Robert Pattinson: Fans Are Bizarre!

Robert Pattinson: Fans Are Bizarre!

Robert Pattinson shows off his strength by carrying two heavy bags as he arrives at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon (August 4).

The 23-year-old British actor recently caught up with UK’s OK magazine and dished that although he’s flattered by his fans, it’s still bizarre. He shared, “It’s kind of weird, but I still haven’t really had time to reflect on it, because I’ve been doing stuff to do with Twilight and my other movies. I’m working constantly, and I feel like I’m always surrounded by Twilight people ” if not my work colleagues, then my fans. Right now, it is fans ” it’s a little bizarre if I’m honest.”

Robert will be attending this Sunday’s 2009 Teen Choice Awards. Be sure to tune in on Monday for the awards on FOX!

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Credit: GABO/GVK/MATEI/SCOTT; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • haris

    i hate him

  • ATwilightKiss(dot)com

    does anyone find it suspicious that instead of him coming from NY to Vancouver he instead came from NY to spend a few days at LA? Robsten..

  • you suck!


    As much that I love Vanessa this post is about Robert…..

  • sunni


    this isnt even about zac or vanessa
    gosh tat so rude to do that

  • alyssa

    @belandsel: @haris: @amy:
    tell me, why are you even looking at this post if you want to see other stars.
    get out of here.

  • Ellyne

    @belandsel: LMFAO!! I agree. Poor Vanessa.

  • Jen

    wow.. you can tell this is a zanessa vs Robsten battle. haha if you don’t like Rob then why you posting here? haha

    anyway, rob looks stressed oh well at least he’s keeping busy and not really reflecting on the fans cough NYC cough… he get’s to see kris and all the other eclipse cast members soon :)

  • Chris

    He is in LA because he is doing the Teen Choice Awards. I’m so sick of people reading into things or assuming things. You KNOW what happens when you assume something?

  • Just Jill

    This post is about Robert. Please, if you are not a fan and are only here to bash him, don’t. I will remove all comments that do

  • tess

    Love him!!! He looks so handsome!

  • Ellyne

    I heard hes dating Kristen is that truee?, if anyone knows. lol

  • Ellyne

    @Just Jill: You never delete ones that bash Any other celeb.

  • Stella

    I love Robert!!! Sooo excited for the Teen Choice Awards, I hope Twilight wins some!

  • Amalie

    yay! looking good, baby…like always.
    always happy to see new Rob pics. 8)

  • Mia

    Oh right! The Teen Choice Awards!! Can’t wait to see Robert there!!! :D

  • robert and baby v fan!!

    Robert he look so HOT!

    the one that say that hate him why are you doing here? ok ROBSTEN IF IT EXISTS IT RULZ!!!YEA!!

  • Just Jill

    @Ellyne: Yes I do.

  • kaitlyn

    I don’t find it weird that he went from NY to LA… before going to VC… he’s doing teen choice awards… with the rest of his cast… who are flying in this weekend.

    Don’t hate on him, b/c his followers seem to be a bunch of little children… it’s not the case… there are actually mature fans of the series… but they are too mature to be galavanting around throwing themselves onto him.

    i think this boy needs a vacation though… seriously. Hasn’t stopped working for over a year. haha

  • dee

    yummy ….he looks sooo puurttyy!!! love u bb!!!

  • bellamor

    He looks tIred. I hope he gets a break, although that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen soon. I feel bad calling myself a fan, knowing what ‘supposed’ fans do when they see him. He’s a person, people! Leave him alone sometimes. It’s rude and inappropriate to approach him while he’s on a movie set. I can’t believe people think that’s okay. Plus, he’s probably in LA because of the TCA, and he has friends in LA, like Kristen. He said in a recent interview that they were not dating, although that doesn’t rule out him wanting to keep it on the DL, so crazy fans won’t attack them. Then again, he could also be single, and he and KStew could just be great friends. He and Stew deserve PRIVACY. I know, NOVEL THOUGHT RIGHT THERE.

  • kaylee

    wow hes so hott i feel bad for the poor guy!! give him a break! love is love and u cnt be forced to like someone(kristen) they might be dating and they might not but just mind your own business! if he says theyr dating then they are! just give him or them privacy

  • kaylee

    by the way edward/robert you ROCK!!

  • m


  • Naty

    I used to kind of like him at the beginning of all that Twilight frenzy, he was humble and sweet at interviews… now I gotta say that I really don’t care at all for him as an actor or a person. He’s always so amazed and weird out by his fans and stuff… well what do you expect Robert? That’s the price of fame darling!

  • jules


    He’s too hot to be true!

    @twilightandrobhaters: why do you post here? If you hate Rob and the saga, then go away!!

  • golnoosh

    he’s an angle.
    i luv him but i’m really sorry for him ’cause just picture this that whereever you go there are a bounch of stupid screamin’ fans and all of them try to have rob 4 themselves.
    bytheway, i’m so excited 4 TCAs. do you think twilght will do well?

  • sasha

    Will JJJ be live streaming Teen Choice Awards?

  • sasha

    Will JJJ air TCA?

  • zanessa#1fan
  • Michelle

    @ATwilightKiss(dot)com: Aren’t the Teen Choice awards being filmed in LA? Has he found his car yet? I doubt he’s hooking up with Kristen outside of friendship.

  • Nicki

    I luv Robert Pattinson. I am a country girl that really likes Robert.