame get to her she is nice and down to earth Demi i still like her kinda but she is like getting big headed just like miley Demi she is changing everything she hangs out with miley more and is starting to change because of her but i still like her i just wish she wouldn’t be a Disney brat like most Disney stars

  • Cindy

    Her singing career is going to last as long as paris hilton’s singing career. She has a good voice but honestly not that good people are gonna get tired of her. And thats just my oppinoin. She is a really good actress though. She should stick to that

  • nileyfan4ever123

    i hate how every disney actress has to sing!!
    selena is a better actress then singer and i wish she would just stick with that!!

    i cant believe ppl thinks she is a great singer!
    how can u listen to demi lovato sing and then hear her and be like SHE”S GREAT!

    Go listen to One and the Same..demi is hitting high notes and selena is in the background going “yea yea yea” and “lol” the whole time!!!

  • tyler bryant

    Falling Down sounds like a great title for a song like that. I’ll bet it’ll sound great too. I wonder if that’s the one she wrote.

  • nileyfan4ever123

    THANK U..finally someone that can hear!!

  • koolkat

    At least Selena sings better than Hilary Duff. I mean, they both have average voices, but Selena has a sweet voice with a little raspiness to it. which I think it’s cute.

  • mary

    OMG ! how can you guys say that ?? Selena’s voice is AWESOME , so is Demi’s voice , she’s a great singer , and she’s only 16 . She’s enjoying her life , her job , her friends . Leave both selena and demi alone ! Demi didn’t let the fame change her , and selena won’t let too ! Miley ? God , what Miley has with this ? She’s as famous as Demi and Selena . They’re doing what they do best , if you guys don’t like their jobs or don’t like them , ok , but don’t go out there saying they’re annoyingg and that they’re not sooo good . leave them alone ! they’re are living their dreams , and they deserve it ! oh , and YES , I’m SO SO SO SO excited for Selena’s record to come out !!! I love her so much , I’m her biggest fan ever , she’s the best ! WOOHOO , I can’t wait for it to come out !! yayy

  • Vannalee


  • disneyfied

    @nileyfan4ever123: And your point is? There are many singers who can’t hit high notes, yet they’re very successful.

    And why can’t you just accept the fact that Selena is coming out with an album? I mean, why is that so bad? Hollywood Records gave her the opportunity, so she took it. If she didn’t, she would regret it for the rest of her life, thinking “what if?”. So just give her a break. She wants to express her emotions and personal life through music with her fans. She wants her fans to know her a little better when they hear her songs. Let Selena challenge herself, let her try new things. She just wants people to give her a chance. why is it such a crime to give her a chance?

  • Sarah

    Seriously can’t wait to hear that song.
    I LOVE Selena and that also means I support her 100 % with this album. I don’t get why people say she has a horrible voice.
    I’ve tried to see it from a normal/not Selena-fan position and I don’t see al that crap people are talking about.
    She has this little thing in her voice that I LOVE and makes her voice special. And if she has great songs on her album it doesn’t really matter if her voice reaches Demi’s. Miley Cyrus doesn’t reach Demi’s but still sold more albums then Demi. Just pointing that out..

    And I kind of agree on Demi being changed, but I think it’s more her looks that changed then her personality.
    Just look at her twitters, appearances on tv shows, concerts, etc..
    I personally liked the ”old” Demi more but I’ve never been a real fan, so it’s not really meaning anything. I just think her pale face/dark make-up made her look more non-Disney, she was original.
    Now I see her just like all the other Disney girls.
    But I don’t really care, I only like her for her music, don’t really care for her personal life, I leave that up to the #1-fans :P

  • nileyfan4ever123

    maybe i’m wrong and took this interview the wrong way but..

    during an interview they asked her what made u decide to try music and she said..alot of my friends like demi and taylor (swift) are bigger than me(more famous) and they are in i wanted to try i too.

    this is why i am not a supporter..i think she is in it for the wrong reason

  • mary

    @nileyfan4ever123 what ?? oh God just because you’re a fan of Miley and you probably hate Selena you’re saying this ! Selena will stick with the actress thing , that’s what she loves ! But she loves to sing too and I don’t see any problem with her voice and her wish to sing ! and I totally agree with @Carol , why everyone think that everything she does is because of Miley and Nick ? LEAVE THEM ALONE !


  • Milkshakeee

    I can’t sing,I know that.but if heard tons of artists and SELENA.CANNOT.SING.she’s a very talented actress and sorry but this was just a stupid move.and it may be a biased opinion,but people who say she’s an amazing singer r also biased.miley and demi can sing.not simple biased opinion.oh and btw the song magic sounded so babyish and whiny.again I know I can’t sing.

  • nileyfan4ever123


    THANK U!!!

  • Sammie Broflovski

    it’s going to sound terrible because he voice isn’t nearly as strong as any other disney star.

  • mary

    @disneyfied: haha Godd , I LOVE YOU ! really , great words !!! totally agree what you just said , with every little thing !

  • Sammie Broflovski

    i’m in complete agreeance.

  • jena

    @nileyfan4ever123: when in the world did she say that??? stop getting jealous!

  • mary

    @nileyfan4ever123: well , what would you do if your best friends were singers and you had an amazing voice and Hollywood Records gave you the chance to have your own record … what would you do ? reject the offer ?? oh , and you loved to sing and all that stuff . put yourself in her place !! she has everything to do it ! she must enjoy it and have fun , doing what she loves and do best !

  • Adam

    I love Selena. Guys let’s face it, she can sing. I’m looking forward to her album.

    JustJaredJr just to point out, you just called Selena a 17 year old singer-singer. She’s a 17 year old actress-singer.

  • mary

    @Sammie Broflovski: @nileyfan4ever123: I don’t know if you guys know but everyone has different voices , some ones can reach high notes , other ones can’t , and still are amazing singers ! her voice is different of demi’s voice and miley’s voice , but doesn’t demi and miley have differents voices too ? so what’s the big deal ?

  • TV

    @nileyfan4ever123: So people have to scream or scowl like Miley and Demi in order to be considered a “singer.” What about Colbi Caillat, who sings in a soothing and mellow soft voice. What, do you think she is a terrible singer too? I don’t think Demi can pull off the song “Bubbly.” She would just overdo it. Seriously, you can’t just go around saying people need to sing at a certain volume or a certain pitch in order to be considered a good singer cuz you have no right to say so. You are not a Grammy-winning or platinum selling artist. So please, let the professionals take care of the music industry. You just lay back and chill.

  • Zekemaster

    @TV: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you totally BURNED that nileyfan b!tch

  • disneyfied

    @nileyfan4ever123: You completly misunderstood what Selena said. She’s not doing the music thing just because she wants to be more famous, she just wants to record her own album, its a new challenge for her and she’s doing it for her fans.

  • kc

    @TV: You ROCK dude or dudette. You certainly told her or him.

  • mary

    @TV: ahahaha please make Zekemaster words mine too !! you said it all !! And I thought about Caillat too !! amazing ! hahaha totally agree with you !

  • jjjreader


    i agree with u!

  • redspider

    @Milkshakeee: And you don’t think Demi and JB having their own TV show is a stupid move too? They suck at acting. At least Selena can actually carry a tune and is a good singer in her own right!

>>>>>>> staging1