New 'New Moon' Calendar Images!

New 'New Moon' Calendar Images!

Look how cute Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner are in this new still from New Moon!

Thanks to JasperCullenFan, JJJ has a few new New Moon stills to share with you. The pics are featured in the New Moon 2009 Vertical Calendar: The Twilight Saga which is available at Border’s Bookstores TODAY.

Also pictured below you can see Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz, Nikki Reed, Xavier Samuel and Bryce Dallas Howard arriving at Vancouver International Airport on Monday night (August 3).

15+ pics inside…

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new moon calendar stills 01
new moon calendar stills 02
new moon calendar stills 03
new moon calendar stills 04
new moon calendar stills 05
new moon calendar stills 06
new moon calendar stills 07
new moon calendar stills 08
new moon calendar stills 09
new moon calendar stills 10
new moon calendar stills 11
new moon calendar stills 12
new moon calendar stills 13
new moon calendar stills 14
new moon calendar stills 15
new moon calendar stills 16
new moon calendar stills 17
new moon calendar stills 18


    taylor lautnerr <3

  • tonch


    so cute!!!!!!!!!!

    I <3 JACOB and BELLA….

  • michelle

    Kristen is so beautiful.

  • Jasmine

    Kristen is gorgeous! and as much as i love Rob/Kristen, Kristen/Taylor are so adorable. and Yay for more Ashlee pics, love her and KStew!

  • amy

    ahhh twilight = overrated!
    just my opinion though so don’t hate :D

  • f

    i love kstew, and ashley, they are both so beautiful, and team jacob, i am loving them together in these pictures!

  • nikki

    I LOVE nikki and kristen they will get through there troubles, they are the best couple in the cast, love them forevea, love from italy!

  • ashley

    is a slu-t she slept with rob you know!

  • Amber

    Taylor Lautner and Kellan Lutz are so hot!

  • JOhanna
  • nathalia


  • jess

    i love kristen she looks amazing. im so exited to see new moon

  • kaylee


  • yara818

    sooo excited 4 new moon!!!!! kristen looks really gd! rob 2 (he never looks bad!:P)
    ashley greene is just how i pictured alice she’s just adorable!

  • nikkki

    eww, taylor looks really ugly sorrry

  • nikkki

    oh he has buck teeth taylor

  • amy


    Zac should of won XD

  • Nadia

    awwww ! new moon ! xd team edward ♥

  • alalalalalalalal!!

    they all look graet and I thiese pics are great!!

  • Louberry

    just how lucky is KStew? look at Taylor!
    I am completely jealous! haha

  • Helen walsh

    kristen looks really good

  • Helen walsh

    and i sort of like the fact that they put it in a way that when bella has edward, she does her hair, and when she loses him, she stops caring about it. it’s really small but significant, that she stops caring about a lot of stuff when he leaves. not that i think it’s cool than women stop living when they get dumped but since in the book that’s sort of what happens, it’s nice that it was well translated

  • Helen walsh

    @kaylee: who??? what???

  • loveghost

    anyone tellme where are u find kristen is back to her hair red. can you all tell me where did you find , thank you ..

  • loveghost

    One more thing I knew it i knew it shes will come back to normal after the film is finished.. She will be normal again.. but I still want to see the picture of her look much better without black.. I still ask the people where they find that finally dye red .. let me know thank you ..

  • andre07

    great pictures!!!
    I love ashley and jackson!!
    they are so adorable!!!!

    team alice
    team jalice!!!

  • fanpire

    team alice!!!

  • alalalalalalalal!!

    Here is Kristen with great red hair, klik on the link

  • alalalalalalalal!!


    one more time :))

    Here is Kristen with great red hair, klik on the link

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    Hey!There are perfect.
    I love you Kristen (: I am a Turkey Kristen Fans (: I want to see you.Please come in Turkey.Kristen Turkey fans are very love you (: I am not English very well but just we are love you.

    Please come in Turkey.
    Rob ♥ Kris

    |Rob♥Kris,you come in turkey,please…You have many fans in your turkey.I love you…

  • Twilight Lover

    Robert is the besttttt…I love him soo much

  • alice

    I am the future Mrs. Kellan Lutz sorry girls!!

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