Josh Hutcherson: Vampire's Assistant Trailer

Josh Hutcherson: Vampire's Assistant Trailer

Check out the movie poster of Josh Hutcherson‘s new flick, The Vampire’s Assistant.

Based on the popular book series, the movie is about a young boy named Darren Shan (Chris Massoglia) meets a mysterious man (John C. Reilly) at a freak show who turns out to be a Vampire. After a series of events Darren must leave his normal life and go on the road with the Cirque Du Freak and become a Vampire.

Josh stars as Steve, Darren’s best friend, alongside Salma Hayek and Ken Watanabe.

The Vampire’s Assistant hits theaters October 2009.

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  • selenaandftsk

    looks awesome scary and funny lol

  • Helen

    WoW so much vampire stuff now!! but looks coolish

  • Airi

    looks fun to watch around Halloween! it looks diff too BUTTTTT…LOL, it looks like HARRY POTTER TURNED VAMPIRE!! LOL!!!

    IS IT VAMPIRE ERA or what?

  • vanessa

    lovee jhutch!

  • Vanessa

    wooow… way to copy twilight… i luv how now that twilight has been out, there are a bunch of shows and movies comin out about vampires… way to copy people! way to copy another persons ideas… way to go!XP

  • Desiree

    @Vanessa: Uhh yeah no you see the cique du freak book series has been out long before twilight was out and I am a fan of both tthe movie for cirque has also been in the works for awhile so instead of automaticlly assuming don’t be such a twi hard and do some reaearch don’tt be a stupid fan and I am not being mean to you for being a fan of twilight because I am one to I am just saying one check your facts and two don’t assume things

    other than that…

    I can not wait for that movie OMG it looks so funny and twue to the books

  • jenn

    LOL Actually, the Cirque Du Freak series came out WAY before Twilight did. I’ve been a fan of the book since the beginning. Production for this movie started around mid 2006 or 2007. Learn your facts before you try and say that something copied Twilight, when in fact, it was out way before. :)

    && On the upside. This looks amazing. I’m way excited. I don’t think they did a good job on the casting, though. :/

  • ctiffanybella

    pshh, looks NOTHING like twilight. i wanna go see it though, seems interesting :)

  • kyraStylee182lovesgosling

    The main guy looks kinda hot so i might see it. And i haven’t read these books yet but i know they came out before twilight or been out since twilight was even popular.

  • ashley

    Normally I would think “Oh geez, another twilight-wannabe. Yeah, good luck with THAT”. But this movie actually looks good, I want to see it !! :)

  • annie

    DUDE! That looks so amazing and a half!
    I’m excited because Josh is S-E-X-Y, it looks funny and scary. Am I the only one who would find being buried alive scary? I mean the guy didn’t have to come back for him and get him out.

  • amber

    I dont think all these vampire movies and tv shows copied Twilight. Like someone else said, some of these books were obviously written before Twilight but the new tv shows and movies wouldnt have happened or had as much hype if Twilight hadnt hit the jackpot.

    I’m still going to see this movie though, and read the books. Hopeully its better than The Vampire Diaries.

  • becki

    Just for the record, they were done filming before Twilight even. And yes, these books were published long before Twilight. It’s nothing like Twilight. It’s not a romance at all. it’s such a great book series and honestly written SO much better than Twilight.

  • Cheyenne

    Can’t wait to see it I love VAMPIRES:)

  • yay!!!!

    i think it looks stupid to be honest.

  • http://- blair

    I know the books were out before Twilight and the stories aren’t much alike,the only thing is Twilight become famous so they’re trying to make old stories into movies/tv shows so they think they’ll have succes much as Twilight…it’s obvious.but everyone is choosing their favorites,mine is Twilight but this movie sounds interesting…

  • caroline

    omg ! this looks awesome ! and doesn’t compare at all to twilight !

  • angela

    i know this book series, my friends are all reading these, one of my friend lend me to read it but i didn’t lol can’t wait for the movie though!

  • me

    This looks pretty awesome. It’s very Tim Burtonesque. I will probably watch it. I love movies/books about “REAL” vampires…not ones that glitter and drive volvos.

  • me


    What in this trailer was anything like Harry Potter?!?
    Answer: Nothing at all.
    It’s more like “Big Fish” or some wacky movie like that. Nothing like Harry Potter.

  • tre


    YOU IDIOT! Cirque was way out before the stupid Twilight books and movies.

  • tre

    No! The rights to Cirque Du Freak to be made into a movie were sold years before Twilight was even published.

  • Stacy

    i wanna see this movie. especially cuz josh hutcherson (hottie!!!!) is in it lmao!!

  • Josh4ever

    i went and saw the movie and it was brill. I LOVE Josh Hutcherson but he was the bad guy! BOOOOO it’s amazing and nothing like twilight at all

  • Janel

    This movie rocked!!! i loved it and every moment that Josh was in :D
    he is sooooooo hot!!!! I would suggest this movie, its funny and kinda creepy. watch the interviews with Josh Hutcherson he decribes the movie better

    I LOVE U JOSH!!!!!!!!!!! <3…GO KENTUCKY

  • akmal

    lol the twilight saga is so much cooler than dis lamo

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